SHIVIKA- PYAAR KI DASTAAN episode 40 (ishqbaaz ff)

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hey guys!! I am back with another part. I read all the comments and than u all for the support and affection, after reading all the comments I don’t feel like ending the ff so soon (even though I have reached the 40th epi!!!!) but please do keep giving regular feedback if not everytime. this will help me stand up to your expectations and wants. so here goes the 40th epi or the maha epi cause I love the tens and this is the 40th one!!!! I have reached 40 and I really hope to reach great numbers with ur support.

Epi 40-

Back at Raichand mansion-

Workers were moving in and out of the mansion taking out old stuff and putting new stuff. The oberois and Raichand including RV were monitoring the activities and guiding the workers on what was to be kept where. RV and prinku had come to the mansion after their respective schedules as the oberois decided to stay back till the house was set completely right.

After a few hours

The house looks completely new. All the walls had pictures of their joyful days hung on them, the temple room (or the pooja room whatever u call it) had the pictures of adika’s (adi and anika) parents, their grandparents, their uncle and aunt, Ishana-mona’s mother and last but never the least adika (adi-anika’s younger sister) with a garland adoring each of the pictures.

Shivompri could not even imagine how much pain this family had to go through and the ones who are alive are going through. Seeing a garland hung around one of the family members gives an ache in your heart and u never want to feel it. They could somewhat relate to the pain as they had lost their grandfather but Priyanka had never seen her grandfather and shivom were too young to remember each and everything of him although they knew his love, affection and care for them, they remembered their moments with him but not each and everything.

Shivaay saw anika looking at her younger sister, adika’s picture with the garland hung around it. In the picture was girl who seemed to be around 10 years old, she had a cute childish smile on her face, her short hair strands were falling on her forehead and her eyes, nose, mouth and ears clearly resembled anika.

There was a flashback playing in anika’s mind.

*******flashback (anika’s)********

One could hear the shouts of a little girl “taai! Taai! Anika taai!!”

Another girl about 6 or 7 years elder came “what is it adika, why are u shouting like that?”

Adika- anika taai, see adi bhaiyya says I am a little ghost, a devil!! (she pouts)
Anika- aww, who is that troubling my cute little devil??

Adika smiles listening till cute and then her face expression turns to a cute little pout again listening to little devil.

Adika- taai!! Both of u r bad! Very bad!
Adi-anika- but u r sooooooo cute

And both of them pull her cheeks

Adika- urgh!! I will go very far from you both, so far that u wont be able to find me and then I will see how u call me a little devil!!

*******flashback ends********

Anika smiles through her teary eyes.

Naren- acha now I am going to sleep, it is already late and we have done so much work today.
Mona- papa, wait! There is one more thing that we three need to show u and adi bhaiyya.
Adi- one more thing? What?
Ishu- come with us

So the men and prinku follow the three sisters.

The stop in front of a bigger door, ani and ishu open it and a big room or should I say hall is seen. On the walls were mainly the pics of a woman dancing and another woman singing and playing the sitar and in some the veena. But there were a few other pics hung which were smaller in size. They were of the two women teaching a few children to dance, sing and play musical instruments. The middle of the hall was empty but there was seating arrangement done on each side of the hall. The Indian musical instruments, brand new, were placed near the left side wall and there was a big old chest, which looked more like a treasure chest, it was open. Naren went in and peeped to look in the chest, it had all the accessories of a classical dancer. Just beside the chest was an old sitar and on the other side was an old veena.

Shivompri were mesmerized seeing the hall and what it held.

Naren- bache, this…this belonged to… to
Ishu- to maa
Mona- me, ishu di and anika taai were clearing up this hall and we got these and thought to get back the old times…
Anika- when aai and aatya used to create magic with their music and dance
Adi goes towards the sitar and runs his fingers over it
Adi- nriti, melody isn’t this aai’s? and the veena too right?
Ishu- yes bhai, it is maami’s
Naren- and these… these (holding out the ghungroos or the kathak payal)
Anika- are aatya’s
Adi- so thoughtful of u three, I am happy this hall will be getting back the charm it once used to have
Naren- yes, with anika and Ishana stepping into the footsteps of their mothers, this hall will again be filled with music and dance.
adi- well, anika sings very well just like aai used to, that is why I call her melody
shivaay- anika can sing??!!
Adi- yes she can! She can very well!
Shivaay- I did not know that!!

