Boss I love you! (KKB) Shot 13

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First of all thanks to everyone for appreciating the OS. Glad that u all liked it! Thank u friends! And thank u again for all spending their valuable time in reading the previous shot of this. And since some of u all felt I am updating this a bit late, I tried to give a quick update for this. As for DDU, it’s slightly slipped into coma.Pls wait for its return. I hope it’s a slight coma as heavy coma is for like MMMM and Challenging the fate that is under heavy treatment 🙁 I think all this is because of phobia attack again haha. Sorry if there was many mistakes in this update.

Abhi: I am so angry with you Boss!
Pragya: I am so sorry…
Abhi: I asked u to be alert at all times but you….
He said and never completed his sentence in between.
Pragya: No Boss, I was recording my voice to ask you ice cream then I never noticed this….
Abhi looked away and Pragya came in front of him looking sadly.

Abhi: This sad look of yours won’t help!
Pragya: How about a soft look?
She looked at him softly with pleasant smile.
Abhi was still annoyed with her.

Pragya looked at her squad and they were busy with their new experience of walking.

Abhi: See how they are walking and u never recorded their first move! How many times I have told you to take a video of that moment?

Pragya: Now we can record na…
Abhi: They are already walking! Did u see them stumble and trying to walk? No! I have seen the videos in youtube where the child will have light fall first and then trying to stand to walk.

Pragya never thought he would have known all about this. She looked at him in shock.

Pragya softly: Our kids never fall Boss..
Abhi: Lie! I know all kids fall before they walk.
He said stubbornly and Pragya had enough of his anger.

Pragya: Ok fine Boss! You carry on with your anger and we are going for a walk in the garden!
Abhi: What? So fast they can go for walk?
He asked quizzically.
Pragya never replied and looked at her children.

Pragya going towards them: Kiddos…
They looked at her and smiled.
Pragya: Puppa is not coming with us. Shall we go?
They looked at each other. They understand the word go means is going out by now which made them happy.

Abhigya and Prabhi squealed: Ya ya!
Abhi: What? Ya ya for this ah?
Pragya: Ya ya! They also want to go for walk. If anyone else wants to come with us, they are warmly welcomed.
Abhi: Anyone else?
Pragya never responded and went to take their prams.

Abhi looking at the kids: Seriously Ya ya for walk ah?
They again unanimously said ya ya! And tried to walk towards Abhi.

Abhi: Are u all coming towards me?
Abhigya and Prabhi: Ya ya!
Abhi: Oh my goodness! For everything it’s Ya ya!

Now they said: Puppa!
Abhi: Damn! You all know what I said too that u all changed it to Puppa.
Abhi kneeled to their height and warmly smiled as they reached near him to hug.

Pragya by then came in with the prams and looking at them smiled widely.

Pragya: Seems like they love to walk towards u….
Abhi: Of course all girls likes to walk towards me.
Abhigya and Prabhi: Ya ya!
Pragya looked surprised hearing that and Abhi smirked.

Abhi: You see even my daughters agree with me! What else do I need? Such a charming father I am.
Pragya: Hello! They are keep on saying that for every single thing and please don’t overestimate yourself! I can’t stand it. Look at yourself in the mirror. Already u are looking like a Uncle!

Abhi gasped and looked sadly which made Abhigya and Prabhi sad as well.

They turned behind and stared at Pragya.
Pragya in a stern voice: You two are staring at Mumma?
Abhigya and Prabhi being scared of her voice hugged Abhi.

Abhi: Oye! Don’t scare my kids! I will call the police!
Pragya trying not to chuckle: Oh…Police ah?
Abhi: Ya and inform them that u are scaring my kids. You don’t worry kiddos! I will save you!

He said to them and they felt safer in his words.

Pragya: Leave all this! Are we going for walk or not?
Abhi: Shall we go kiddos?
He asked them and they once again said ya ya.

Abhi: Yes we are!
He said cheerfully.

Pragya: Then what are u waiting for? Bring them out. I will go first with the prams.
Abhi: What? Carry both of them ah?
Pragya: No! Make them walk with you as they are now with you with so much of affection.

