Lost love-Part 6

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Soumya is working in his cabin.Arjun comes there

Arjun- Soumya

Soumya (looks up)- Good morning sir

Arjun- Good morning….mujhe tumse kuch baat karni thi…about our new project

Soumya- Yes sir

Arjun- Soumya…..kya presentation tyaar hai???

Soumya- yes sir u don’t need to worry presentation tyaar hai

Arjun- Oh gr8….mujhe ek site Dekhne jaana hai so Client ko handle karne ki zimmedari tumhari hai…i will try to come back soon

Soumya- don’t worry sir I will take care of them

Arjun smiles and he left the cabin.

Arjun Sighaniya


After 3 hrs
Soumya is working in her cabin….when the landline rings. .
Soumya- Hello
Receptionist- Hello mam….the client has arrived
Soumya- Oh ok send them inside
Receptionist – ok mam


Soumya is waiting for the client.Suddenly there is strong wind and all the papers got scattered….Soumya started gathering back all the papers and due to gathering back papers she doesn’t realise that a person was standing behind him.She suddenly strike into him.she was about to fall but strong pair of arms prevent her from falling.She sees the person who saved her and gets shocked seeing Rudra. They share an eyelock. .There eyelock was broken by sounding of rain falling.Soumya straightened herself and again started picking papers avoiding Rudra. Rudra was standing there staring at his lady love who was trying to gather papers.He gently bends down still looking at Soumya and started picking papers.They both end up keeping their hand on same paper.Eyelock continues…Soumya started getting flashbacks of their past and she jerks away her hand away from him. Rudra looked at her with hurt expression

Soumya stands up and was about to go when Rudra holds her wrist.

Rudra- Soumya kya tum mujhse baat bhi nhi karna chahti….meri taraf dekhna bhi nhi chahti.

Soumya frees her hand from his hold and was about to speak when….

Arjun- U must be Rudra Singh Oberoi

Rudra- Yup

Arjun- I m really Sry mujhe site Dekhne jaana pada but I hope Soumya ne tumhe achi company di hogi.

Rudra (looking towards Soumya)- No its ok and Ya u r right.Bhut achi company!

Arjun- Toh chalo presentation tyaar hai.

Rudra- Hmm..chalo

They all leave for presentation hall.

After sometime all come out of hall

Rudra got a phone call

after phone call

Rudra- i have to go

Arjun- ok

Rudra leaves from there

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  1. It is awesome dear

  2. Awesome

  3. Khushilovesroumya

    U wrote this story on wattpad as well? I read it on wattpad.It is amazing.

    1. Sanjanagarg

      Ya i had and I had write many more stories on rumya there u can read that too

  4. pls write in english

    1. Sanjanagarg

      I will try to look after it actually dialogues hindi mein zyaada effect dete hai aur generally person Hindu hi bolta hai na toh isliye otherwise baki sab toh English mein hi hai

  5. Nithu

    lovely dr…………..

  6. I don’t remember commenting on any of ur updates before but I admit I would like the same story in IB
    u did an amazing job and I liked the fact that Soumya chose her self respect over her relation, its what Indian soap female leads lack
    Soumya rocked
    Rudra has realised already he needs to rectify
    But at the same time I hope he doesn’t force Soumya into the relationship

  7. Superb update…

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