Manmarziyan – Bunny My Angel

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This one is my dedication to my cutie pie Sv Shri….aka Bunny. you are one of my frinds who never fail to bring smile on my face …hope Bunny darling that you like it….and please ignore my mistakes…love you loads keep smiling and keep writing 🙂 🙂 🙂

Bunny My Angel

‘’Bunny … bunny…you complete me….I have waited so long to be with you’’ well Bunny was blinking like a doll…she kept looking into his eyes …..’’my Tiger…’’
Tiger went all emotional and spoke with love ; ‘’Bunny……..’’ He came close to kiss her … Bunny blushed and closed her eyes ….he was still calling her name in whispers and she was smiling with closed eyes….slowly the his manly voice turned feminine …. ‘’get up Bunny…for how long will you sleep….you are the only angel in cloud nine who sleeps …GET UP!!!!

The scream made Bunny jolt out of her sleep and fell off her fluffy bed on to a cottony cloud…she blinked and looked around with a wide opened mouth …her hairs were deshelved….then she looked up infront of her was her sister Manha with her arms folded to chest…; ‘’Bunny fix yourself and come to the grand angel hall…big daddy has some urgent work for you’’

Manha climbed on her personal cloud and drove off…..Bunny poked her tongue out at her retreating sister she got up and brushed off the cloud remnants….she quickly got ready and wore her single star tiara….she was the youngest angel….and now it was her time to start the service to the one who deserved her help

Bunny walked into the grand hall….some male angels whistled and winked at her they had been trying hard to get her attention….but Bunny had set her eyes on the best male angel he lived on cloud 10…though he was an angel yet he was tiger….someone doing wrong was punished nicely by him…he could never take injustice….but there was a problem…..Mr. Tiger didn’t knew Bunny loved him….because everytime she saw him…she would fly away being all nervous….Bunny walked towards the throne of Big daddy and bowed in respect

Big daddy looked at his watch; ‘’Ok Good afternoon to you little angel…I think I called for you 2 hrs back’’

Bunny made an innocent face ; ‘’Oh really…but Manha just updated me….I was busy in meditation…had I known I would have presented myself 2 hrs before…..Manhu so bad’’ manha’s jaw dropped…she gave Bunny you are so dead look…

Big daddy smiled; ‘’Ok Bunny…we have a request coming straight from the earth…a 4 yr old has requested God to give her dad…and God never refuses innocent and true hearts’’

Bunny; ‘’So her mother should be contacted why me’’

Big daddy huffed and narrated how after exposing Nandini..radhika decided to leave Arjun…but before leaving in the process of healing Arjun she lost herself to him….she left and went to Hrishikesh where she got to know that she was expecting his child…that made her heart full of guilt that she betrayed her friend Sam…Radhika decided to abort the child but couldn’t and finally one night when everyone was sleeping she left her house for ever….and now she is a mother of 4 yr old Ananya….who had been bullied at school by some kids asking her dad’s name….the girl cried all night…now its your job to get them together….

Bunny; ‘’What about Sam’’

Big Daddy; ‘’Oh she married her best friend Neil….she always loved him but never understood’’

Bunny; ‘’Crazy humans…..ok I will do it…’’

Big daddy; ‘’Bunny no mischiefs and no stealing of ice-creams and chocolates through magic….Manha will keep an eye on you’’

Bunny gave a smiled; ‘’Ok even you can keep an eye on me… everyone knows how good I am’’ She looks around with a smile getting several nods in her favour…Manha rolls her eyes smiling; ‘’She won’t change’’

Bid daddy shows Bunny where Radhika and Ananya were staying….


A small one BHK….small Ananya runs around in a blue frock with Radhika behind her holding her food; ‘’No Mommy …I will not eat till I get my daddy….I want to play with my daddy…’’

Radhika huffed; ‘’Ananya daddy is out on a urgent work….he will come when he completes his work ..and if you behave like a bad girl I will ask daddy not to play with you’’

Ananya’s big eyes welled up..she spoke between sobs…’’ my daddy will not listen to you….’’ Radhika heard the door bell and smiled she knew who was it….her best friend Rishi…she worked in the advertising department of his company…he had been her support and pillar of strength for 4 yrs…Rishi smiles and calls out Ananya she comes running like a small bundle and jumps on him…Radhika narrates what Ananya asked…Rishi assures that he will tackle her…..

