Jo Tu Mera Humdard Hai … part 26 #LAst RaY oF HopE

Dedicated to Akshada …
(Hope you can sleep now)
Sorry for being late but I was busy somewhere else
I stood there held in a trance wondering
“Am I dreaming? Or is it really Sona?”
He saw Sonakshi standing on the stage wearing an off-white sari with a red border. Her dense, long, midnight black hair were left open. Grace & elegance was wrapped all around her. Her lips had an enchanting smile while her hands were folded in a humble Namaste, showcasing a beautiful golden bangle on her left hand. On top of it all she had lost weight, my Ms. Potato had herself become Ms. KKS & I was determined to make her Mrs. KKS this time. As she went on thanking people her gaze suddenly fell on me. Her smile vanished, a lone tear escaped from her eyes smudging her kajal a little bit. She wiped it off quickly & diverted her gaze.

Abhi, mujh mein kahi
Baaki thodi si hai zindagi
Jagi …
Dhadkan nayi
Jaana zinda hu mai to abhi
Kuch aisi lagan iss lamhe mei hai
Ye lamha kaha tha mera
Ab hai saamne isse chu lun zaara
Mar jaaon ya jee lun zaara
Khushiyan chum lun
Ya ro lu zara
Mar jaaon ya ji lun zara

I didn’t realize when my eyes had also filled with tears. This time there was no looking back, nothing to stop me. I had to tell her the reason behind my denial. Everything will be fine. Dev & Sonakshi will become DevAkshi …
“Can I have your attention please?”
A voice from the stage broke my chain of thoughts. I looked up to find Ritvik standing there. She was looking uncomfortable. We exchanged quick glances. What happened next is something which I had never imagined in the worst of my dreams. I saw Ritvik, my friend, bow down in front of Sona, the girl whom I loved so much, & propose her. My brain stopped working. I was paralyzed, motionless. Once again my world came crashing down. I moved out of the Puja Pandal & turned again just to see the idol through my tear filled eyes. When I was suffering from cancer, I realized one thing which is that God exists but he/she enjoys playing with my toys. Whenever I writhed in pain during my cancer days, I used to raise insults at God but when I entered the pandal the smile on Kali Mata’s face assured me that everything will be okay. Today I couldn’t think of anything, I just cried looking at her just as a baby does. I turned my back towards the pandal as I saw Sona, Asha Aunty & a few others come out of the pandal. I quickly composed myself, although I’m sure that my face would still be reflecting the pain.
“Deb” I heard Asha Aunty call me … I recognized her by that Bengali touch she gave to my name
“Namaste Aunty” I said with my hands folded & face holding a fake smile.
“Tum Yahan?” She said with a quizzical look.
“Haa bas aise hi”
“Accha hua … I need a help” She said with a hopeful face but her observant eyes must have seen my pain. I hadn’t seen her or any of the Boses in these 11 years because Asha Aunty had bought a home of her own & had moved from her sister’s house. A few months later her sister also shifted. As far as Sona was concerned she refused to keep any contact with us.
“Bolo Aunty” I said after diving out from thoughts
“All of have to go back home” She told me worried “We have cars but one of us is still being left out”
“I can drop anyone”
“Rii… Sona ko le jaaoge” She said. I could make out that she changed the name at the moment. She went after passing a genuine smile.

I saw her go back to Sona but she was clearly protesting against it. I didn’t want any embarrassment to be caused so I started going away
“Ahem … Ahem”
I heard a voice & turned but actually I collided with the person.
“I’m sorry !! But saari galti meri nahi hai” I recognized the voice while still picking up the belongings of the person. I looked up to see who it was & I smiled like an idiot to look up at Sona who was standing with an apologetic face.
“Tum ho!! Who else could be walking in such an absent minded way” I said mischievously
“Bola to sorry”
I was picking up her stuff when I noticed a paper in her belongings, it was actually a donation receipt to an NGO MY SHONA’S … My heart skipped a beat at this … All these years that I’d been running this NGO there was an anonymous person donating huge amount of money … That person was SONAKSHI!!!! A new hope filled inside me… I guess the battle isn’t lost yet there’s still some hope remaining.
I opened the door of my car & she sat inside. We drove towards her house.
PRECAP- dEvAKsHI in JAiL!!!!

