Shivika ff by nans ( part-6)

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Hi evryone
Thanks a lot for such a lovely comments.plz continue to share ur views.even if u don’t like something in my ff plz tell me through comment.but just do comment so that I can know I am capable of writing
In last part I showed anika rejecting daksh proposal.shivay laughing in front of everyone remembering hangout drink wala incident. Stalker again attacking anika.shivay comes and does dressing and pecks on her cheek. And comes out, sits in car watching out anika house.

Shiv pov: what did i do?How can i kiss her? I have no right.i am marrying tia n playing with anikas feelings. I was ta one who said there is connection btw us to her tat night( pain killer wala) next day I proposed tia in front of her. But today when daksh proposed her I wanted to punch him on face. Its my sangeet day and here I am kissing anika why???? I can’t accelt ta strange connection BTW us tats my problem.but I don’t have right to hurt her like this.enough now I have to concentrate on tia and should maintain distance with anika.
In oberoy mansion,
Tej returns home and was happy realising shivay soul and watches omru in shivay room
Om: where is shivay?
Rudra: arey o! He might be gone to anika didi chori chori chupke chupke and does logic wala sign
Om: why can’t he accepts his love? I mean its too much now.I can give. 1000 reasons to prove shivay loves anika and 1000 reasons tat tia is not good for him. U know what rudra!! Its limit let him come back.this time he has to answer in front of everyone. I can’t see him n anika like this.

Rudra: u became emotional o. But if its for making anika didi to anika bhabi I am in.
Tej overhears everything n goes to his room and sees jhanvi lost somewhere.
Tej: don’t tell me u also thinking abt shivay n anika
Jhanvi : how do u know…??
Tej: after today function evry member of the house is after them only.
Jhanvi: I don’t knkw tej.tia n shivay together doesnt make any sense.Morever anika is perfect for shivay in all means apart from status.

Tej: ya I agree but if shivay wants to marry her, I have no objection.
Jhanvi: u r saying this?? U have no problem with anika
Tej: if its our shivay happiness then I care nothing. Moerever she is NYC girl.soooo….we wll talk to him tomorrow.

Jhanvi: ofc we have to.
In shanky room,
Pinky: shakti ji , don’t know I am wrongs or rights but I think shivay loves anika and anika is the one who can make shivay complete. I want shivay happiness more than ta profit with shitia marriage.
Shakti: yes pinky!! We will talk to him tomorrow.
( toh sabne shivay ki kal band bajane ki taand li)

Next mrng,
Shivay wakes up in car goes to anika n sees her sleeping peacefully.he sits her behind on bed.
Shivay: why you always land up in trouble? This all happened bcoz of u I told u I will drop u but u so stubborn.bcoz of ur warning guards were not here .what if something happens??? I can never forgive myself tat I couldn’t protect u. He gently caresses her face with this anika slight wakes up.shivay takes up his hand back and stands up stiffly.anika gets up.
Shivay: r u fine?

Anika : ya ( actually she is not.the wounds obviously give more pain next day n become lightly swollen. But she can’t say this to him.)R u here whole night?
Shivay: what ???? Why would I will be here whole night for just an employee??
( he says this looking other side , anika is totally hurt again)
Anika: then what r u doing her?
Shivay : I was passing through so just thought to check.get ready soon. I will take u.
Anika: its OK I can come myself
Shivay: there r so many arrangements pending.when will u come? Jus get ready fast.go
Anika leaves to get ready( shivay wanted her to be with him so tat she is safe fr tat stalker otherwise he will make her take complete rest u know) shivika then reach oberoy mansion and were silent all ta way and just seeing other with mixed emotions.
When they enter oberoy mansion, every one are already waiting for him.
Pinky: u both together?
Shivay; I was coming through tat way so I gave her lift
Omru n eveyone watch anika wounded n with bandages.
Pinky: oh my mata! Anika beta r u OK?
Jhanvi tej: what happened?
Shakti dadi prinku: r u OK?

Rumya: anika didi r u OK?
Om comes fast near her and asks “ Ani r u OK? What’s all this? Someone speak shivay? What happened?
Shivay: guys relax.she is fine now. Tat stalker attacked her again yesterday night and guards couldn’t catch him.
Om listening this hugs anika asking she is OK na? Rudra too comes running and hugs anika tightly.
All members are totally worried for her
Anika: I am totally fine. When such a caring loving people r there around me I have to be fine.Morever Mr.oberoy always does favours of protecting his employees( she looks at him painfully saying this, shivay too.every one notice this)
Om: shivay where were u whole night?
Shivay: got some work to do soo
Om understands so do everyone n rudra does logic wala sign.
Anika: rudra give me ur phone. My phone broke i need to make a call.
( rudra gives phone and anika leaves to make call to Mr.x to get updates of tia pardafash)
Here tia enters mansion and gets to know abt anika getting attack.
Tia: like seriously who is ta stalker ? He is invisible or what? How come nobody see him?