Bunny smiled at cute Ananya; ‘’Baby here I come’’


Radhika disappearance had turned Arjun into an animal again…he had taken Bird Song to a height where no one can challenge his dominance….he had turned into a ruthless businessman…who did anything and everything to win….people had started fearing competing with him….only Neil was the one who could control his out bursts …. Sam and Neil had done all to search for Radhika…but even her parents had no clue where she was…

Arjun unlocked the door of his room in his mansion…he had left his old house after Radhika left him….Arjun swicted on the lights and looked around….all four walls were filled with
Radhiks’s pictures….the wall infront of his bed had a wall size portrait of Radhika….it was of the day of Sam’s mehendi….when he was marrying Sam…..Arjun moved his fingers over the picture…he leaned and kissed the picture….’’Why did you leave me Radhika….I long for you with every breath…..come to me’’ Arjun shed silent tears… one was allowed in his room…accept Neil …Sam kept her distance she could never handle Arjun’s anger…

Sam; ‘’Ok thanks but let me know if hear anything’’

Neil; ‘’Any progress’’

Sam; ‘’Radhika calls her parents…especially Dadaji…but she never uttered her whereabouts…Neil I feel her family doesn’t want to share her details….Neil we have to think something else’’

Neil got up and made Sam sit; ‘’Sam you are due in a month…stop worrying so much …’’

Sam; “I am sleeping on thorns since the day she left…Arjun is destroying himself every minute …Neil we need some magic’’ Neil nodded

Cloud Nine

Bunny fainted making Manha panic…she sprinkled water on Bunny’s face squeezing a small cloud on her face…the cloud squealed a little and Manha let it go after mumbling a small sorry…Bunny got up; ‘’Manhu that Arjun…..he ….he looks like my tiger’’

Manha too blinked looking at Arjun….she smiled; ‘’now I know why big daddy chose you’’

Bunny; ‘’he knows of my crust’’

Manha; ‘’Everyone from cloud 1-10 knows….your face is like a live telecast…so are you going to help’’

Bunny; ‘’yes….I will ….bye for now…I will come back once Ananya gets her daddy’’ Bunny clapped and vanished…she landed on earth on a deserted road on a pitch dark night…

Bunny started walking to Radhika’s apartment using her heavenly compass….she heard the pleading of two girls…they were being troubled by a group of goons…Bunny scrunched her nose…pecked her two fingers and blew the magic dust in a direction…soon the goons were surrounded by group of 20 lusting and ogling girls first the goons smiled but then they realized the danger when girls started pinching and slapping them…they ran for their life ….Bunny laughed when she heard Big daddy’s warning ‘’bunny no magic’’

Bunny pressed the door bell and Radhika answered….Radhika got an amazing pleasant feeling looking at the young girl standing at her door…Bunny smiled; ‘’Hi I am Bunny…your new neighbour ‘’

Radhika; ‘’please come in…’’ Ananya came hopping holding her teddy…Bunny locked her eyes with Ananya and blinked once…..Ananya smiled and came forward ; ‘’Hello ‘’
Bunny pecked her cheek; ‘’I am Bunny….will you be my friend’’ Ananya nodded and dragged Bunny to her room showing her all her clothes and toys….Bunny played with Ananya and thought ; ‘’ now I have create a scenario where Radhika’s friend should know about her…because its not just her husband….all beautiful relationship have to be mended’’

