Shivika ss- SE MIO part 14

Part 14

Shivay shouted ANIKA

He was not able to digest the fact that Anika left him. He knew she was upset with him, angry​ on him but never he thought she would leave him. He was not able to breathe properly the air around him was suffocating. He was not able to stand. He collapsed on the floor and hugged the letter to his heart.

Hearing shivay’s voice all family members gathered before him. He was no more the same shivay they witnessed earlier. This man before them was weak and vulnerable and most importantly he think from his heart.

Pinky felt very guilty witnessing this side of shivay. She read the letter which Anika wrote.
She wasn’t able to console him. She went towards him and he hugged her tightly. He cried his heart out to her.

Shivay: mom u only say na I am your heera beta. I deserve everything in this world. U say I am the most precious of all. But today I lost everything. I am no more that shivay ma. Please bring Anika back I swear I will never hurt her again. I promise you I will take care of her. I will accept her the way she is. Pinky promise.

Om: shivay, please don’t cry. Tell me what happened? Why she left u?

Rudra: Haan bhaiya please tell us. Why bhabhi left from oberoi mansion?

Shivay explained them every thing. Everyone was angry on him.

Pinky slapped her son. She didn’t expect this from him. Yes it was true that she didn’t like Anika because she was not able to face Anika after Tia’s exposal. She always doubted anika’s intentions. She thought Anika tried to trap her son for money. But when truth revealed before her she regretted each and every word he said to Anika. She wanted her forgiveness but her ego was stopping her. She wanted shivay and Anika to​ be happy. She decided once their relationship mends she will accept annika as her bahu. But before any of these could happen as usual her son spoiled everything.

Pinky: r u mad shivay? How could you do this to her? Did you forget all the help she did to us? If blood lineage matters to u a lot then don’t forget that your mother is also from a middle class. So will you hate me now?

Shivay was not able to face his mother.

Pinky: answer me shivay

Shivay: mom I am sorry. I was wrong. All my ideas about blood lineage was wrong. She was different from all. She was my Anika. All those words I said to her I never really meant them. U knew right whenever I am angry I hurt others a lot. Please bring her back mom. I swear I will never break her heart again.

Om: enough shivay, stop it u already broke your promise. U said to me right u will never break her heart. Now look at what u did to her. U broke her so hard that she will never return again to u. It would be better if u leave her alone. U don’t deserve her.

Shivay: please om don’t say this. Bring her back to me. I will set everything right. I will ask for her forgiveness. U know she always forgive me.

Rudra: bhaiya I am sorry to say but o is right u broke her so hard bhaiya. I thought you loved her but u didn’t even respect her as a fellow human being. I never want to say these words but bhaiya u don’t deserve my Anika didi. I will not call her bhabhi from now. She is my sister and as a brother I vow to protect her. Unless she forgive u I will never be able to forgive u. The day she accept u I will call her bhabhi.

Shivay: rudra he said in a voice filled with gulit.

Everyone dispersed away. Shivay called Khanna and asked him to trace but nothing worked. He hired best private investigators from all over India. It’s already a week he thought she will come back. She can’t see him pain. But he was wrong. She didn’t come back. Every day and night he was looking at the door continuously silently wishing for her return. But she didn’t come. Days passed like these. Sahil too discontinued from his school. He was informed by the principal that Anika picked him from school and they never returned back. He felt very frustrated. He now understood money can’t buy everything.

Family members barely speak with him. Shivay didn’t eat properly or sleep properly. To distract himself he worked very hard. Due to all these factors he fainted one day. Doctors examine him and asked him to take rest. They informed omru that he is stress and should not work a lot otherwise his heart problems could worse. From that day omru took immense care of him. Shivay was extremely happy that they forgave him but on the other side he was still because he was not able to find Anika. He prayed to all god to give her back.

Om: rudra don’t u think shivay changed a lot.

Rudra: Haan o u r right. He was not the great SSO we knew. He is more like Anika Didi’s shivay.

Om: he is visiting orphanages and started to spend more time with those children. Infact he donated a lot of money to NGO’s. He is involving himself in a lot of social works. He is undergoing redemption.

Rudra: let’s hope o shivay will meet Anika didi soon.

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