Abhi smiled of her jealousy as their kids are close to him now.

Abhi: Shoes for them?
Pragya: It’s over there on the bed.
Abhi: You put it on bed? What if it dirties the bed?
He asked in a panicking tone.

Pragya shaking her head: Boss! They are brand new shoes!
Abhi with a sheepish look: Oh…ok…
Pragya: Come faster! Will be waiting for u all!

Abhi was making Abhigya and Prabhi to wear the shoes and said: You two always be close to me but be also close to Mumma as Mumma is the bestest! Puppa is just best! Ok?

Abhigya and Prabhi said: Ya ya!
Abhi: Hmm…don’t know whether u all understand this but Mumma is now only like this before this she is very short tempered.

Abhigya and Prabhi were listening and looking carefully as Abhi sounded serious.

Abhi: She cares for everyone but never cared about herself. Even though this is a good quality but I don’t like it. But I like her because of this too….She is ready to sacrifice anything for her loved ones, like how she had sacrificed the chance of becoming Boss to me. Even though that chance really means alot to her….

By then he finished wearing the shoes for them and looked at them. They looked at him with surprise by widely opening their eyes.

Abhi seeing them: Shocked ah? I talked a lot again is it?

Just then, Pragya yelled: Are u all coming now? How long can I wait!!!

Abhi hearing that: Ya ya! We are coming!

Abhigya and Prabhi came back to senses and shouted ya ya too.

Abhi made them walk slowly by holding their hands and left from the room.

As when this was happening New staff was looking annoyed of Mithra being at home again.

Mithra: I am sorry…I shouldn’t have told like that…
New staff: Don’t you have senses? I have told you that I can’t come with you after what u have done! Now u are saying that I can’t talk to Purab sir? Who are u to say that? Don’t say u are my sister and all as all that is just in your dreams!  
Mithra looked helpless and Radha: Stop it! Just try to understand…she is not like u are thinking..
New staff sighed and walked into her room.

Radha: Why do u have to stand her Mithra? Why can’t u just scold her?
Mithra: I never scolded anyone before…I don’t know how to scold others too….
Radha went near her and hugged as Mithra was crying heavily.

Mithra: Ma…take care of her…I am sorry…
Radha: She is as good as you are but still not ready to accept you…
Mithra: I will wait Ma…
Radha: How do u still live alone?
Mithra: I am not alone…I am with a friend in hostel…
Radha: It’s all because of them!
Mithra: No Ma…it’s not like that…they are very good people and it was my foolishness to take things in a wrong way…Love had blinded me and even them too….
Radha: I wonder how u still don’t have any grudges towards them!
Mithra: They are my friends Ma and how can I think anything bad for them? They were caring for me when I met with accident! How can I forget that?
Radha: If I was in your place, I wouldn’t have this much of understanding to tolerate them.
Mithra: I didn’t tolerate them, I had just trusted them with all my heart.
Radha: That’s the mistake that you did!
Mithra moving away: Ma…don’t try to tell anything bad about them…I am leaving…

She said that and left the house leaving Radha shook her head in disbelief.

Radha: Mithra…
She turned back and looked at Radha.
Radha: Take care and think about your marriage as well….
Mithra sighed and left without saying a word.
Radha, It’s been 3 years but still she is alone…Does she still love him?

Mithra walking on the streets, I don’t love him anymore…I don’t even love anyone and all I have in my mind is to make my sister’s life with the love that makes her live peacefully.

Back to office scenario and lunch time,

New staff: I think it was Mithra who told that line as she is more quiet and have a lot of inner feelings within her.

Purab looked surprised and said: Inner feelings?

New staff: Ya what’s wrong in that?

Purab: Let me ask you…do u think Mithra is greatly affected as Abhi and Pragya get married?

New staff: If she is loving Abhi whole heartedly then it will be affecting her badly even until now.

Purab remained silent as very recently Abhi had informed him that new staff is Mithra’s sister.

New staff: Are u here?

She asked by waving her hand in front of him.