He looks shocked towards anika claiming an answer while anika gives back a what-did-i-do look

Prinku- and dance? Anika knows kathak and bharatnatyam too??
Om- arre no! Ishana knows kathak and bharatnatyam!

Everyone’s gaze stop at om surprised except Ishana

Anika- how do u know that? (with a tint of teasing)
Ishana- of course he knows, he has seen me dancing so many times!! (without thinking)
Om- yeah she is right!

After a millisecond both realize that they have just disclosed something new and exciting for their siblings and Ishana bites her tongue and om mentally slaps himself.

Shivaay- om has seen u dancing?
Mona- waaah!! U did not tell us this di!!
Ishu- just… just shut ur mouth mona!!
Adi- and u open ur mouth to give an explanation
Ishu- its… its just… he… saw…me dancing…then…
Om- yeah… i… just… then… she…
Shivaay- what in the whole world are u both talking? We are failing miserably to make any sense out of what u are saying.
Om- why don’t we leave the topic? I have seen her dance quite a few times in the past that’s it no big deal right?
Ishu- yeah he is right, no big deal
Mona (whispering to ishu)- seems as if now a days u agreeing too much (teasing)
Ishu- shut up mona!!!
Naren- this was a very pleasant surprise, but u see I am growing old now and so I should go fetch some rest, what say?
Adi- ji kaka, i think we all need to take rest tomorrow is a big day!
Mona- what is tomorrow??

Everyone give her a u-r-so-forgetful look

Ishu (irritated)- ur science viva voice! Now go sleep!
Ani- why r u shouting at her shanu? Mona u go sleep u will remember tomorrow go.
Mona- ok taai. Good night everyone

She shows out her tongue to Ishana and runs from there
Naren and adi too leave for their respective rooms. So it is only ishkara and shivika

Anika- I am not getting any sleep lets chat for a while
Shivaay- what? Anika have u seen the time? Tomorrow is a big day for u u need rest
Om- yeah anika, shivaay is right

Anika gives a death glare to shivaay and shivaay gives her a now-what look

Anika- nooo… we will go and sleep but let us CHAT for a while na pls

She stresses the word chat and glares shivaay, shivaay gives a i-got-it look

Shivaay- yeah, anika is right we should just chat for a while and then retire for bed
Ishana- huh? What happened to u? just a while ago u were against it and now u r supporting taai?
Shivaay- no… nothing as such… anika was requesting so I just…
Om- ummmm. Fine but only for a while, ok?
Anika- okaaay!

They move to the garden which was in a better shape with all the broken stuff gone even though it was quite empty for it to be called a garden. They sat down and had glasses of water and some light snacks to munch on in their hand.

Anika- actually, I wanted… I mean… we wanted to tell u guys something
Ishana- we in the sense? And u guys in the sense?
Shivaay- we in the sense me and anika. U guys in the sense om and u
Om- and what is that?
Shivaay- ok here we go.
Anika- and before that, we did not spy on u or… u know… intrude ur privacy and read all the chats… like a typical elder sister or brother ok?
Ishu- I am completely confused and eager to know WHAT?
Shivaay- it happened so that we… me and anika… anika and me… we were just talking… and we… we somehow… uhh… came to know… about
Om- shivaay! Will u guys come to the point? Have u become rudra or what? Now I really need to know exactly WHAT?
Anika- ok. I came to know from shivaay about u chatting with a girl unknown to her name, identity and such details
Shivaay- and I came to know about Ishana chatting with someone without knowing his name or details.