The next one will be full on in comedy mode!!
This is posted just so that you don’t forget the story
The next episode will also be in DEV’s POV, he’ll be the narrator so if you don’t like the story throw tomatoes & potatoes at him I am not to be blamed
I want comments, If I get them you get an update tomorrow or the day after & If I don’t I’ll post next week!! Muaahahahahha (Evil laugh)
Sorry for not replying in the last part I’ll reply this time for sure

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  1. V.V.harshita

    Hey Riti…….really thnxs thnxs and thnxs…u posted this fr me….i am in cloud 9….. Yaar….i really vry happy yaar…… And ya pakka today i vil sleep….but plzs poet soon ? ? ? ? ????????????????????????????????????-AKSHADA

    1. Riti1107

      Your welcome??
      Hope you had a great sleep & I’lI try to post today or tomorrow

  2. SamayraRaghavKashyap

    Mast episode tha….short and sweet just the way I like….???….their takkar….waah??….that receipt waala part was also nice….but the best thing is the PRECAP…buhahaha…..Devakshi in Jail….. Ab aayega maza….???
    Eagerly waiting post jaldi jaldi…love u twinny?

    1. Riti1107

      DevAkshi in Jail
      Dev will annoy Sona
      There will be a romantic scene
      Jatin will come back with his WIFE
      M hell excited to write this
      Ooopppss I just gave a spoiler

  3. DramaQueen1004

    Riti di… jab maine ye krpk as b page khola n jab meri nazar aapki ff pr padi toh I was literally jumping with happiness…
    Really really loved it….
    It was fabulous
    Ab pls aur intezaar mat karvaaiye… iss nanhi si jaan ko aur torture mat dijiye… pls jaldi se post kijiye
    Love u loads n loads

    1. Riti1107

      Thank You
      Nd I will post today/tomorrow

  4. Akshita

    Nice episode finally??
    Nd plzzz post soon can’t wait

    1. Riti1107

      Thank You ??
      I’ll post by tomorrow

  5. veryyy nice plssssss post soon n give us some romatic scenes plsssss

    1. Riti1107

      You’ll get dozens of romantic scenes just wait for 3 episodes more

  6. because of your threatening… i had to comment.

    *ahem ahem*
    the readers are waiting, you took long to update this amazing part now don’t let us wait for it again

    1. Riti1107

      My threatning worked!!!

      I know you guys are waiting but I’m stuck up in a lot of work these days besides my ff writing time is getting divided b/w this & another ff that I’m writing on wattpad but I’ll post soon
      Tomorrow you’ll get the next part for sure
      & if the wait was tough then accept my apologies

      1. woahh..i think u should post your other ff here too..your ffs are unique..and people who cant access wattpad will love to read that story too

    2. Riti1107

      I will once this gets over
      Which will be soon?

  7. Lizaa

    Nice epi…
    devakshi in jail intersting….
    Eagarly waiting for nxt part

    1. Riti1107

      I’ll post it by tomorrow

  8. awesome. sona ko sab pata tha? mujhe koi word mil nahi raha hai. I am speechless. the precap. aab wait karaya na toh comment votes sab bandh. readers power u know. ????

    love u???????????

    1. Riti1107

      Oho reader ki dhamki!!!
      Control behen control
      M running hell busy these days
      To thoda late ho jaata hai

  9. Vinya

    Very nice episode….. I’m so sorry I cudnt comment on your previous episodes as I was sick….but I’ve read all the ffs on this page….so sorry for not commenting again….pls post the next one asap…. Keep writing and keep smiling ☺….

    1. Riti1107

      Thanks Vinya
      Your keep smiling makes my lips automatically curve into a smile
      I love that
      Nd Take care
      No need to say sorry

      1. Vinya

        Hehehe…. ?…. That’s just my signature line….. I’m glad it makes a positive impact on you….

  10. Juhi16

    Awsm episode di..
    Sry n last episodes me mai comment ni kr pai..
    Bohot sare tests line up ho gye th…
    But the way ure making the story is commendable
    Infact I’ve a test day after 2mrow but couldn’t resist my fingers from praising ur tremendously wonderful story….
    But the best thing in the previous episode was when i read that all those girls with whom Deb luved spending tym were non other than those sweet little angels…???

    The best thing of ur writings is u surprise us in no tym…and in the way one couldn’t think……????

    Di jst can’t wait for the next episode…

    Wud luv to see their POVs

    But pls don’t make revelations and realisations very fast….

