Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar 4th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar 4th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Neil meeting his admirer lady who was trying suicide to lure him. She thanks him for coming. Neil reminisces Pam’s words that Ragini has moved on by remarrying and he is the one who is still behind even after 15 years. Neil takes lady to car and starts romancing with her. Lady gets her husband’s call and starts talking to him. He asks if she is married and having children. She says yes and has 2 children, but she is taking divorce from her husband. Neil starts scolding him that all ladies are same and are betrayers. She says she wants to settle down and he is the best option she has. He says she is an usual greedy woman and leaves alone drinking alcohol.

Aarav and his friend peep from a balcony and look at Aarav’s girlfriend Shilpa. Friend’s mom catches them red-handed and taunts that Shilpa is very hot and they can lure her. They both see Karan coming there in his car and standing outside Shilpa’s house, think he came to pick up Shilpa, scold him that he is very old for shilpa and beat him. Shilpa comes and leaves on some young guy’s bike. They both realize that they hit a wrong man and run from there.

Karan enters Ragini’s house. Naani is having amnesia and thinks he is her husband and starts talking to him. He gets confused. Aarav sees him and asks why did he come here, if he is wants to pick up Sunny tai. Ragini’s mom idenitifies. He takes her blessings. Aarav asks who is he. Mom says he is both Neil and Ragini’s friend. Karan says he is Ragini’s friend first and says Ragini that in between her and Neil’s fight, he is always blamed. Ragini asks him to stop talking about Neil. He says Neil sent him here for Nishi. Ne gives money to Nishi and says Neil cancelled 4 surgeries but could not cancel a small girl’s critical surgery, so he cannot come. She asks he broke her heart for some other girl’s heart. Karan says he gave money as a blessing as he does not know what she likes and walks out from there. Nishi returns back money. She sadly says Ragini that she won this time again. Ragini cries hugging her and says she did not mean to hurt her feelings.

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Neil walks upset on the road drinking alcohol, reminiscing his happier days with Ragini and their divorce, says he hates her, but cannot curse as she is his children’s mother. Ragini also on the other side says she hates him.

Agam on the breakfast table asks Pam about Neil. She says he is upset since yesterday after hearing that Ragini remarried and now she is doing emotional atyachar by inviting him to her daughter’s marriage, she does not have any right to play with Neil’s feelings.

Neil gets a call from Karan who says he met Nishi and she is exactly like him and did not accept his money. He suggests him to attend marriage for 2 days at least for his daughter’s sake. Neil says he will not and cuts call.

Suhani reaches Agam’s room and starts crying that she knows where their mother is and their sister is getting married. He is surprised to hear that. Pam on the other side scolds Neil for insulting a woman. He says he was inebriated. She says she has children and is about to be divorced and even you have children and already divorced. He asks what she wants now. She says he should move on and marry like Ragini did. Agam and Suhani come there and Agam says we both want to go to India to meet mom and attend our sister’s marriage. Neil asks who told you this. Pam gets angry and walks out. Suhani requests that they really want to meet her and want to know how their mom looks like. Agam says till now we did not speak about mom as you will get angry, but since we know where is she now, we want meet her. Suhani says we know you sent money and she did not accept, we want to see how our mom looks.

Neil says Ragini is very egoistic and does not want Nishi to marry Jignesh, she does not want anybody to come in between her ego. Suhani says she wants to meet her at any cost. He says when they divorced, we divided 2 kids each and says they will not go. They both then request Pam to convince Neil, but she angrily walks out. Suhani says today dad showed anger on us and we saw emotions on his face, it is good for us.

Neil runs on treadmill remembering kids request to meet their mom and reminisces challenging Ragini during divorce that he will not let his children remember their mother and will become both mom and dad to them. He thinks even after 15 years, Ragini is controlling his life.

Agam and Suhani reach India and check into a hotel. Pam calls Rajveer and asks him to find out where Agam is.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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