Ishkara look at each other and then back at shivika

Ishkara- so?
Shivaay- we had a doubt so we just went forward and checked the chats and…
Anika- and it was a mere coincidence ok… mere coincidence
Ishkara- of what?
Shivika- u both are anjaana-anjaani!

om who was drinking water spits it out in shock and Ishana who was eating chokes as if she was given a 440 volt jhatka. Both of them look at each other in complete shock and shout “what the wuck!!??”

om (pointing at Ishana)- she? Anjaani?
Ishu (pointing om)- he? Anjaana?
Ishkara- are u both out of ur minds??!!
Anika- see! I told u! I told u they wont believe it
Shivaay- so what? We have the proof
Ishkara- really? What?
Shivaay- ur chats!!

Ishkara take out their phone and match them and that is when the realization hit them hard and they were just numb. They kept staring their phones and then each others faces. At a point of time, a smile appears on their faces and the next moment they burst out laughing

Shivika look at them as if they are from another world.

Shivika- are u guys fine??

Ishkara nod their heads trying to control their laughter.

Ishana- u know… u know what omkara? I am getting only one song in my head right now
Om- me… me too
Ishkara- shall we play it??

Shivika look completely shocked as this was not what they were expecting, here the two people who were at loggerheads all the while had got to know they were actually chatting to each other considering the other as their best friend or a person on whom they could completely rely and trust and share, but these two are laughing their hearts out and talking about a song!!

Ishana plays a song on her phone.

And ishkara do the lip-singing when the respective stanzas are heard and do a couple dance dancing all around the garden while shivika look at them in disbelief at first but then get happy seeing them this way. But shivaay was shocked to see om dancing as om has allergy towards dancing but then he too has a smile on his face seeing his brother smile.

All the anjaana’s say yea yea yea
All the anjaani’s say yea yea yea
All the anjaana’s say yea yea yea
All the anjaani’s say yea yea yea

I met a boy and his name is anjaana
Anjaani raahon mein ek humsafar mili
I met a girl and her name is anjaani
Anjaana khwab tha, ban gaya zindagi

Yun hi hoti hai na
Sab ki kahaani
Shuru hogi kahan
Kisi ne na jaani
Itfaaqon mein, laakhon mein, milte hai ajnabi
Anjaana aa aa
Anjaani ee ee
Mil gaye eh eh
Toh bani ee ee
Kahaani ee ee
Anjaana aa aa
Anjaani ee ee
Mil gaye eh eh
Toh bani ee ee
Kahaani ee ee

All the anjaana’s say yea yea yea
All the anjaani’s say yea yea yea
All the anjaana’s say yea yea yea
All the anjaani’s say yea yea yea

Jee le yun
Jee le ek pal hi jaise jeena ho
Kal ko phir
Koi na jaane, na jaane kya ho
Gham kahan
Hum yahan hai
Hai khushi aur tu
Hum agar
Hum jo mil jaayein toh baatein hongi
Phir kahaan
Na jaane kab aisi raatein hongi
Ab jo hum, sang hain
Hai koi jadoo
Ab toh fikar naa ho
Gham ka zikar naa ho
Chal yunhi chalte hain
Khatm safar na ho
Lagne lagaa hai kismat ne hi sunli ho khwaishein unkahi

Anjaana aa aa
Anjaani ee ee
Mil gaye eh eh
Toh bani ee ee
Kahaani ee ee
Anjaana aa aa
Anjaani ee ee
Mil gaye eh eh
Toh bani ee ee
Kahaani ee ee

I met a boy and his name is anjaana
Anjaani raahon mein ek humsafar mili
I met a girl and her name is anjaani
Anjaana khwab tha, ban gaya zindagi

Yun hi hoti hai na
Sab ki kahaani
Shuru hogi kahan
Kisi ne na jaani
Itfaaqon mein, laakhon mein, milte hain ajnabi
Anjaana aa aa
Anjaani ee ee

Hum jaane shehron mein
Shaamo duphero mein
Doondho miley zindagi
Anjaana aa aa
Anjaani ee ee
Mil gaye eh eh
Toh bani ee ee
Kahaani ee ee

All the anjaana’s say yea yea yea
All the anjaani’s say yea yea yea
All the anjaana’s, all the anjaani’s

