Are we made for each other TS Part 2

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Part 2…….

Three months passed……..
The time just flew away like a wind for Swara. The interview she took helped her a lot to define her character. But for Sanskar it was like a three years. He don’t know why that one hour coffee date brought many changes in him. The changes don’t even he know but was caught by his Mom and Dad Annapurna and Durga Prasad.
They observed that the guy who always keep away himself from flowers is now taking care of them like his own child. The guy doesn’t take anyone’s suggestion is now asking advice for every single thing. Sanskar being frustrated because of Swara’s absence thought to refresh his mind. He got ready to see the sunset and drove to nearby beach. Meanwhile Ap and Dp got know from Sanskar’s PA that a girl changed him this way.

So Dp ji don’t you think your son has fallen in love with a small girl Ap asked. Well whats wrong in this are we not happy leading a happy life with who is 15 years less than me I think let him face the hurdles of love he should know what will happen in real love story Dp said and both thought to give him time.
Sanskar is sitting on the sand looking the sun which in few minutes going to touch the horizon. He sighed deep closing his eyes only to see Swara’s laughing. God this girl really drive him crazy. When he opened his eyes he saw the same girl who made his nights sleepless who at his face like an alien.

What is interesting on my face that you are looking keenly Sanskar asked which snapped Swara and started to adjust her dupatta. That is…… I was just confirming whether it is you or not Swara said roaming her eyes everywhere but not on him. He don’t know whether he should laugh on her innocence or to make her feel how difficult it was to spend these three months like a hell.
Sanskar stood up dusting the sand from his dress. So how far is your story Sanskar asked for which She took book which is more like a diary and gave it to him. This is the manuscript of my story but I have finished only half but it need some more connections to lead the story further.

Ok I will read and give it to you would you mind if I take this Sanskar asked and Swara nodded positively. Ok Swara I am going to wet my feet will you join me Sanskar asked. Swara holded his hand as a positive sign and both started walk into to the sea to wet their feet while Sun started to set with giving more color to the surrounding. It felt so good for both of them to stand holding each other. Not in her sense Swara placed her head on his shoulder sighing contently. Sanskar feeling this couldn’t control his emotions and turned her facing him.
Do you know how much I missed you after our first meet Sanskar said looking straight in to her eyes but Swara just came into her sense when she felt his hand caressing her cheek. Its all falling on the wrong place its just wrong Swara thought and got out of his grip.

Sorry sir I don’t understand what you are talking I think I should leave Swara said but her legs get freezed when she heard those magical words from his mouth.
“I love you Swara I really love from bottom of my heart” Sanksar said walking towards her and stood facing her. She is biting her lower lip and her hands clutching her dress.
Don’t think that I am playing some kind of stupid joke It’s the truth that I have deeply madly completely in love with you from time I laid my eyes on you Swara Sanskar said and took her in deep passionate kiss proving her his words are just true.

Swara is just shock behind horizon. Its just not an imagination he is kissing her she can feel his love his pure love which is only for her She is just lost when reality hit her who is she. Swara started to struggle in his embrace sensing it Sanskar left her. Both were breathing heavily and Swara just left the place.
Swara’s POV…….
No its wrong I cant love him how can I melt in his arms I know I love him but how can I forget who I am. Yes I am from a family where girls are just servants of men. I just eloped from my house two years before because my father Raj Kumar was about to get me married. With the help of my friend I reached Mumbai and here I started my new life when I saw him Sanskar Mehra. He is a regular visiter of the orphanage I visit. His way of helping them, playing with kids made me admire him. I got to know he is an actor. I have a great interest in writing and my friend read my story and got to know that I defined Sanskar as my hero and she only helped to meet him. And the time I spent with him was the best memories of my life.

That day I got to know that I have started loving him. But my life is a temporary one any moment my Father will find me and take me from here. Wiping the tears I started to check my bag when I got my story book.
If this is here then what did I have to Him and the realisation strikes her hard. Shit I gave my diary to him Swara said hitting her forehead with her notepad several times.

Precap: Sanskar to know about Swara’s feeling for him and Much more.

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