SHIVIKA: My feelings towards you (part 6)

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Here goes the 5th part…..

Shivaay’s pov:
Omg!!! “finacee”….. Really???…. I can’t believe my ears…… Though I felt happy by listening that but I’m still confused whether this is real or I’m dreaming….. When I turned to see her she is blushing hard…. this proves that I’m not dreaming…. I with a wide smile waiting fr her to repeat the word but…. she is about to leave…. I held her hand & she turned towards me…. Omg!!!! She is looking damn cute….. She is avoiding the eye contact but when she slowly looked at me…. that’s it…. I fell for her again…. Her cute chocolate brown eyes…. I’m like awww….. I’m about to speak something but to my bad luck her phone started buzzing & she left from here…. I cursed the phone & went near the window seat to look at her…..

Anika’s pov:
“Thank god!!! Finally at the correct time god saved me from this awkward situation” I thought after getting down the bus….. The vibration of the mobile brought me out of these thoughts….. On watching the flashing name on the screen I felt sooo happy….. Immediately I attended the call & speaking with the person with a wide smile & love…. This is when I felt a pair of eyes watching me….. I turned back to see shivaay peeping out from the window….. Though I felt lil nervous, I enjoyed his gaze on me…. Finally after ending the call I stepped in the bus & sat beside prinku…..

Shivaay’s pov:
The journey has begun…. Everyone are silent for few sec & then started our routine chitchattings….. But my looks are only on my Anu…. Even she is watching me but chupke chupke….. This brought a broad smile on my face…..

Do Dil Mile Rahe Hain
Magar Chupke Chupke
(Two hearts are meeting but silently)
Shivaay is starring at anika…. & anika is also looking at shivaay by hiding behind prinku…..

Do Dil Mile Rahe Hain
Magar Chupke Chupke
(Two hearts are meeting But Silently)
This time anika tries hard to stop looking at shivaay but her eyes are not under her control…..

Sabko Ho Rahi Hai
(Everyone is getting to know)
Haan Sabko Ho Rahi Hai
(Yes, Everyone is getting to know)
Khabar Chupke Chupke
(This news, silently)
This is observed by malsid,priveer & ishkara…. They were signing each other to look at shivika….

Do Dil Mile Rahe Hain
(Two hearts are meeting)
Magar Chupke Chupke
(But Silently)
Shivaay winks at anika & anika blushes & turns her face….

Saanson Mein Badi Bekaraari
(In the breaths, the restlessness increased)
Her breathe is increasing…..

Aankhon Mein Kai Rat Jage
(In the eyes, many nights are awake)
Shivaay captured that moment in his eyes…..

Kahin Kabhi Lag Jaaye Dil To
(If Your heart falls for someone)
They both look at each other at the same time….

Kahin Phir Dil Na Lage
(Then You don’t like anything else)
They were lost in eachothers eyes that they are not even noticing that omkara is calling shivaay…..

Apne Dil Mein Zara Thaam Loon
(I shall just keep hold of my heart)
With a jerk shivaay responds to omkara by placing his hand on his chest…..

Jaadu Ka Main Isay Naam Doon
(I will call it magic)
Anika encircles her hands around prinku & lays her head on prinku’s shoulder & smiles….

Jaadu Kar Raha hai
(Magic is happening)
Jaadu Kar Raha Hai Asar Chupke Chupke
(Magic is doing its effect, silently)
Shivaay feels awkward & faces the window embarrassed….

Do Dil Mile Rahe Hain
(Two hearts are meeting)
Magar Chupke Chupke
(But Silently)
This time when shivaay looks at anika he finds anika sleeping peacefully…..

Anika’s pov:
My pleasent sleep was disturbed by some bad dream…. I saw the watch & got to know the time is 3:30…. I slowly got up from the seat & went to the door(last step) to have some fresh air…. On seeing the area my mood is refreshed…. I slowly leaned on the door & was watching everyone…. First my eyes fell on daksh & tia…. They both are hugging each other & sleeping peacefully…. I felt lyk killing both of them…. Then I thought about the engagement day…. This is when I remembered shivaay with the ring….Our most memorable first meet…. I’m rubbing the ring on my finger (shivaay’s ring) & thinking of every moment with him….. Don’t know why I feel soo connected to him…..
Shiv: Finally u accepted me???…
On hearing this I’m like shocked to the hell… I looked up to see shivaay standing in front of me….

Shiv: I’m soo happy today…. Yesterday u said that u r my fiancee & today my ring is on ur finger…. So this indicates that you accepted me completely…..
Ani: No no…. Its not like that…. Actually… I…. Ring…. Mistake….. Fiancee….. (Phail gaya raita….. What I’m trying to say & what I’m saying)
Shiv(with mischievous smile): Its okay anika…. Cool…. U don’t need to say anything…. I can understand everything…..
Ani: Shivaay plz…. Don’t assume things…. I… Aah… I brought this ring to handover it to you…. That’s it…. (Without thinking anything I blurted out whatever is came in my mind)….
Shiv: R u sure??

Ani: Y..yes…. I’m & (in a low voice) I should be….
Shiv(going close to her): Really??
Ani(nods her head in yes)…
Shiv(he too nods his head while stepping close to her)…
Ani(nods in yes & moves backward)….
Shiv(nods his head while stepping forward)….
Ani(nods in both yes & no…. She is about to step back but falls on shivaay bcoz of the sudden break….
Shivaay catches her…. They share a cute eyelock….

song plays…

Jo na keha sake tum….
Jo na keha sake hum….
Jo na keha sake tum…
Jo na keha sake hum…
Kehene lagi…. Dono se Woh….
Kamoshiyan…. O saathiyaa…..

Their eyelock is disturbed by the other break but they are holding each other tightly….

As the driver asks them to sit inside they both gets in… Anika sits in the 1st seat…. Shivaay is about to go back side but anika holds his hand…. Shivaay understands that she needs his company & sits beside her….. They both cht on some random stuff & slowly anika fell asleep on shivaay’s shoulder by holding his hand tight….
Shivaay is mesmerized on seeing his sleeping beauty…. He plants a kiss on her forehead…. Anika tightens the grip on his arm & murmurs “Love you janu” in her sleep…. This brings a bright smile on his face….. Slowly shivaay to slips into deep slumber…..

Anika’s pov:
I felt the sun rays on me & I woke up from my pleasent sleep…. This is when I noticed my surroundings…. The bus is stopped at some place….. I looked at my side & realized that I’m sleeping on shivaay’s shoulder….. I thought to wake him up but remembered the last night cht…. I thought he must be tired so I dropped the thought of waking him up….
Awww…. When he is sleeping he is looking soo cute…. I placed my palms on his cheeks & then….. my widened….. I got the biggest shock of my life…..

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