Come on everybody say yea yea yea
All the anjaana’s say yea yea yea
All the anjaani’s say yea yea yea
All the anjaana’s, all the anjaani’s
Come on everybody say yea yea yea

They all sit down tired and laughing

Shivaay- but really, I did not expect u both to react the way you both did!
Anika- neither had i!!
Ishkara- but we shocked u, didn’t we??
Om- actually I was shocked to the core regarding this revelation
Ishana- me too. But then the incidents such as our fights and then all the different topics we chatted on and the convos we had…
Om- the way we were on phone and the way we were when face to face made us laugh
Shivaay- and u danced today? Om did u realize u DANCED today!!

Om realized that and then his mouth was left a bit open

Ishu- why? Whats so big in dancing?
Shivaay- nothing big in dancing but something really shocking about OM dancing!!! He is allergic to dancing!!
Ishu- (laughs a bit) really?
Om- hahaa whats is there to laugh?
Ishu- everything!! U don’t like dancing!! I love dancing!!
Anika- urgghhh!! Guys!!
Shivaay- now what happened to u??
Anika- I am sleepy!!
Ishu- taai! It was u who stopped us for “chatting”
Anika- because we had to tell u this, now I want to sleep!! I am sleepy
Om- yeah u need all the rest u can get for tomorrow. So u better go sleep.
Ishu- come taai, I’ll help u get to ur room

Ishu and ani make their exit and shivom too start heading towards their room.

Om- today I got to know such a big truth!

Shivaay- I am happy u got to know who ur “anjaani” is!
Om- and I am happy it is her!
Shivaay- huh?
Om- umm. No nothing… u tell, u too got to know about anika or should I say my to-be Bhabhi!
Shivaay- yeah, I got to know she sings but there is a lot I need to know about her om. Its not done yet! We both need to get to know more about each other and get out the best in each other.
Om- wow! I cant believe it is SHIVAAY SINGH OBEROI speaking!
Shivaay (smiling)- yeah, but its true
Om- umm… shivaay, looks like anika has not yet told anyone of her family about u and her
Shivaay- yes, I know… but she needs time and I understand soo… fine…
Om- shivaay, honestly tell me… what do u feel? Choti ma is clearly not happy and I know she is rushing for ur marriage but anika has not yet told anyone here about the relationship between u two.
Shivaay (giving out a defeated sigh)- om, honestly I don’t like it, I know so much has happened with anika lately and she has got her family back and needs time, but I too am not asking for marriage or anything of that sort. But what is wrong in telling them that we are in love? That question keeps coming up in my mind a hundred time even though I try my best to push it down… and… and that one question makes me feel insecure. I know, I know it is wrong but then I cant stop myself from insecurity!
Om- I am happy u spoke it out to me but did u tell anika what u feel?
Shivaay- no
Om- why? U had to tell her, u have to tell her. Shivaay, if this brings insecurity then u really have to speak out and end the insecurity otherwise u know what could happen right?
Shivaay- yeah. But I wont let that happen, I will talk to her tomorrow

Shivaay’s heart pained just on the mere thought of losing anika because of a stupid insecurity which might lead to fight or a rift between the two.

On the other hand —

Ishana pov- there is something between anika taai and shivaay which is way beyond friendship. Otherwise why would shivaay singh oberoi help us get justice and put chaddas behind the bars? Why would shivaay come here and stay with us helping us with out house work? I have seen care and affection between taai and shivaay and I can see love too but is it my over thinking or is it true? I will ask di tomorrow.

Anika pov- I know pinky aunty is not happy with me not informing my family about me and shivaay. But I really hope shivaay understands… he will, he definitely will. But I cant inform
adi bhaiyya about it right now, I need time to set things right. First let everything settle down, let adi bhaiyya get to know the oberois especially shivaay, and then I will tell him. But not now.

Precap- tears run down saumy’s cheeks and two finger wipe them gently (yup, it was rudra), they have a cute eye lock.

I am just could not add the precap in the 39th and 40th epi but it will be there in the 41st one.

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