    And my personal request is please bring JOTI back…I in a way luved Jatin a way more than Dev….
    He has all the gud qualities a girl may ever think of….????
    Hey and Didi a small (i know its big) but can u plssss…if possible… make my pair with Jatin….????
    Agar aapki story me koi effect na ho to…and storyline disturb na ho only then..pls pls pls..i know its very big request but….???? I m literally in luv with Jatin cz the way he suppressed his emotions for Sona and acted as a cupid made me fall for him..nat only in your ff but in the real story also…. (And agar possible ni h then also its ok…but try n)??

    Pls pls… and Velena pair 2…

    I know i am being very greedy and demanding but B4 ending pls show at least one episode of the present state of Bijwaritri ???

    And the precap is making me verrryy… eager…pls pla post soon

    And once again sorry for not commenting in the previous 2 episodes but trust me i so eagerly wait for all ur episodes and religiously read each…and i luv all??

    And itteeeee… lmbe list of demands ke liye bhi….if possible kr dena and even if not I’ll luv ur ff in either way..

    Luv u and post soon???

    1. Riti1107

      Your comments make me jump with happiness without even reading it
      Meri most wanted ladki ne finally comment kar hi diya!!!!
      I missed u & ur virtual mishtis of Kolkata!!!!
      Now let’s get back to replying

      Revelations & realizations will take a back seat now & the next episode will be full fun filled

      Even I love Jattu. .. He is coming back in the next episode…. Your pair with Jotttiii!!!
      I was thinking of someone to cast opposite Jatin & you’ve solved my problem

      Velena bhi ho jaayega
      Aur Bolo
      Mai to LB ko bhi laa rahi hu thoda sa wait karo

      Bijwaritri ka bhi ek episode aa jaayega

      Ok madam
      Aapka order aapko mil jaayega???

      Even I love u❤❤❤❤
      Nd ab to I’ll post soon

      1. Juhi16

        Thank u thank u soooo…. much di….muuuaaah…?????

        And mera bs chle to m aapko mere ghr lake real me mithai khilau…pr ky kre…tum kaha ham kaha do dil ek jaan pr beech me ye fasle…..?? sry thoda zyada filmi ho gy ??
        And mera order agr 30min…ni chlo 2din me ni pahuncha to futi kaudi bhi ni milegi????
        Jldi pahunchane se bhi free me hi dena pdega aapko…

        And di Most Wanted Ladki m ni aap ho mere liye..sachhi…??

        Loads and loads of luv 4 u Di?????


    Awesome byw what did sons say to that Ritwik

    1. Riti1107

      She just nodded
      Waise bhi DevAkshi reunion hone wala hai
      Ritwick won’t matter

      1. MANSINAIK

        Right post soon

  12. hi usual ek dom perfect episode?.nice twist with tht receipt beginning to doubt if sona already knows everything…and riti i wish to kn abt u personally too…which place are yu frm..?are yu in school r clg?

    1. Riti1107

      Don’t guess so much you’ll get to know
      I am from Delhi
      Nd i am awaiting my class 12 board result

  13. Aamu

    Ooooo..wiat….!! Sorry di…for late reading n cmntng just stuck with writing n tension…
    Btw..dis was amazing…
    A bit bit shock..n h know aapka ff jitna comedy tha itna hi painful ho raha hai ab..!! ..
    Achche din kab aayenge di..?????..
    I want achche din…???…
    N next seems interesting..comedy hai.??
    Pls jldi post kardo.. u

    1. Riti1107

      Acche din agle episode se aayenge
      Comedy hi s amajh lo agle wale ko
      Genre aaj post ho jaayega to dekh lena kya hai comedy likhe huye kaafi time ho gaya hai to pata nahi kaisa hoga

  14. oh…ok bas ithna jana tha…yahi kafi hai..?all the best with ur results..just keep writing and make us smile…u too b happy always?

  15. Nikkita0194

    Sorry m very late this time actually m outside at my masis place therefore I reply using her phone u no m in love with you you are the best writer I ever seen in my life yup I no there I are many professional writer I had seen and read but some one who touched my heart is u IDK what u fill-up in ur ff all ur love ur life long experience or any thing else you fill all ur thoughts and all ur love with ur writing makes me cry makes me laugh make a way for a bold smile on my face
    M really in love with you love with thoughts love with ur soul will pray god to meet u one day in my life
    God bless u and give u a bright future go ahead
    With love

    1. Riti1107

      Itni saari tareeef ek saath
      U’ve made me speechless
      Thanks Niks
      (& life long experience ?? bacchi hu mai)

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