Bunny decided to get Neil in Goa…she used her sight and found Neil is trying to partner with Rishi’s company for a project…she smiled….Radhika had started trusting Bunny…this was due to Bunny’s hypnosis effect ….it had been a month for Bunny in Goa….Radhika had started hanging out with Bunny a lot one such day Bunny took Radhika and Ananya to a shopping mall…she knew due to her heavenly sight that neil was in same mall….. Ananya started running around all excited ….radhika excused herself to catch hold of her naughty daughter…Bunny kissed her two fingers and blew the magical dust in the direction of Neil….Ananya came and dashed with Neil’s leg….Neil turned around ..he smiled looking at the cute little doll and sat on his knees…. ‘’Sorry Baby …are you hurt’’

Ananya frowned kept her hand on hips and replied all angry; ‘’ I am not a baby …I am a big girl….Mommy says that….’’

Neil smiled ; ‘’O so sorry where is your mommy’’ Ananya turned around and pointed……Neil froze….Radhika did not see him she was still looking around for Ananya….he gently pulled Ananya aside.. ‘’Baby where is your daddy’’

Ananya became sad; ‘’Mommy says he is out on work….he will come if I will be a good girl’’

Neil’s eyes were wet…he understood who her father was….he cupped her face and pecked her forehead; ‘’What’s your name’’

Ananya smiled; ‘’Ananya…and your name’’

Neil pecked her tiny hands; ‘’friend…best friend…can we have a picture….’’ Neil clicked a picture with Ananya and left after hugging her…..Radhika couldn’t see them because of distraction created by Bunny….as soon as Neil left Radhika caught hold of Ananya…. ;’’How many times should I tell you not to run’’

Bunny POV; ‘’my job done…’’ suddenly she heard Big daddy; ‘’Bunny no magic’’ Bunny rolled her eyes; ‘’Common let me feel I am an angel’’


Neil barged into Arjun’s mansion and ran to his room….Arjun was lying on his stomach on his large bed….Neil looked around…he had been drinking all night…Neil shook him ; ‘’Arjun get up…its important…its about Radhika’’

Arjun jolted up….there was a kind of hope in his red eyes; ‘’What di you just say’’

Neil scrolled his gallery and showed Arjun Radhika’s picture….Arjun snatched Neil’s mobile he watched and caressed the picture teary eyed…he kissed her picture many times…..Neil smiled and got up; ‘’You have a daughter….Ananya’’

Arjun turned around all surprised ….Neil walked to him , took his mobile and opened the next picture….Arjun smiled….and watched the picture with different emotions ….and then he turned angry; ‘’She snatched my daughter’s 4 yrs from me….’’

Neil; ‘’Are you sure she is yours….Radhika might have remarried’’

Arjun replied smashing a vase; ‘’had she remarried….then she wouldn’t be hiding…and I know Radhika will never love again…you have the details’’

Neil; ‘’Working with Rishi…he is the one who hid her and supported her ….now what’’

Arjun; ‘’Simple….either she will come with me or she I will take my daughter and she will follow’’

Neil ; ‘’Arjun….Radhika suffered the most….what all she did was for you and Sam….can you imagine…what she must be going through bringing her child without her father’’

Arjun; ‘’That’s her fault…I am leaving and you are coming with me to Goa’’

Bunny who had been watching this…kept her palm on her chest; ‘’Ah he is just like my tiger …Love you tiger’’

Big daddy; ‘’In your love for one khadoos….you provoked another khadoos…he will hurt Radhika’’

Bunny; ‘’God old man….you won’t understand…with madness love intensifies….no go and sleep’’


In no time…Arjun acquired all details about Radhika he drove to her apartment with neil. They walked to her apartment crossing the kids park…Neil tapped Arjun and pointed towards Ananya….Arjun watched her without blinking…Anaya saw Neil and came running; ‘’I am angry…you said you will play with me…but you did not come..’’ she turned around folding her arms to chest’’

Neil turned her around; ‘’I am back….now we will play all life….and I brought your daddy with me’’ Ananya started jumping…Arjun knelt; ‘’Baby I am your daddy’’

Ananya banged her head; ‘’See this is what happens when you don’t meet your daughter for long…I am not a baby ….I am a big girl…’’

