Shivika love part 6

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Shivika part 6

Thank youu so so much everyone..I’m really Sorryyy for shirt update and late update too

So let’s start..

Shivay was like..Sahil there is nothing of that sort Sahil I think you are having some misunderstanding I don’t love me but you just don’t worry I will get her back you both are my family

Sahil SSO so if you don’t love anika didi then why do you want that she should stay here…don’t you think that I am a kid I am anika Didi’s Big Brother if Didi doesn’t want to live here then I will also not live here..

Shivaay Sahil what is the all this and saying now you’re just a kid right now you should not say this much

I am also saying now I am not a kid I am Anika Didi’s big brother I will do with whatever makes her happy if she doesn’t want to live here I will also not live here and I will also not talk to you

Shivaay Sahil please

Sahil then accept it
For your information SSO I heard your and om bhaiyas talk

And if you will accept then I will also tell you a very important thing which I know Anika didi herself told me and about you and her

Shivaay ok fine Sahil I like her..I think I love her it’s just that I don’t want that she should leave me never..ever…I want that she should Stay By My Side forever whenever I see her smiling I forget all my worries whenever she challenges me…she throws water on me I tackle her back with the same tadi the same energy.. the enormous names she has given me.. I don’t think that I am complete if she is not by my side I want She​ should stay beside me when the time is good..whether the time is not good
.if she is by my side everything is by my side and she is not there nothing is there..

Sahil awwwww.. your so cute SS so you know what anika didi also loves you..

This was completely unexpected by Shivay..on one side he was very happy but on the other side he was curious to know that if she loves and then why is she leaving him​.. thought process of going on his in his mind until Sahil broke The Silence

Sahil I know SSO what you are thinking that why anika didi wants to leave.. this is because she thinks that naam khoon Khandan matters to you a lot and you won’t accept her and you know what anika Didi loves from the day you both came Injured home.. She only told me that she loves you…Aare..She was hearing sounds of bells in her ears when you were near her..

Shivay then why didn’t she tell me ???

Sahil because of your name surname family money type attitude.

Shivay feels bad when he gets to know this.

Sahil ok now I am done..Now you see how u will convince Anika didi..Coz here fire is from both the sides..He laughs and goes away..

Shivay too moves towards the room and sees Anika sleeping.

He just looks at her and keeps adoring her and sleeps after sometime.

Next day

Shivay wakes up early as usual and Anika sleeping as usual. He gets up and does something and goes​ to sleep

Anika wakes up late and rushes to the washroom gets freshen up and looks for the sindoor and is unable to find .

Shivay appears from nowhere and says are you looking for something

Anika no nothing I am just getting late and is about to go till shivay catches her wrist and moves his face close to her neck..

Anika is heavily breathing and continuously trying to get her free

Shivay without applying sindoor where were you going.

(Yes shivay purposely hid it)

Anika doesn’t make a difference…It’s just a matter of 2 months more..

Shivay gets angry but controls himself and puts a pinch of sindoor in her maang.

Anika blushes a little leaves..

Shivay for the whole day thinks of how to convince Anika and express his love for her..

Precap love Confession and happy ending.

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  1. awesome

    1. Sairan

      Thanks a lot ?

  2. Sairan dear, you want to end this ff. Noooooo i really love it. And you fulfil my wish i alsi want that sahil will play as a cupid and you did it
    Ok post next part ASAP

    1. Sairan

      Sorry dear..All good things come an end eventually..I’ll post next asap..BT may be it take one day..I want to plan a good ending..Hope u like it too

  3. Sanjana24

    Read it just now.
    It was good

    1. Sairan

      Thanks a lot

  4. Aryaraju

    Good one ?

    1. Sairan

      Thank youu ?

  5. Ahaana


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      Thank youu ??

  6. Superbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb one!
    Eagerly waiting frthe nxt…update asap!

    1. Sairan

      Thanks a lot ????????????

  7. VHM

    i was searching TU page whether this FF is uploaded or not…and i am happy finally i am ending this day reading your FF…what to say as usual superbbb awesome

    1. Sairan

      Awww.. Really so sweet of you
      Thanks a lot ?

  8. Aastha_Reddy

    I don’t know if I am waiting for the next lart or not??
    Aare yaar it will end only.. other wise i am haooy that SSO’s NKK fort is destructed here.. and both are in their iwn tadi..Saahil ke samne keh sakte hai..ek doosre se nahi!!.
    Wishing Shivika a happy proposal ever in the world of Ishqbaazi…

    1. Sairan

      Awww…Um so sorry that it will end.. Actually..They can’t confess to each other..Just shivika things you​ see ?????
      I’ll plan something really good
      Thanks a lot ???

  9. Superb epi

    1. Sairan

      Thanks a lot ?????

  10. SamSun

    It was awesome!!!!
    Don’t end it. It us such a sweet story.
    But then if u have decided to end it then pls do come with another work.
    I simply love reading your stories.
    Shivaay’s sindoor idea was oh so romantic.

    1. Sairan

      Thanks a million times dear ???????
      I will have to end this soon coz of my exams…I’ll post definitely in June as I’m busy for the whole may ?????
      Thanks a lot again

  11. Savera

    Loved shivahil bonding waiting for confession post soon

    1. Sairan

      Thanks alottttttt savera ???

  12. Lisaaa


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      Thanks a lot ?

  13. It is awesome dear

    1. Sairan

      Thanks a lot ????

  14. Superb dr ……… Next post asap….

    1. Sairan

      Thanks a lot ??

  15. Awesome

    1. Sairan

      Thank youu ??

  16. It’s was an awesome episode dear. I’m waiting for their love confession. so next episode is the last episode you can make the next episode is long lovely episode. I’m waiting for your next episode. update soon……..

    1. Sairan

      Awwwww… Thanks a lot ???????
      Thanks a million times dear for your constant support

  17. It’s was an awesome episode dear. I’m waiting for their love confession. so next episode will be the last episode, you can make the next episode is long and lovely episode. I’m waiting for your next episode update soon…..

    1. My comment was posted twice sorry for that

  18. Sairan nnnnn!!!!!!!!!
    No how can u end this ff?!???????
    But it’s okay…All gud things come to an end……
    I hope u come up with another work pretty soon because I luv your writing. And haan, l, s update ASAP!
    I loved sahil and Shivaay man to man talk…He played the cupid…just how I like it…..
    Loads of love to u dear!

    1. Sairan

      Vivikhta…I’m more upset than u dear..But I’ll be back soon with a bang.. Promise…And did u see today’s episode… Awsomeeee.. Finallyyyyyy anikas truth is out and precap was moreeeeeee Anika became paanika ?????????

  19. Gayathri.visu

    Wow!! Its just amazing…. But why did u end this ff so soon?? Eagerly waiting for Shivika’s confession!!

    1. Sairan

      Thanks a lot ???????
      Confession is on the way????

  20. Alekhika20

    Asum updt

    1. Sairan

      Thanks a lot ????

  21. Awesome

    1. Sairan

      Thank youu ???

  22. SUPERBB…..!!!!!! Plz don’t it soon becz i really luv this ff…..

    1. Sairan

      Thanks a lot ????
      Sorry dear..My exams are approaching..I will have to end this on a good note ?

  23. Sairan

    I am really carried away by the praise you have bestowed me with….thanks a million times to you..
    Thanks for liking my work

  24. Haridhra

    Wow superb di ..I loved it so much .

    1. Sairan

      Thanks a lot ??

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