shivika TS- An Ending-(off track) shot 2 (last part)

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Anika was sleeping, when her phone ringed. Without looking at the screen, she simply received the call

Anika(sleepy voice)-“hello”
Shivaay-“good morning, sweetheart, I am coming back” he said with excitement. Anika immediately sat on the bed
Anika-“really(she said excitedly)…. but you said that you all will be back day after tomorrow”
Shivaay-“actually we got the tickets..that’s why”
Anika-“oh..ok, when your flight will land”
Shivaay-“ around 9”

Anika-“ok..then I will come to pick you up”
Shivaay-“just meet me where we first saw each other..”
Anika-“ok..i will be there..”
Anika-“love you..”
Shivaay-“love you too..” and anika disconnected the call.

Anika went towards the wardrobe and opened it. She was searching for the best dress to wear, when her mother entered in her room
Mom-“what are searching ani..?”
Anika-“mom, plzz tell na which dress I should wear”
Mom-“are you going somewhere??”

Anika-“shivaay is coming back” she said excitedly
Mom-“I should have guessed it earlier seeing the glow and excitement on your face” anika blush a little
Anika-“now tell me mom..”

Mom-“where are you both going to meet?”
Anika-“church, the place where we saw each other for the first time”
Mom-“ummm…what about wearing that dress which you wore that day when both of you saw each other for the first time”
Anika-“mom you are the best” and she hugged her excitedly


Shivaay, Ishana, Om, Kabir, Kiara were standing outside the airport
Shivaay-“guys you all go, I am going to meet anika”

Shivaay-“Om come I will drop you in the way..”
Om-“ok guys, bye…meet you in the evening”
Then both shivaay and Om sat in the cab.


Anika already reached the church and she was waiting for shivaay eagerly.
Anika-“where is he..??” and she checked time
Anika-“oh..i am here too early..” then she went inside the church and sat there.

There shivaay and Om got stuck in the traffic.
Shivaay(angrily)-“this traffic” and looked out of the window to see whether the traffic is getting cleared or not.

Om-“shivaay calm down..”
Shivaay-“om I had told Ani to meet me…and I don’t want her to wait for long..”
Om-“don’t worry, the traffic will be clear soon..”
Shivaay-“hmmm…,by the way when you are going to propose Ishana?”
Shivaay-“ok..don’t act, I know you love her..”
Om-“but..she didn’t love me..”
Shivaay-“and how do you know??”

Om-“she always says that I am her best friend..and I don’t want to lose her friendship..”
Shivaay-“may be she also thinks the same that if she will confess her feeling than she will lose your friendship..”
Shivaay-“ok, then try to understand her feelings just as a friend..”
Om-“ok..” and shivaay checked his watch
Shivaay-“today I will be late..(then he looked at om) om I am going by walking”
Om-“where are you going..?”

Om-“that church?”
Om-“but that church is quite far from here”
Shivaay-“ok, if the traffic get clear before I reach the church then pick me up”
Om-“ok” and shivaay came out of the car. He walked to cross the road when his phone ringed. He took out the phone from his pocket and he was about to receive the call when a car hit him. Om heard the noise and came out of the car and saw shivaay lying on the road. He ran to shivaay.

Shivaay was lying down in the pool of blood. Slowly everything in front of his eyes were getting blur. He was not able to see anything properly.

Om immediately called the ambulance.

Shivaay slowly closed his eyes and was trying to get all his beautiful memories with parents, his friends and his Anika close to his heart.

Om-“shivaay don’t close your eyes” and shivaay slowly opened his eyes.
Ambulance arrived there, shivaay was taken inside the ambulance. Om sat beside shivaay holding shivaay’s hand
Om-“nothing will happen to you…” and a lone tear escaped from his eyes.
Shivaay called out om with great difficulty. Om brought his ears close to shivaay’s mouth
Shivaay-“O…Om, plz d…do ta…..take c…care of my fa… and plz….tell Ani….to re…member her pro…promise”
Om-“nothing will happen to you shivaay…you will be fine..” and shivaay gave him a faint smile.

