Hey guys this is the second part of ts and I hope u like it all bcuz I have worked quite hard on it.

Shivaay’s POV:

What happened to Anika?? Except sorry and he’ll divorce me she isn’t speaking anything else.

POV ends..

Anika instead of going to hospital reaches a beach which was completely isolated. She sat down and took out a picture in her hand and immediately began crying herself out.. It was her parents picture.

Ani: didn’t I told u?? Happiness and Anika don’t go together. Look how much has happened since yesterday. I was to marry Daksh and that fraudster ran away, Shivaay married me. I think bhaiya asked him to and I m not blaming him. He was scared of the talks the world would do if I didn’t marry yesterday. Shivaay then told me about his Tia and from yesterday, I m listening to all the insults and even took a slap. Bcuz I know tht bcuz of me many lives have gone wrong………

And she couldn’t continue further.. bcuz of her crying.. Her whole day was passed over there and she finally returned home to find a letter for her. It was from Sahil.


I m going to Africa for daksh’s location has been traced over there and I m going to kill him. Please stay strong. I didn’t had the courage to speak to u or send a message so wrote a letter. Tc and stay strong…


Anika read the letter and controlled her tear and went to dining table and the incidents similar to morning happened…

Now it became a routine for Anika. She would get up, bathe, pray, change, see Shivaay talking to Tia and the latter trying to get cosy with him (though he would ignore ) return back home in evening, go to her room, bathe and sit idle lost in her own thoughts and then sleep. She didn’t eat anything for she never felt hungry.

Fifteen days passed and one day while going for hospital, she felt the surroundings revolving and suddenly fell downstairs. Shivaay rushed to pick her up, Rudy immediately called the doctor and Tia went home fuming in anger. Pinky and Shakti were tensed.

Doctor came and checked Anika. And came out to talk to Shivaay

Doc: She is soo weak. It looks as if she has not eaten anything for many days..

Shi: Not eaten?? How is she now??

Doc: At present she’s unconscious. she will gain consciousness soon. She has broken her right hand and has a sprain in left ankle. So please take care of her…

Shi: Yeah sure…

He goes inside and sits near Anika. His POV:

What have u done?? I thought u were strong and knew to fight for ur rights but I was wrong… U were breaking every day… I don’t know y but I m feeling vey bad on seeing u helpless… I m sorry…… please forgive me dear… please…

POV ends..

It’s evening and Anika gradually opens her eyes… She was struggling to sit up but Shivaay came running to help her..

Shi: Since when r u not eating???

Ani: Sorry!!!

Shi: I asked since when have u stopped eating???

Ani: U r joking I eat everyday… in canteen of my hospital

Shi: Look into my eyes and speak…

Ani (looks in his eyes) : Since we married.. I didn’t feel hungry at all..

Shi: Anika (cups her face in his hand) I know I said some harsh words on the day of marriage. but it was all out of stress. u didn’t had to take it so seriously.. what’s the use of not eating?? were u trying to do suicide???

Ani: NO not at all. I m sorry…

Shi: Speak more.. please I m tensed I have only heard sorry from u since marriage.

Anika couldn’t control herself and hugs Shivaay and begins crying inconsolably

Ani: God never let me be happy. Never and I m fed up of my life.. I so much want to die…

Shi: don’t u dare…

and hugs her tightly and with one hand, wipes his tears…

Days pass and Anika finally decides to leave home. She doesn’t want herself to be a burden on Shivaay and leaves home without informing anyone…

Shivaay felt completely devastated on learning about Anika leaving home and she clearly stated out the reason of her leaving. He decided to find out about Anika and tell his feelings for her.

Anika was living with her colleague Chanda. One day the bell rang and chanda opened the door. Shivaay was at door, smiling and relieved. he goes inside and indicates Chanda to stay quite.

Ani: Chanda please come and bring that jar down. I m not able to reach

She had just completed the sentence when she felt a hand on her waist and turns around to find Shivaay..

A: U???

S: Y do u think tht u r burden to me??

A; Bcuz our marriage happened in such circumstances and u loved Tia. U and ur parents sacrificed so much for me so I thought to…

S: Tia and I broke up on 5th of our marriage. I didn’t love her. She loved my money so we were together..

A: I m sorry…

S: Ani please.. if u’ll again say sorry then…

A: Then???

S: I’ll kill u….

A (laughing) : Not at all convincing… (and she keeps laughing)

On seeing her, Shivaay too smiles and pulls her into his arms..

S: Anika, I love u… From the bottom of my heart..

A: I love u too Shivaay… I missed very badly…

And they stare for quite a long time……

Before Anika could say anything, Shivaay cupped her face and pecked on her lips and looks in her eyes asking for permission. Anika’s whole body became enchanted with his touch and she blushed. Her blush said it all..

Shivaay kissed her passionately sucking and savoring her lower lips. Anika was busy kissing his upper lips. And they continued their kissing for a long time and left when oxygen was needed and again they began kissing as if there’s no next moment… And again they broke and Shivaay looked in Anika’s eyes. She couldn’t look in his eyes and hugged him.


Author’s note:

So the ts ends here… Please comment and tell me how it was so I know what kind of writings do u like….

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