Shastri Sisters 28th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Shastri Sisters 28th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rajat giving a neck massage to Anu and says he will always help her, and support her. She thanks him. He jokes and she scolds him. He says I was joking. She gets Alka’s call. Alka says I m going to Rohan’s home, get ready. Anu says I can’t come, I have to work at home. Alka says fine, I will take Devyaani, prepare for Jagrata, maybe Lord will be pleased and we get some proof. Its evening, Alka and Devyaani come to her inlaws home and meet Vrinda. Alka hugs Vrinda. Alka says she came to take Rohan’s clothes and asks can she take. Vrinda says yes, take anything you want.

Alka and Devyaani see Vrinda getting busy in kitchen. They go to Astha’s room and try finding the Cd. Astha comes home. They hide seeing the door knob moving. Astha does not see her and leaves. Alka says we will go, we did not get anything. They come home and tell Anu that they did not get anything in Astha’s room, and they did not see only Alka’s room. Anu says she will keep it there as there will be less chances to check there., She says Astha will keep the CD in Alka’s room, so that Alka can get trapped in the blame. Alka says I have to go again, but by what reason.

Anu says no need, you go when they will be here for jagrata, Minty invited all of them. Devyaani says anyone can doubt if we go. Alka says you both go, I will stay here. Anu says yes, its Mata Rani Jagrata, see everything will be fine, the culprit will be punished. They smile. The Jagrata starts and Anu and Devyaani see the CDs burnt. Devyaani says what will we do. Anu says we will get something, its Jagrata day and lets check Alka’s room. Astha is in Jagrata. Anu and Devyaani search in Alka’s room. Astha thinks where are Anu and Devyaani. Anu gets the Cd and smiles.

Astha says we will go home. Vrinda says fine. Alka asks them to have food, she made it and insists. Vrinda agrees and asks Astha to wait for few time, they will have food and go, don’t know when will she have food made by Alka. Sareen thanks everyone coming in Jagran. Alka waits for Anu and Devyaani. The guests start leaving. Shastri ji says I will also leave now. Anu says no dad, and stops him. Anu asks them to stop and take the Prasad of truth. She says there is something which everyone should see. Minty gets tensed seeing her confidence.

They ask Devyaani to play the Cd. Devyaani plays the CD and everyone is stunned seeing Neil in the video with her. Devyaani cries. Rajat gets angry and looks at Neil. Sareen gets angry too. Astha and Minty get tensed. Neil bows down.

Rajat slaps Neil and asks why did he do this. Neil says he did this for mom. Astha says its their personal matter, we should go home. Anu says stop, you know well that Neil and Devyaani are seen in video, but you made the video.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Oh i just luvd todays episode…and precap also too good….astha is trapped…nice

  2. Very nice episode.Soon neil and devyaani get married and minty starts her plan for trapping both anushka and devyaani

  3. nice epi….now i feel very good 4 shastri sisters….

  4. Everyone get comment but ek baar anuahka ki tareef kisine nai ki uska brain kitna sharp hai WO jhaat se samajh gayi ki CD astha ki nahi bakli alka ke room main hogi that why I like her agar anuahka or baki sisters apni ziddpar aajaye toh minty or astha…pair ek toh kya duss bhi hop unka kuch nai bigard sakte well shastri sisters I love today’s epioade …..

  5. Anu was jst mindblowing today…ab to neil ki halat dkhne layak hogi…jst waiting to see him punished badly…

  6. well done anu ur character is very intresting n rajat is lucky to have u
    well now its time for astha to be punished badly
    proud of u sisters
    hope to see piya too in serial she is missing for long time

  7. Wish upcoming episodes will be toooooooooooooo interesting

  8. Janet Daniel Sunny

    I love the shàstri sister and today episode

  9. Good episode

  10. Best episode I like shastri sisters and hate minty asthma very much get punished soon by your husbands

  11. Very nice episode. Finally the strength of youth, unity and fighting for yourself. Well done.

  12. This serial is rocking.If it goes in this manner,it will surely beat ye hai mohabbatein.A special salute to anushka for her act.

  13. Best wishes shastri sisters.You are the no1 serial.Earlier,i did’nt watch thi serial.but ANURAJ tend me to watch.You are the best of all and anuraj is the best jodi ever in the television serials.Keep rocking u shastri sisters……………………………………

  14. Yes aparna, anuraj is the best jodi and they tend me to watch this serial.

  15. Anu’s brave act must be appriciated.nice episode

  16. This is my favourite serial now.

  17. Entha episode romba nalla erunthathu.

  18. Awsome thinking of anu love u Anu I like the pair of anuraj

  19. Unknown,are you a south indian?

  20. Yes shrada.I am a tamilian living in kerala.Infact anuraj tend me to look this serial.this serial is too goood.

  21. eagerly waiting for monday’s episode.wish if there are 7 days of a week for shastri sisters.yestarday’s episode was amazing.

  22. Yes zzzz,if it were 7 days for shastri sisters it will be too interesting

  23. I like this serial because of saajna song and anuraj romance.Nowadays saajna is not at all heard due to deveil’s problem. Now it will end soon and mora anuraj scenes would be soon.

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