Soon they reached the hospital. Shivaay was taken inside the operation theatre.

Om was walking forth and back, when a nurse came to Om
Om-“how is he??”
Nurse-“dr. are doing their best..”
Nurse-“sir, these are the patients belongings..and sir plz sign this form..” Om took the belongings and signed the form.
Om sat on the chair with shivaay’s belonging by his side.


Anika came out of the church, she was walking back and forth.
Anika-“where is he??” and checked the time
Anika-“may be he got stuck in the traffic..” and then she sat on a bench
Anika-“I should call him and ask how much time it will take him to come..” and she dialled his number


Om was sitting with his eyes closed, when he heard the ring of the phone and he looked at shivaay’s phone and the name flashed was ANIKA. He immediately took out the phone but didn’t receive it. Om then immediately called Ishana
Ishana-“ya om say”
Om-“ishana plz go to Mount Mary church and bring anika to the lifeline hospital”
Ishana-“what happened om?”
Om-“shi…shivaay met with an accident”
Ishana-“WHAT?? How?..I mean..”
Om-“i will tell you later…first bring anika..”
Ishana-“Ok, I am coming” and Ishana disconnected the call

Ishana immediately went to the church with rudra and others(Kabir, Kiara,Saumya) went to the hospital.

Ishana saw anika sitting on a bench. They went towards her.
Ishana-“anika” anika looked at them
Anika-“you two here??”
Ishana-“actually…Ani” and a lone tear escaped from Ishana’s eyes
Anika-“what happened??”
Rudra-“actually..we are here to take you with us..”
Anika-“why??….i am waiting for Shivaay”

Rudra-“ani…shivaay had …met with an accident..” and anika lost her balance and fell on the ground. Rudra and Ishana immediately sat beside her on the ground and held anika
Anika-“shivaay..accident…. where is shivaay??…where is he?? How is he ??…I wanna meet him..” Ishana hugged her tightly
Ishana-“he is in the hospital..we have to go..” Ishana made her stand.
Then trio drove to the hospital.


Kabir, Kiara,Saumya were with Om. Om was moving back and forth. The red light of O.T. got off. The dr. came out of the O.T. And went towards him

Om-“how is shivaay??”
Dr.-“actually…we are sorry”
Kabir-“what do you mean by sorry..”
Dr.-“we are not able to save him..” and in the mean time Anika,Ishana, Rudra reached there and heard what dr. said
Anika went towards the dr.

Anika-“how dare you dr., how can you say this??…”
Dr.-“I am sorry” and the dr. went from there
Anika-“I know the dr. is lying. My shivaay can’t leave me…(anika looked at om)…om you know he promised me that he will never leave me…” and anika went inside the O.T. and behind her others also came inside the O.T. but they all stood at the door only

Anika saw shivaay lying on the bed with blood on his body. She slowly went towards shivaay. (Tears were flowing from her eyes).Anika slowly caressed his face.
Anika(in soft voice)-“shivaay…..shivaay open your eyes…shivaay.(after a little pause) shivaay see your Ani is here….open your eyes” and a lone tear fell on shivaay’s face. Anika saw that lone tear.
Anika-“shivaay…are you angry with me that i cried(and anika whipped up all her tears from her face) ok…see i whipped up all my tears….now get up. You hate seeing tears in my eyes na…ok i will not cry…plzz…shivaay open your eyes…” and she hugged him.
And tears were flowing from others eyes.

Anika looked at shivaay and pulled herself up
Anika(shouted)-“SHIVAAY” and fell on the ground. All ran towards her and hugged her tightly.
Then they took anika out of the O.T. Anika was now like a lifeless human.
Om-“Anika” anika stopped
Om-“shivaay…told me to say you that…” anika looked at him
Om-“to remember the promise you made to him..” and anika remembered the promise she made to her Shivaay that she will never cry, she will be happy, and she live life like she used to.
Ishana,Saumya took anika to anika’s home.
Om, Kabir,Rudra stayed back to take shivaay’s body with them after finishing all the formalities.


