Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani 19th June 2021 Written Episode Update: Shaurya and Anokhi’s mehendi

Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani 19th June 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shaurya asking Rama and Bhalla to wait for some time, Anokhi will get happy once the drama gets over. Rama says I can’t see this. Bhalla asks shall we go back. Shaurya asks them to stay with him, Jamais are also sons, Bahus are daughters, you should not make Jamai a Devta, then Jamai will dance on your dance, ask Babli, its tough to show his real place to Jamai later. Babli cries. Ahir asks are you fine. Babli says yes, I m very happy, Anokhi got a great husband, mum would be happy, at least one of her Jamai is good. Ahir asks her to tell them the truth. She says they are happy. He says okay, you smile, don’t be sad, you look good when you smile. She smiles.

Shaurya says be with us, you should be happy, you have to see that Anokhi gets my name in her mehendi. They all smile. Shaurya says our marriage will be so good. Alok shows the video to Devi and Tej. Shaurya comes there with sweets. He goes. Alok asks will you come in the mehendi. Everyone prepares for the mehendi function. Babli says Ahir went for his work, lets see when he comes. Shaan comes and asks did you do all the arrangements. Aastha says yes. He compliments her. He gives her a rose. She thanks him and compliments. He gets happy. He says we will find some way. He applies mehendi on her hand. Shaan says everything is perfect, I just have one request, don’t behave like typical girls’ family, if anything goes wrong, we all will handle it. Bhalla says sure. Alok comes and asks what’s this, its Saberwal’s marriage, not any poor guy’s marriage, the decorations are such old, we spent much money, if you take any cheap wedding planner, such thing happens. Shaan answers Alok.

He says Babli has worked hard for these decorations, relax and enjoy yourself. Shaurya asks them to welcome the groom. He dances and smiles. He asks Kitty and Bebo are they really happy or not. They say we are happy. He says forget everything and enjoy, celebrate and have fun. They take selfies. Anokhi comes. He thanks Babli. Babli asks how does Anokhi look. Shaurya says uff…. He asks who should write bride’s name on groom’s hand, your assistant, she is here, tell her. He asks Anokhi is there any problem. Anokhi says no. He says great, then you will apply the mehendi, welcome. Anokhi writes Shagun on his hand. He says Shagun… He wipes the mehendi. He says you have to take nek from me. He gives her money and applies mehendi to her hand. Shaurya and Anokhi, everyone dance in the function. Gud naal….plays… Ahir comes. Babli takes him for dance. Shaurya signs Babli. Babli asks Anokhi to get mehendi. Anokhi asks how, my exams are starting after a week, I have to study and do work. Rama asks her to come. Shaurya shows his name to the mehendi artist. Shaurya’s name gets written on Anokhi’s hand. Anokhi gets shocked seeing the name written.

Anokhi gets angry and tries to wipe Shaurya’s name. She says I have no relation with you. Babli asks why did you get his name written on your hand, you did much wrong.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Esther Pillay

    I’m quite excited to see what happens next🙌 There has to be a twist to this marriage. Although Anokhi is oblivious to what is really happening, Shagun is not going to let this marriage happen without causing some drama🙈Just saying

  2. Yaar I dint understand why Starplus doesn’t promote this show …

    Are they seriously out of their mind 🙄

    This show deserves appreciation attention 💓💓

    Story moves jetspeed .. atleast it never bores it’s audience.

    Most underrated ITV show 😑

  3. Anokhi should use her brain..there is something is happening behind her…
    Absence of bade paapa and badi maa in both functions..presence of her parents and she is being dressed up like bride and all other being behaving normal to her …She should have a trace of doubt right??

    And Aastha Maam is looking so pretty😍❤

  4. Hope Devi didn’t change the bride put shagun instead of Anokhi

  5. I am too much excited to see how Anokhi will react when she will get to know all this was a drama to begin with.

  6. I agree Leo
    Absolutely well said
    They need to promote this show on star plus
    They taking time to promote the sick shows which are not watched
    Starplus needs to promote shaurya anokhi
    Best show I have seen till date

    1. Seriously…this show is absolutely amazing ♥️

      No idea why Starplus doesn’t promote creativity and just focuses on crap like adultery.. cheating… infidelity 🙄

      All remaining star shows have this crap rn

  7. Jayanyi Seeram

    They look so stunning. Asthma looks so beautiful great show writers please don’t mess up soon it will be no one.

  8. Wow can’t wait to see this episode tonight

  9. I love Shaurya’s positive, no nonsense, I get what I want attitude, and he don’t beat around. This show is by far the best, should be #1 spot.
    On edge still as I think, but hope not, that Anokhi will be replaced by Shagun tricking Shaurya, but please writers don’t let that happen, it’s nice clean fun watching them arrange the wedding without Anokhi knowing she’s getting married

  10. I find it over the top the acting! I agree Tm that anokhi cannot be stupid to see the behaviors of those around her who are giving her so importance and attention- forcing her to participate in activities when she is really just the planner. The fact that PS aunt and uncle missing should be a big question for her! I hope Shagun comes and trashes shaurya and tell anokhi that he was engaged to her ( despite the blackmail) before he married anokhi and told her to keep the ring too. Shaurya then should open his mouth as say exactly what he thinks of shagun- a manipulative woman who has no self respect and still lingering around In hopes of wining him back.🤣

  11. Absolutely agree, don’t know why star plus is not promoting this show. It deserves to be no.1 and get a better slot. They promote all nonsensical stuff of extramarital affairs, kitchen politics etc and other regressive stuff. They surely know that this show has a huge fan base purely because it’s the best concept be it women empowerment, taking a stand against ragging, standing up for love and showing that a daughter should also look after her parents. This is the only show I watch on starplus.

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