Shivay: just stop it tia. Guards saw him running away. So just stop.
Pinky: shivay go n freshenup. I n shakti want to talk to u
Omru: we too
Tejhanvi: we too
Dadi prinku sumo knows what omru gonna they too ask him to come fast.
Shivay: okkkk and leaves with confusion. He freshen ups and was coming to hall sees daksh labtop in his room and sees anka house n gets shocked. Now he totally knows who is stalker.he takes his lappy and comes to living area.
Shanky: shivay we want to talk abt u n a..
Shivay: just wait mom n dad. And shouts daksh…
Daksh who was in study comes there
Daksh: what?
Anika too comes there hearing shivay shout
Shivay : holds his collar and says” how dare u attack anika!!!
Everybody r shocked. All r like what???
Daksh: what r u saying?
Shivay: don’t do drama now daksh.and turns to anika and says” anika it was daksh who did attack on u.”

Daksh: Anika trust me why would I do tat. U know I love u na.u trust me na??
Shivay: anika dont listen to him. He…
Anika: I trust u
Daksh smirks, shvay is shocked
Shivay: anika…
Anika: I trust u billu…Mr.oberoy.
Oh janaaaaaaa ……………….
Shivay was emotionally looking at her.anika giving painful look.
Daksh : anika…and tries to hold her hand but shivay pulls him a way and says” don’t u dare..”amd gives a tight punch
Shivay: tat day anika doubted on you,but I…

Anika: but u didn’t trust me.when did u have trust on me,leave it.
Shivay looks at her with guilt.
Om: daksh how dare u harm ani!!!!! And he gives another punch rudra to comes and slaps him.
Tej: how did u know shivay?

Shivay shows lappy and recording of every moments anika house( shivika romance is not there coz they r
All r shocked so do anika.tia is nervous what if daksh reveals her.
Police too arrive.
Shivay: inspected arrest him.and gives lappy.(constable drags him n takes him away)
Shivay: how come u r so fast inspector.
Inspector: I am the same way so I came fast
Shivay: oh OK.

Inspector was abt to say something.when shivay realises something
Shivay: tia how come daksh was with u tat day?
Tia gets nervous and says may be he hired someone else to attack anika
Inspector: so u r miss tia kapoor.we were coming here to arrest u only.then we got Mr.oberoy call.
All are hell shocked
Shivay: what’s all this?
Inspector : fraud case have been filed on her.being married she is marrying you.
Shivay: what?? Do u have proof?
Inspector: at thus time we don’t but we have to arrest coz Case is filed on her.
Shivay looking seriously at anika
Shivay: who filed it?
Inspector: miss anika
Shivay is full on angry.tia with crocodile tears “ Shivay baby! I told u abt anika. See what she did.she is defaming me.anika what wrong I did with u?”
Anika is abt to say something.

Shivay holds her hand tightly where she got hurt
S: I told u stop all this.but u……

Anika signals him to stop with her hand
A: enough Mr.oberoy. already u said a lot, i heard a lot.its enough said I am a gold digger that’s enough for me to hate u.don’t give another reason to hate u more.
Shivay understands anika heard his convo with om
Inspector: Mr.oberoy see we have to arrest her.royal security department is involved in this.they may reach here in any moment.
Just then 6 men enters with similar high class uniform along with robin who is totally injured.
All are shocked with this.the six men come and salute every one jaws are open wide.
Mr.x is one of them and chief .he comes and gives a new phone to her along with pen drive.
Anika goes n connects it with tv

A video plays. Tia and robin talking after sangeet.
Tia: dhruv! Anika said no to daksh. All this stalking plan didn’t wrked well and now she will again become hurdle in my marriage.
Dhruv/robin: don’t wry baby.she can never know tat ur husband is me.if she knows also I will kill her.u just focus on ur plan

Tia: once this marriage happens then I will make the oberoys life hell.I will snatch each n every penny from them.I will make three brthers beg in front of me.
Video over.all are hell shocked. Chief security person comes to shivay
Mr.x: Mr.oberoy u know kapoors were in Canada many years until 1 year back.they had a serious loss in their business empire.and their son robin suicided.and tia married dhruv also not known to they made a perfect plan to trap ur family.they came to india. Dhruv took robin disguise.and they made a perfect plan and all legal papers.we made dhruv confess truth this mrng.we have confession video too
And he gives tat too inspector.we cross checked many details from Canada police department. Here are other proofs and he gives a file to inspector.
All are hell shocked.pinky comes and gives 3 tight slaps too comes n controls her

Om: chotima she don’t deserve our slap too
All give a disgusting look to tia n robin.police take them and they r also going to arrest Mr.and Mrs.kapoor.
Then the 6men also leave again saluting anika.
Anika can see the pain in every one eyes and her billuji too
She couldn’t handle it .she too leaves from there

Precap: shivay realisation.all family members ideas.

Tats it guys.sry shivay realisation will be in next episode.and guys I dont know if royal security department exists or not, but its a fiction na so pls bear my imagination.and if I like all this melodrama just send me a emoji in comments below.

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    1. Nansshivika

      Don’t wry cutiepie there is a reason why I put that word royal and I already thought of future story long back.and Mr.x is not blood related and Morever he is not royal man he is just a servant who protects royal family and he is chief.and don’t wry I will give her a cool status.??
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