Shivika horror ff: Aawaz Do Humko, Hum Kho Gaye (8~Anika Scares Daksh)

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Daksh talked to Tia as they were all set to sleep. ‘Yr Tia, till when will this truth hide? Anger came over me and I did so, what to do? Save me,’ Daksh requested her. ‘What should I do? Tell me? Talk to Anika’s ghost?’ Tia asked joking on him rubbing some lotion on her hands. ‘Are you mad? They don’t exist, stop watching horror movies,’ Daksh said and she chuckled and yawned snapping her fingers in front of her mouth. ‘Good night. Have Anika in your sleep, we miss you Anika! Come soon!’ she said looking up laughing at him.

She laid down to sleep but he didn’t even got a wink of it. He went to a room which had a punching bag hanging from the ceiling. He punched it furiously and suddenly it hit him on his face, it didn’t happen by itself but by some force. He felt as if the world is spinning and fell on the floor. He heard a laughter, not a normal laughter, but a ghostly laughter. ‘What the hell? Am I having auditory hallucinations? Ghosts doesn’t exist, ugghhhh,’ he said shutting his ears and stood up and it hit him once more.

‘Stop! Why the hell are you after me? You think I can’t hit you better?’ he said to the punching bag and punched it. It hit him once more. He was about to hit again but he felt his hand stuck in air. He tried moving it but it didn’t move. It moved towards his face without his will and his own hand punched him and he writhed in pain, the evil laughter continued echoing in the air. ‘Who? Who the hell was this?’ he asked and felt someone pass from behind him. ‘Come in front right now, coward!’

He ran to kitchen and got himself a glass of water and drunk it, just when he was about to gulp it down his throat, he felt a slight blow on his cheek, all the water in his mouth came out in a shock. ‘Who’s it? You coward!’ he shouted and walked further but slipped because the water from his mouth had formed a small puddle on the tiled floor of the kitchen. He again heard the evil laughter. He got up and ran outside, he looked around. ‘Bhoo!’ someone said from right behind him and he looked back startled.

He got shocked seeing Anika’s ghost who was laughing at him, he moved back and fell down due to the rug and hit his head on the round glass table. He yelped in pain. Anika continued laughing. Everything went black before his eyes and he lost his consciousness. She disappeared into thin air, this time with a huge smile. She appeared in Shivaay’s room and saw him awake. ‘Shivu,’ she said and made him stand from the bed and twirled him holding his hands. ‘Work done?’ he asked and she smiled. ‘I take that as a yes,’ he replied smilingly.

‘What the hell? Am I having auditory hallucinations? Ghosts doesn’t exist, ugghhhh,’ Anika imitated him shutting her ears and laughed. He smiled. ‘Like seriously, auditory hallucinations,’ she said laughingly. He too laughed. ‘I hit him with punching bag at least thrice, Stop! Why the hell are you after me? You think I can’t hit you better? Who? Who the hell was this? Come in front right now, coward!’ Anika mimicked him and laughed again. ‘I am so happy,’ she said and sighed after laughing too much. They hugged each other. ‘Once he tells the truth, I will be going soon.’

‘So take me as well,’ he said. ‘If you will come with me, who will take care of Shivika? Are you mad? Don’t even think about it,’ she said sternly. ‘Bohat jald main chali jaungi, par aapke aas pas rahungi, or Shivika ki guardian angel banungi, jab kabhi meri yaad aye, graveyard pe ana, wahin milungi,’ she continued. ‘Pakka?’ he asked. ‘Ek dum kachway(turtle) ki back ki tarha pakka,’ she replied and they chuckled. ‘OK bye,’ she said and vanished. He slept. Next morning, he got a call and received it immediately. ‘What? Who died? Why you called now?’

‘There’s a problem, please come,’ said the person. ‘Daksh, you blo*dy cheapster, huh, talk to you later,’ he said and switched off his phone. ‘blo*dy idiot, stupid,’ he muttered under his breathe and slept. Later, he was sitting in his painting room. He got a call. He received it rolling his eyes seeing that the person was Daksh. ‘What now?’ he asked. ‘Why don’t you come over?’ he asked. ‘Just shut the f**k up, bye,’ Shivaay said. ‘I want to tell something, its about Anika,’ Daksh said. ‘Coming,’ he said and went to his car.

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