Shivika story – Part 6 English

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Shivika story part 6 ENGLISH

So Anika is hell shocked by what shivay says..

Anika why do u want to live here

Shivay so that I can take my wife back to her home

Anika this will never happen..

Shivay u just see…It will happen..And what’s us this…U didn’t keep my clothes yet…

Anika keep it on your own

Shivay smiles at her kidishnes..

Shivay goes to the kitchen and sees there is nothing to make and eat..

He goes to the nearby market to get the things..

Anika doesn’t find shivay anywhere and thinks that Finally he left..Thank god

And suddenly..

Shivay looks like someone was thinking about me….


Shivay i just went to the market..I am very hungry…r u in mood to make something to eat..

Anika give what you have got..I’ll make something..

Shivay ahann..i have got this..To I am gonna make na..

Anika it’s not required… I’ll make on my own..

Shivay aare Anika..your husband wants to do something fr u..Let him do na..Now u go and take rest..

Anika sits in room and thinks shivay why r u doing this..What meaning should I think of all this..I said so much so that u stay away from me.. I don’t no why u affect me so much…a tear falls from her eyes…She sees a pic of her and Sahil and hugs it…if something had happened to u sahil.
if u had gone away from Would i have u r in Boarding school..i am alone now..again….all alone…But ur coming here shivay..i am not able to get it…

Unaware of her surrounding..Shivay saw her like this.. Sitting alone lost in her own…More guilt haunts him as he knows she is in such state Because of him…

He rubbishes off his thoughts and calls Anika for dinner..

She wipes her tears off and says I’ll come…

She sees the setup over there and is not able to react…She just becomes speechless..

The table setup for two…a candle set..

About to say something shivay pulls her and makes her sit comfortably…

Shivay it’s not good to talk while eating Anika..I have specially made your favorite aalo puri..Eat now..

Anika what is all this shivay… These candles..aalo puri y all this stuff

Shivay cant a husband do this much for his wife..

He serves her food..

Anika you r going to eat this..

Shivay yes obviously…i have made this na..So I’ll eat also…now more talks..Eat na..

Anika is awkward but still haves the food..

Shivay how was it

Anika it was good

Shivay thank u

Anika stands and takes the plates shivay holds her hand..

She in reflex leaves and just sees here and there..

Shivay I said na..All work will be done by your husband today..

Anika what is all this husband husband…u r not my husband..

Shivay coming close to day u will agree ok this..And accept that i am your husband..winks at her..

She goes to sleep..But sleep is far far away from her..

Anika what is this happening to shivay….Y r u here leaving ur family…what should I do Kya ho rha hai shivay ko..

Thinking about all this she finally slept asleep unknowingly…


She opens her eyes to see what..Shivay standing there..She thinks he doesn’t leave me in my sleep either..Sleep Anika..Sleep

Shivay Anika..get up..It’s morning..

Anika you have come again…I have to see ur face when when I am awake.. Atleast let me sleep..


Anika what happened..Who is there..Come again..

Shivay is standing there with a bucket of water..

Anika what nonsense is this..

Shivay i am trying to wake u up..Nthng else..but you think it’s a just bringing u back to reality..

Now get up fast..Too much work at home..U remember or not..

Anika you go to office..I’ll do everything here

Shivay what’s the need to go to office for work..I’ll do it from here only..I’ll help u too

Anika that’s not needed..

Shivay Shivay Singh oberoi doesn’t need anyone’s permission before doing anything..

Anika he has come again in his Bagadbille Avtar

She gets ready and sees that the whole hall and kitchen is absolutely clean and shining…

Shivay so howz sso’s work.. Absolutely perfect…?

Anika that was not require still thank you..

Shivay woww..Anika Singh oberoi saying thank you..

Anika I don’t fumble 10 times before saying sorry thank you..And one min..I am Anika only Anika…Get it..

Shivay comes close to her..Puts her hair behind her ears..Anika could feel the spark between them..Shivay says zyada tym nahi lgega tumhe Mrs oberoi bnne me..And leaves..

Anika is smiling and blushing

Precap don’t no ???

So that’s it for today..

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  1. awesome update. loved shivay.. hope to see them 2gether soon

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    Lovely… Superb

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      Next tym I promise I’ll post in both eng Hindi together ??

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  3. YOU posted same part again

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      Yeah actually some wanted in English na that’s y

  4. Awesome ep plz post asap

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      Thank u nafisa ??

  5. I just love it dear????????????????????????????????????????

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      Thanks alotttttt stuti ???

  6. Manu24

    it was a beautiful episode sairan 🙂

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