Purab: Yes…

New staff: But sir u haven’t tell me am I right or not!

Purab: I will tell u that later but if u were in the place of Mithra what would u have done?

New staff: Sir…I am not sure but love is something that is destined…sometimes we don’t get what we love truly but it doesn’t mean that we never loved truly…it’s just that our true love is not yet reaching us….

Purab looked amazed as this was the same way Mithra speaks with understanding and with no negative feelings.

New staff: Wait! You haven’t even get to the point of the love in their lives! And now u are asking questions that make me sympathize Mithra!

Purab: Ya I know…just asking to get an opinion.

New staff: Do u know I feel this Mithra is much more better than the one I know of!

Purab looking puzzled: What do u mean?

New staff: Never mind Sir, I don’t feel like talking about her.

She said remembering Mithra visiting her recently.

Purab from the way said realized that they are not in good terms.

Purab, Like Abhi said telling this story to her is the only way to unite the sisters. Mithra needs her. Only she can convince Mithra to get married.

New staff: Sir….if u keep on get lost in thoughts then how can I listen to story??

She asked and gave a pout.

Purab smiled at it and told himself, Mithra never does like this. She is a very shy person.

Purab: Okay! I am speeding up the story to the point of roadtrip!

New staff in excited tone: Sure sir…

Purab: They met with an accident during the road trip.

New staff in shock: What?? They met with an accident!!!
Purab nodded his head.
New staff: Was there Memory loss?
Purab: Oh darling it’s not kumkum bhagya again!
New staff: Then what happened? Can u tell faster!
Purab: Ok from this point of the story, love begins slowly and gradually….love is the kind of cure for their accident….
New staff scratching her head: From accident to love ah?
Purab: Hmm..Can say so…
New staff: Faster tell man! I can’t wait!

Purab with a wide smile started his narration,
Pragya “ Why did you throw my bag like that?” Abhi “ It was exercise!” Pragya “ Exercise? If u want to exercise u should carry something heavy and throw!” Abhi carried Pragya before she could react & Abhi “ Shall I throw you?” Pragya was protesting in his arms when Uncle saw them.

Uncle “ Abhi! What is going on here?” Abhi dropped her down seeing Uncle and Pragya exclaimed in pain.

Uncle shrieked “ What are u doing?” Abhi “ Uncle! She only asked me to carry and throw her!”

Pragya hearing that gasped in shock and said “ No Uncle! He threw my bag!”

Abhi frowned at her and she too stared at him.

Uncle “ Enough! You two are going for an important meeting as I am not free! Be responsible for the jobs you two are in! And ya why are u all not going on a flight?”

Pragya looked at him and thought now he gets caught.

Abhi “ Uncle! They need to know that we came with a lot of struggle to their place. So a road trip is a good idea….”

Uncle “ Huh?” Abhi “ Uncle! I have insiders who informed me of this and u don’t worry we will reach there on time!”

Uncle “ Whatever! But make sure u reach on time!”

Abhi agreed obediently by nodding his head and Uncle asked to help Pragya to get up. He warned him not to disturb her during the trip.

He was waiting until Uncle leaves and got on to the jeep. Pragya “ Uncle ask u to help me!” Abhi “ Old man will say old words and that doesn’t mean a new man like me should listen to him!”

Pragya “ I will tell this to Uncle!” She said by standing up and got on the back seat of jeep.

Abhi “ Thanking Almighty that u never sat beside me!” Pragya “ I know u want Mithra to sit beside u!” She said in a frustrated tone.
Abhi “ You could have told it pleasantly…” Pragya huffed and looked away as Abhi started to drive.

On the way he picked up Mithra and this time he placed her bag as careful as possible.

Pragya looking at that was boiling in anger.

Abhi “ Mithz! Sit beside me!”. Mithra smiled and sat beside him.

Then the trio started their journey to love.

Abhi “ I am sorry…” Pragya “ I’m sorry…” Mithra “ I should be the one saying sorry!”
Someone “ Sorry to disturb all your sorry time!” The trio looked at who was telling this and they smiled realizing who it was.

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