Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil 25th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil 25th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Harjeet asking Raghav to light fire in havan. Raghav takes the diya in hand. Seema asks them to stop. Dadi says Seema… Seema asks Raghav not to light havan. They all get shocked. Seema comes downstairs and throws the diya, asking Raghav to stop this, listen to your elder sister. Everyone think Raghav’s elder sister. Seema sees Naina and pulls her chunri. Sudha stops Seema. Seema asks Raghav to save Naina, listen to me. She pulls the chunri and tears it. She asks Raghav do you not believe me, you will regret. She faints.

Naina looks on. Dadi says she has high fever, so she was saying such strange things, take her to room. Harjeet says yes, you are right. They take Seema to room. Dadi says I will just come. Raghav worries. Naina looks at Raghav. He asks her is she fine. Naina says I want my answers, is that woman your elder sister, she said she is your sister in front of everyone, we all want to know. He asks are you asking this, you call any random helper as brother and sister, it means they are your relatives, why, did you get angry on not finding an answer. Naina says she was saying as if she knows you. Raghav says I get such sisters every day, I explained you before, rich people get many relatives. Naina says don’t insult her such a way, she was genuine, her eyes had truth, she looked like your sister. He says she misbehaved with you, she lost her control, they took her to make her rest, I won’t give any explanation, if you don’t trust me, ask Dadi, she will tell you truth.

Harjeet gets angry and says Khurana has done this, he got this woman home, is this woman Raghav’s sister. Sudha says I don’t know. Harjeet asks why don’t you know your relatives. Sudha says there is no relation with Raghav, my Sasur ji got Raghav home, I don’t know his relatives.

Harjeet says no, I can’t lose, that woman cheated us today, sun eclipse happens for some time, no eclipse can hide sunlight forever, I can’t lose to them, I will not leave Naina. Dadi asks which brother will lie about his sister. Naina says its not like that. She thinks Raghav is adamant, I will make him speak out truth. She makes Raghav swear on her child and says tell me you don’t know her. Raghav takes his hand back. Naina asks him to say. Dadi stops Naina and asks are you mad to do this, you believe me, if not Raghav, I know him since he was a little child, I can say that Raghav is not lying, Raghav has a sister, she stays in Punjab, I know her, this woman is not his sister, do you want any other proof, don’t bring baby in between, come, patch up now. She joins their hands and says enough drama happened.

Harjeet says yes, you are right, Naina I m sorry, we will do all rasams. Dadi asks her to see Naina’s state, and this torn chunri, my bahu won’t sit with this torn chunri. Naina removes the torn chunri and says now I can do the havan. Harjrete and Sudha get shocked. Naina returns chunri to Harjeet. Raghav and Naina do havan.

Khurana apologizes to Raghav for the drama because of that woman. Raghav says don’t do this, you are groom’s family, we should apologize. Khurana laughs and asks him to say if there is any problem. Raghav says I guess Naina is saying this by hormonal changes, don’t say anything to that woman, she was just out of control. Khurana says no, there is no use to say her anything, she is worried. Raghav says you are a good guy. Khurana says I m, any doubt, Raghav asks Ira did she see Naina. Ira says no, and goes.

Naina goes to Seema and thinks if she reacts seeing me, everyone will come, but this is the only way to clear doubt. She goes and takes Seema’s pic in phone. She leaves. Dadi asks Raghav what’s the matter, tell me. Raghav says there is nothing to say. Dadi says I was shocked seeing Seema, why did you stop me, I had to lie, how did this happen with Seema.

Raghav says I did not shoot Veer, Seema shot Veer. Dadi gets shocked. Raghav says the innocent girl died, she was an ordinary catering worker, she was Renu, my niece, she was Seema’s daughter, she shot Veer after seeing him killing Renu, Seema has gone through a lot, she lost her daughter, I could not do anything for her, she stayed in poverty, I did not go to meet her, this would have not happened, so I took blame on my head, I don’t want Seema to be in problem, Veer did all that. Dadi says Seema did what any mum would do, I understood everything. He hugs her and cries.

Naina recalls Seema, and calls the neighbor. She asks him to see the woman’s pic and tell her if he knows her. She sends Seema’s pic.

Raghav says fine, I will answer you, but you have to answer me, I also have rights on you, tell me who is the father of your child. She gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Raghav & Naina, please tell complete truth to each other. God sake.

  2. Sathyaa

    Ware wa, Ragav and Naina, atleast now reveal your truth to each other… It’s enough of hiding drama between yourselves…

  3. I wish they would reveal the truth tomorrow, but I doubt they will. Naina would have to admit that she sold her womb to make Raghav a businessman and he’s not going to believe that. Especially with no one to back her up.


    Show is heading towards end.. sooo plz tell truth to each other

  5. I love Drashti Dhami serials a lot
    Will Naina and Raghav tell the truth to each other

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