Arjun went all emotional and planted numerous pecks on her face hugging her tightly; ‘’lets meet your mommy’’

Ananya; ‘’First my friends…and montu and idiot sonu…they said I don’t have a daddy’’

Arjun smiled and agreed.. he met all her friends before pressing the door bell….Radhika was cooking and chatting with Bunny and Rishi….Radhika answered…her heart started thudding…Arujn was holding Ananya in his arms Bunny blinked once and said in her head; ‘Time to faint Radhika’ ….Radhika went dizzy and fainted ….before her body could touch the floor…Rishi caught hold of her angering Arjun more….Bunny smiled…Arjun handed Ananya to Neil…and took Radhika from Rishi lifting her….he watched her pale face and carried her to the room …he placed he on the bed and locked the room….Arjun took off his jacket….he sprinkled water on her face leaning on her and she finally opened her eyes…; ‘’Sir…Please don’t take Ananya …..I hid her so that you and Sam stay happy’’

Arjun lost his anger he caressed her face and kissed her forehead deep; ‘’I love you Radhika’’

Radhika blinked…but before she could speak…Arjun lost his control….he leaned and kissed her deep….he broke the kiss and found Radhika startled ; ‘’Sam is Neil’s wife… could think that I will marry her after losing my heart to you’’ Radhika was still processing…she jumped up sat and leaped on Arjun taking him down with her…….Only Bunny could watch this …she was blushing…Neil poked her; by the way don’t blush I am married’’

Bunny; ‘’Who is interested in you….I have my tiger and will see him soon….’’

Neil blinked someone rejected him…..Bunny got up and pecked Ananya; ‘’Always remember when you pray with true heart god answers….you asked for daddy and he send your daddy…now I will go’’

Bunny walked out…but before leaving she turned and looked at Ananya…Ananya could seem her form getting illuminated and her wings spread wide….she screamed; ‘’friend Fairy….Bunny didi is a fairy’’

Neil turned bit no one was there…he just poked her small tummy; ‘’And I am your uncle ….’’

Cloud Nine

Bunny was greeted with a big applause in the grand hall….Big daddy hugged her you are mu best angel.. you made me proud… a surprise for you….he moved and their stood the prince of Angels …her tiger…he went on his knees….Bunny I haven’t seen any Angel more beautiful and kind then you….will accept my life time friendship…and come with me to cloud 10…..’’ Bunny jumped and danced on her favourite bollywood no. making Manha roll her eyes….Tiger lifted his Bunny up….and flew with her to cloud 10

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  1. Jessie

    Oh…my…!!! Gauri…..this is so sweet n. Cute…I was smiling all the way scrolling down….Tiger in cloud 10 n angel…wat a fabulous thought …am so love in it…and she reunites Ardhika….Masha Allah…!! Lovers reunion.and Ananya….cute baby….Neil n bunny…sweeettt…..Gauri….Loads of hugs n kisses…love u loads…this is all sweeetttt and lovely….am in so love with it….super dooper hit…!!! I loved it to that extent am in loss of words what all should I mention here….U are so good !! TC n stay happy….????

    1. Gauri

      Thanks a bunch Jess 🙂 stay blessed 🙂

  2. Brin

    Awesome story, love it to the core, S.v as bunny angel reunites Ardhika, Gauri you truly nail this story, well done. 🙂

    1. Gauri

      Thanks a ton Brin 🙂 love u

  3. Myra

    Di ab aap bhi one shot likhne lagoge toh mere jaison ka kya hoga…?

    Marvellous….splendid….loved every word…

    Di hats off to you….seriously u should write frequently….

    Accha di, u update the stories here and on wattpad at the same time? Or have u posted more there?

    And… And where is mmz????

    Love u loads ?

    1. Shree

      Myra I second you.. we’re gone girl.. like literally..