Anika’s mom opened the door. Anika’s mom saw her lifeless daughter. She was about to saw something but saumya signed her not to say anything. Then they took anika to her room. They made sit on the bed.
Saumya sat with anika in her room and Ishana came out of the room and told everything happened to Anika’s mom. Tears were flowing from their eyes.
Saumya made anika lie down on the bed and covered with the duvet. And saumya came out the room and went to ishana and Anika’s mom

Saumya-“aunty, anika is not crying…its very important for her to cry…” and tears flowed out from their eyes.
Ishana-“and i think you are the only one…in front of whom she will cry…”
Saumya-“ok..Aunty now we are going…we will come in the evening….take care of her..” and both Saumya and Ishana went from there.

Anika’s mom went to anika’s room and found her sitting on the couch beside the window. Her mom went towards her.
Mom-“Ani..” and kept her palm on anika’s shoulder. Anika looked at her.
Anika stood up and went towards the wardrobe and opened it. Then she took out some clothes.
Anika-“mom..plz do give these clothes for dry cleaning..”
Mom-“Ani..” and anika then looked at the flower vase

Anika-“mom..i want new flowers for the’s not looking beautiful..” her mom went towards her and held anika by her shoulder
Mom-“ anika…what are doing??”
Anika-“actually mom shivaay is angry with me that i cried…that’s why i am not crying..see mom i am not crying(a lone tears escaped from her eyes)…see mom…i am happy..i am smiling(and gave her mom a very big smile..)…see i am living my life…like i used to… Now my shivaay will come back to me…he will come back to me….” and anika sat on the ground and her mom also sat on the ground and hugged her tightly.
Anika-“mom…he will come back to me na..” and cried her heart out.

hope u guys loved it..
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PS- i am sorry…if u guys were expecting a beautiful ending..i mean a lovey- dovey ending… 🙁

thank you 🙂

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  1. AMkideewani

    Awesome, but emotional???

    1. Angel_writer

      glad u loved it dear..
      thnq 🙂

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      glad u loved it dear….
      thnq 🙂

  3. ????????????????emotional one???????????

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      srry dear..for making u cry..
      n thnq 🙂

  4. Surbhi Sharma

    This is how I am . Tottaly speechless .

    1. Angel_writer

      such an appreciation really means a lottt…
      thnq 🙂

  5. It’s too emotional dear…… I’m crying while reading…..

    1. Angel_writer

      really sorry dear…for making u cry…
      btw thnq for ur comments…really means a lottt

  6. Emotional..

    1. Angel_writer

      glad u loved it dear..
      thnq 🙂

  7. Shuklarashi

    Awesome but very emotional

    1. Angel_writer

      glad u loved it dear..
      thnq 🙂

  8. It is emotional one dear.. Superbbbbbb job…

    1. Angel_writer

      glad u lvd it dear…
      really thnx for such a comment..really means a lottt..
      thnq 🙂

  9. This was so nice dear…U literally made me cry……although of course I
    wud luv a happy ending but am happy that u didn’t choose the cliché way of the heroine bringing back the hero from death by her tears and all that…….Anyways. ..This was cho chweet…(in an emotional way)

    1. Angel_writer

      glad u loved it dear…
      n really thnx dear…for such a sweet comments..
      actually i wanted it to look real…
      btw thnq 🙂

  10. Nila

    u made me to cry it’s very emotional one and good job yaar

    1. Angel_writer

      glad u loved it dear…
      n i m sorry dear…for making you cry..
      thnq 🙂

  11. Although I was expecting a happy ending…But no problem…Shivika k adhoori Kahani…every story does not meant to be completed….It was very emotional dear…Loved it…

    1. Angel_writer

      glad u loved it dear..
      n yah u said it right..every story is not mean’t to be completed…
      btw thnq dear..for ur sweet comments.. 🙂

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