Swaragini Raglak ff Benaam Rishta Woh Chapter 12

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Hey everyone.
I know that I took a lot of time to update this FF. But I was confused about how to continue the storyline.

Thanks for all your previous comment and please keep commenting.


“Ragini beta. Good that you have got ready. Sahil wanted to meet you.He wanted to show you Pratapgarh himself.” Maya told Ragini who just came out of her room. She was wearing a black anarkali suit and left her hair open.

Ragini looked at Daadi who in turn nodded
her head in a affirmative manner.

Ragini: Ok ma. I will go and meet Sahil.

Maya smiled and kept her hand on Ragini’s head. She caressed her hair.

Maya: I am waiting for the day you will come to my house as my bahu and fill it with laughter.

Saying so she and Daadi left from there.

Ragini let out a sigh and went to meet Sahil.

Sahil was walking in the corridor when Ragini spotted him. She walked to him.

Ragini: Sahil.

Sahil: Ragini good that you are alright. (Holding her hands) You know I wanted to meet you since you came here. But Daadi wanted to take the evil eye off you first and then your Dida wasn’t allowing me to even come near you. (Guys Dida rocks..)

Ragini(freeing her hands from Sahil’s): Sahil I think Dida was just worried about me. Don’t take her wrong.

Sahil: No that’s okay. Ragini I wanted to show you Pratapgarh personally. So shall we leave?

Ragini: Yes. Let’s go.

Both of them reach the hall to see Swasan, Uttara standing. They seemed to be waiting for someone.

Uttara(on spotting Ragini says):Arey Ragini bhabhi. We have been waiting for
you since so long.

Ragini: What happened Uttaranchal?

Uttara: Bhabhi we are going for sightseeing na. We have been waiting for
you guys.

Sahil: (shocked)You guys are also coming? (Changed his tone)I mean I didn’t
know that you guys were also
accompanying us.

Uttara: Woh it’s my friend’s idea that we
should also go sightseeing.

Sahil:(irritated) Who is that friend?

A voice came from behind.”It’s me.”
Everyone turned back to see Dida coming out of the room wearing a bengali saree and a hat. She was wearing goggles.

Dida(side hugging Uttara): This Uttara is my new friend. Chalo Sahil. Let’s go.

Sahil nodded his head helplessly faking a

Swara: Dida I thought you were resting along with all the elders.

Dida: What do you mean by elder? Abhi meri umar hi kitna hain.

Everyone except Sahil giggled at this

Uttara squeaked ” Laksh bhai.”

Ragini turned her hand to see Laksh who
came into the hall. He was wearing a black shirt and a pair of jeans.

Uttara went to Laksh and pulled him by
his hand. Laksh stood stiff seeing Ragini there.

U: Chalo na bhai. Let’s go and explore
this place.

Laksh(seeing Ragini): No uttara you guys
go. I am tired.

Dida: Oye. I don’t want to listen to any reasons. You are coming. That’s it.

Laksh had no other option.

Laksh: Ok

Everyone except Dida and Uttara went
out. They both smiled to each other and gave each other a hifi.


Dida heard Maya talking to Ragini and she decided to create a disturbance between
and Sahil.

Dida: I need to do something but I won’t allow Ragini to go out with Sahil all alone.

Uttara: And I will help you.

Uttara explained Dida that she wants Ragini and Laksh together again. And Dida and Uttara made a plan.

Fb ends

Everyone came out of the haveli. A car
was parked front of them.

Dida: Since Sahil is the only person who knows the roads of this place. He has to
be driving.

Sahil helplessly nodded and sat in the driving seat.

Sahil(in mind): I wanted to take Ragini on
my bike. But it’s ok. She will be sitting next to me in the car.

Suddenly Dida sat down in the front seat next to Sahil leaving a perplexed Sahil.

Dida : Woh I have this knee pain na. I need some place for stretching my legs.

Sahil faked a smile whereas Dida gave an
extra sweet smile.

Uttara and Swasan sat in the backseat of
the car. At the same time a servant got a bike.

Servant: Sahil baba you told me to get
your bike na. See I got it.

Dida smirked.

Dida: Chalo Ragu and Laksh you guys
come on the bike.

Ragini was shocked.

Ragini: Dida how can we?

Dida: I can’t come on the bike na. And Uttara do you want to go on the bike?

Uttara: No way. I am scared of bike rides.
(Uttara is a smart kiddo)

Sahil : Sanskar why don’t you and Swara go on the bike?

Sanky: Sorry Sahil. I can’t ride a bike.

Sahil : Laksh you come and drive the car.
and Ragini will come on the bike. We will go first and you guys can follow us in the car.

Saying so he was about to get out is the
car when Uttara sneezed loudly.(acting hain)

Dida : Uttara sneezed. This is a bad sign. No one is going out of the car. Ragu you and Laksh come on the bike.

Sahil closed his fist in anger. Raglak walked up to the bike and Laksh put his
helmet on and sat on the bike. Ragini walked up to the bike and sat on the backseat. She hesitated to put her hand on his shoulder.

Laksh started the bike and both of them drove behind the car.

They had to cross roads which were quite full of speed bumps and Ragini caught Laksh’s shoulder for support.

Love was present between both of them but both of them couldn’t speak anything.

I know it’s a small chapter but the next one will be long.

Please do comment.

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