    2. Gauri

      Thanks for ur lovely words Myra…but am not good with OS….I myself know hw many mistakes are there I can’t write precise … 🙂 love u

  4. Sathya

    ????????????????????????? m just doing all these emojis now…. Lovely lovely lovely one gauri….. Bunny is angel who is dreaming her tiger in cloud 9 also…. Oh God…. It’s soooooo mesmerised one and beautiful one. And I like the way she made Neil meet rads n arjun oh God.. The real tiger came out for a mins but bunny handled it well… Yep she need a big round of applause…. Superbbbb fantastic fantabulous marvelous n the best gift for glorious bunny….

    1. Gauri

      Thanks Sathya 🙂 you never fail to bring smile on my face love u 🙂

  5. Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee…. this was sooo cute gauri .I reallly loved it. Keep writing.??☺?

    1. Gauri

      thanks dear 🙂 love u

  6. S.v

    Omg omg omg im an angel ok i know that lol was kiddimg and my tiger ahhhh ????????? i was fainted when i saw arjun and mannu squeezed a cloud lol by saying sorry aww that was cute arjun all angry mofe my fav khadoos mode and no magoc and saying come on let me feel that i am an agel god i was laughing hard.

    When radhika saw arjun and time to faint he he he typical me and me blushing looking atardhika romance and neil saying dont blush i am married for which im saying who is looking at u i am thinking of my tiger god i was laughing all hard. Iam from the first to last smiling hard and then when tiger proposed me awwww ???????????? oh my god oh my god oh my god ima ll dancing thank u thank u thank u soo much. U r my angel didi love u soo much and am i looking like the one in dp woooo yup i am lol self flattering god u make me go crazy next thing im gonna do is downlad this and save it in my mobile and read and enjoy for eternity. God i got my tiger he went on his knees what more is required. Thank u thank u thank u . Love u tons didi my angel didi. Muhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    1. S.v

      Haa i forgot to say about anaya she is so cute and whenver she is called baby she gets irritated and when arjun calls her she bangs her head and says this is what will happen when u meet ur faughter after long time. She is a cute bundle. Cute she is and i am reading it again and again and all thw time thank u once again love u tons ???????????????

    2. Gauri

      thanks my cutie pie …I am happy you like it 🙂 stya blessed 🙂

  7. awesum abha di
    it was outstanding
    w8ing for crossroads and married by fate
    luv u and tc di

    1. Gauri

      Thanks Nitu 🙂 love u 🙂

  8. Nayan

    Wow di what an amazing episode… right now I’m out of words … it is too good ..I felt like watching a fairy tale .. bunny was so adorable … loved her very much … like the way bunny reunite ardhika … ananya was unique little doll .. love her so much .. you proved that arjun is always remain as kadoos arjun and he is feeling jealous about rishi and radhika’s bond .. liked the way he reacted seeing rishi holding fainted radhika in his hand …feeling sad because it was end too soon … Indeed you’re a great writer… I’m falling love with your writing skills again and again reading your stories … I’m one of the biggest fan of your stories … plzzzzzzzzz update mmz soon .. love you a lot gauri di :-* :-* :-* :-* stay blessed ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡

    1. Gauri

      Thanks a bunch Nayan 😀 I am smiling wide stay blessed 🙂

  9. Aww such a sweet one!

    1. Gauri

      Thanks a ton Sasha 🙂 love u

  10. Shree

    OMG!! Di!! This is so cute.. Vidya and Manha.. haha.. tiger.. From cloud nine to ten.. helps in uniting ardhika.. Bunny is a true angel.. too cute.. I was smiling throughout.. so so so damn cute..

    Di!! You Take up one shots.. we back off.. waiting for more one shots…

    Love you ??

    1. Gauri

      Thanks Shree baby 🙂 keep smiling and writing love u 🙂

  11. arti viswanathan

    Gauri mind blowing dear

    1. Gauri

      thanks Arti 🙂 love u

  12. Jewel

    It is a beautiful story gauri…. A cute and sweet one…. Loved it….

    Gauri please update Cr….

