A beautifully decorated mandap…with the combination of saplings green and pure white…OMKARA dressed as groom is coming down ..anika was looking gorgeous in the bridal attire…they entered the mandap… pandith started recipient the mantra..the wedding rituals started. Shivaay was shown standing like a wax statue ..the wedding was anika’s 15000 crore property belong to omkara.. NAHHIIIIIIIIIII…. suddenly pinky came to the real world from her day dream!!!..pinky starts wondering…oh my mata..what if my dream comes true??..nooo
..I won’t let this happen..I have to go and check my heera bahu. Shivaay’s room::. Anika was in the bed.. searching something in her was sitting beside her..with one of his arms around anika’s shoulder..they were giggling at some photos in the phone .and was having a DEVAR bhabi that tym pinky gave her entry. “” Oh my mata om..

what are you doing here?..tat toooo so close with my bahu.come on ..get ups..leaves the rooms now!! Om::: what’s wrong CHOTI maa.?. ANIKA:: what’s wrong auntyjiii?.. PINKY:: anika me mom..pinky mom.. not aunty jii. AGASTYA:: why should my sister call you mom?. Pinky turned around to see Agasthya. She wondered”” oh my mata..this pehlwaan has come I have to leave before something happens. PINKY:: nothing beta..I was just making anika feel that she always has her mom’s blessing on her .. AGASTYA:: it means a lot aunty but…anika has all our support..she has two brothers one sister a Dad dadi Sahil chutki and a bhabi who loves her like her own mother..soo that’s enough for my sister ..but she won’t mind getting a artist friend ryt om?? PINKY:::why om??..even shivaayis a artist. AGASTYA::okay okay..can we talk alone

.can you both excuse us. Pinky and om left the room. AGASTYA::::anika…listen carefully. Advay is coming to see you. .advay Singh raizaada .I hope you remember your fiancée ANIKA:: Bhai..he is my ex fiancée. AGASTYA::: but…okay fyn..we will discuss about it later Agasthya leaves the room ..Shivaay was standing there and was listening everything… actually he was eavesdropping!! SHIVAAY:::your fiancée??..anika you are my wife ! ANIKA::: sshhh.shivaay… someone will hear. SHIVAAY::let them hear ..see panika you are mine..iam not gonna let you meet your ex fiancée…who was it? Singh whatever. ANIKA:: awwwww… someone has become a jalkukkad SHIVAAY: what?..anyway.. don’t go are my support system. ANIKA::: shivaay close your eyes SHIVAAY:but why??

ANIKA::sshhh…close your eyes. Shivaay closes his eyes…anika went near him..he can sense her floral smell and breath…he was afraid weather he will loose his control..anika went near him..she raised her toes and kissed shivaay first on his forehead.then both the eye’s..then it was the turn of the cheeks and she finally kissed his chin… Shivaay was eagerly waiting for the next kiss..the kiss of his life…anika was blushing..she came more close..but the nose came in between and both of them started laughing.

SHIVAAY::I WANT YOU WITH ME ONLY. ANIKA::iam yours only!!!!..

precap–advay entered oberoi mansion..he greeted everyone except anika.he just gave her a death glare.anika felt sad since advay didn’t come to her and shivaay was in cloud nine..but advay did something unexpected .

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