Shastri Sisters 4th December 2014 Written Episode Update

Shastri Sisters 4th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Anu asking Karishma to go. Karishma asks her to buy some utensils instead off old clothes, she is very poor, she needs money. Devyaani asks who is she. Anu says see, she is not going. Devyaani says she has few clothes to give, and asks her to come. Anu asks her to stand at the door, and says Devyaani always keeps closer to her life, then. Devyaani says there are some clothes which I don’t want to see, my engagement dress. Anu asks what is she doing. Shastri ji says Rohan called and they are coming in evening. Anu tells him to stop Devyaani from giving engagement dress. Devyaani says she won’t keep it, as it hurts her. Anu gets Alka’s call. Alka cries and says about Rohan’s injury. Anu asks how is Rohan now. Anu tells Shastri ji that Rohan’s leg is fractured. Shastri ji talks to Alka and asks shall I come there. Alka says no, its minor, don’t worry. Astha smiles.

Alka says they can’t come today and ends the call. Karishma sees Devyaani. Anu comes and tells Devyaani about Rohan. Devyaani says she is fed up hearing bad news. Karishma keeps the CD and starts leaving. Devyaani asks where is she going. Karishma says she will give this utensils, and will come again, till then manage your home situations. She makes bad faces and says in few days, the situation will be bad. She leaves and smiles at the exit door, looking worst.

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She gets down the stairs and rushes out. She bumps into Neil and says sorry. He sees her high heels and plain saree. She leaves. He says its strange. He sees her running and doubts on her. Anu looks at the anklet and thinks about Rajat. Saajna………..plays………. Devyaani comes and she hides the anklet. She asks her why did she become secretive, and says you did not tell me Rajat gave it to you, not me, but you love me and wanted to give sacrifice which I can’t as I m bad, right. Anu asks do you love me. Devyaani says I would have loved you if you told me the truth, not now.

She asks why is she trying to act great, its annoying, and she wishes to kill her, she asks her to go and throw the anklet on Rajat’s head. She asks her to go and meet Rajat, and finally talk. She asks why is she silent, is Karishma her sister, only she deserves Rajat, go and stop this marriage, and tell him you love him. Anu says no, I can’t tell him. Devyaani says when I loved him, I used to try to say I love you, even now I will tell him I love you from your side. Anu stops her. Devyaani says she will make it final for them, she can do this for her. Anu asks her to stop. Devyaani leaves. Anu cries seeing the anklet.

Astha brings juice for Rohan. He sees Alka at the door and asks her to come inside, else he will break his other leg himself. Karishma comes there and asks Rohan is he fine. She gives medicines to Alka. Rohan sees her tattoo and asks where did she make this. Alka looks on. Karishma hides it. Rohan says see this, its like utensil sellers make, its their trademark, how did Karishma make it. Karishma says in her friend’s party. Rohan says show me once again. Karishma hides and says she has to make urgent call. Rohan insists. Astha asks Alka to go outside if her work is over and worries for Rohan. Karishma says I will come later and leaves. Alka sneezes and Astha says don’t know what bad happenings will take place now.

Rohan gets a call and asks Alka to give notepad and pen. Astha says she will give. Rohan notes down. He says Astha is right, we had big business loan. Astha says see I told you. Rohan smiles and says we got a big order. Alka smiles. Rohan makes Astha tensed. Astha says if anything happens to me, then don’t tell me and leaves. Rajat thinks about Anu. Devyaani comes to him and asks him about Karishma. She asks did he and Anu swear that they will love and not say it. Rajat asks what, does Anu love me. She asks why, do you doubt she does not love you. She asks does he feel what he said was convincing, and you are happy having Karishma.

She says she did many dramas in her life and can catch anyone’s drama. She says she has moved back and is blessing them to be happy always, but get together, as they both are dying. Rajat says Anu has to open up and say she loves me. Devyaani says she stays quiet always. He says no, she got angry and reacted well. Devyaani says you don’t be adamant, its your loss, break you r relation with Karishma.He says it will be broken when Anu says she loves me. He says he will not take any step towards her till she says she loves him. He says he loves Anu a lot, and got his heart broken by her hand, it pains a lot, if Anu says she loves me, I will fight with the world and give her world’s happiness, she should tell me just once. She cries and says she is also adamant, she will make Anu say I love you to him, and this is her responsibility now. Rajat looks at her.

Astha and Karishma laugh aand say Rajat will find the CD and he will get it in Anu’s room, Rajat will make Anu out of his life. Astha says now Alka should wait to get the good news and smiles.

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