    1. Gauri

      thanks a ton Jewel 🙂 love u

  13. Cutee loved it dii…..eagerly and impatiently waiting for mmz and crossroads. When will be the updates ?? dii can’t wait anymore….please update soon

    1. Gauri

      thanks Ammuz 🙂 love u

  14. Lovely os gauri… Waiting r crossroads and married by fate…

    1. Gauri

      thanks Saran 🙂 love u

  15. Dear gauri…only you can think and write this kind of cuteness….it was so cute and wonderfully written…..I am lack of words to describe…thanks again…keep raising.??

    1. Gauri

      Thanks Krishna 🙂 loads of love 🙂

  16. Wow i loved it Gauri, ahhh bunny character ws Awesome, now i want this bunny angel…… ☺☺☺

    Thank u so much gauri.

    1. Gauri

      thanks a bunch Naaga 🙂 loads of love

  17. awesome story …………mindblowing…… uuuu tc

    1. Gauri

      Thanks Subha 🙂 love u

  18. loved the Bunny angle

    1. Gauri

      Thanks Roshini 🙂 love u

  19. Lo mein aagayi.. ???. See angel avatar too. Abha. love you.. Lol.. bunny the mischievous angel… Too cute… Starting from waking up to the disappearance everything fab. Tiger ki diwani…. Tiger mil hi gaya last mein.. fav bolly num. Lol… Only bunny can do… Ananya cutiepie… That dialogue.. this is the prblm when u dont meet ur daughter for years. Im big girl… Abhaaa only you can write that… Fantastic… Her innocence. Asking neil whr he vanisged without playing… Superbb. N whatt me sister… Hahaa daily i have to suffer… Telling i was meditating.. lol.. kya answer hi… Neil ki naak kaat di.. who want you. I have my tiger… Lol… She will defintely say that…. Lovely… Telling old man go n sleep… With madness love intensifies… Hehee. Muahhhh. Superbb. No magic.. telling let me feel like a real angel… ????????? Superbbb. Loved the whole… Just awesome…

    1. Gauri

      Thanks a ton Manha 🙂 did you like the squeezing the small cloud 😛 stay blessed love you loads

  20. Awwwwwwwww….Gauriiiiiiiiiiiii. …this is the most beautiful and adorable story I ever read….sv, bunny my special friend on cloud 10 with her tiger….awww…sooo cuteeee n beautiful narration. …n manha is there too…my lovely angels…..and gauri u are our gorgeous angel with magic divine powers of love n friendship….u made this story very interesting n unique with your flawless imagination n stupendous thinking…..bunny has crush on her tiger…wowwww n she got task from big daddy to bring ananya’s daddy back to her… beautifully you explained each n every details here. …I could see heaven…..bunny sleeping in clouds…n manha traveling in her personal cloud n sprinkling water on her face with lil cloud…awwww….so cuteee…..rads left arjun n then hrishikesh after knowing her being pregnant with arjun’s child….n living secretly in goa…you weaved the story so flawlessly my dear…all dots connecting so perfectly. ..n bunny brought neil there…..n he met lil ananya…wowwww. .. he told arjun….arjun’s anger on rads was so scary but rads one sentence calmed his anger….wowwww ardhika united…. 🙂 their cute moments were really awesome. …n lil ananya saw bunny’s fairy form….so sweeeeeet n beautiful. ….neil got good reply from bunny…lol….n closing para was the cutest…bunny got her Tiger’s love n he took her to cloud 10…….awwwww….very very very awesoooooome shot….Gauriiiiiiiiiiiii…lots of bone crushing hugs n numerous kissesssss for you my sweetheart. ….I love you soooooooo muchhhhhh for being my lovely soul sissyyyy. ….muaaaaahhhhhh ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡ 😉

    SV my special friend. ..u r so luckyyy…coz of you we could read this beautiful amazing story….n I’m very luckyyy to have u all my deariiiiiiieeess my soul sissyyyyssss. …muaaaaahhhhhh. u alllllllll…

    1. Gauri

      Roma darling your comments always come like a heavenly gift thanks a ton 🙂 loads of love

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