Sasural Simar Ka 28th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Sasural Simar Ka 28th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Maya says my process was left amid. This story started from sid. it will end with roli’s death/ I told you my life was nothing with my husband but never understood. She will die today. you have last chance today to see her simar. Simar says i beg you please leave her. maya says she said i owe my sindur to her. I need to take revenge from her. She wanted to kill me with this trishun? i will kill you. Prem and sid run to save her. Maya shoves roli and points trishun at roli. Amar and prem grasp her. Prem snatches the trishun from her. Simar picks up roli. maya throttles prem and amar. Simar says leave them maya. Simar says i will do what you say.

Roli takes the trishun, she stabs maya with it. roli says because of you my sid died. She stabs her multiple time. Roli says no one can separate me and sid. roli says you will die, you are evil. maya falls off the cliff. Roli sits down in tears and screams sid’s name. She cries her heart out. Simar tries to console her. Roli stands up and goes to sid’s dead body in ambulance. simar hugs her. roli says my life everything has ended with sid. Amar says prem we have to take his body to Dehli.

Scene 2
everyone is upset in bharadwaj house. Sattu says to rajhider who will handle us all if you break like this. rajhinder says how can i be strong? a father can carry the burden of expenditures on his family but not the weight of his son’s dead body. sattu says please put this garland on his picture. Rajhinder makes mata ji stand and asks her to put the garland. mata ji puts garland on his picture in tears. They are all in tears.

Sattu gets a call from sid. Ssattu says they are coming with sid.. he starts crying. Rajhinder hugs him.

Calendar comes to picks Amar and prem. Inspector says to prem you have to come with me for formalities. Amar says i will come with you prem, calendar will go with simar and roli in ambulance. simar and roli sit in the ambulance.

Everyone is bharadwaj house is waiting for simar, roli and sid(corpse). Sattu says prem told me they have left they will be coming any time. After a while prem and amar come home. prem hugs rajhinder. Sattu says prem where are they? prem says haven’t they reached yet? amar calls calendar and says he is not picking the call. Prem says let call simar. He calls simar but she doesn’t pick. Amar says we need to go and find them. they go out in the car to look for them. amar informs the inspector.

Prem and amar are in the car. They meet inspector, inspector says the search operation has started. Prem says we will be with you. amar goes with a group and prem with another. they start looking in the jungle. amar finds calendar badly injured screaming with pain on a tree. he calls calendar. they are both shocked to see calendar. Prem throws water on calendar. amar says what happened. calendar says the brakes failed and driver couldn’t handle the ambulance. the door of my side opened and i fell down. i don’t know what happened afterwards and where the ambulance went.

no precap.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. b*t*h maya

  2. Please fast

  3. This simar alwayz crying,joining hands,siting in sm1s feet n saying i’ll do as i say..its gud to end this crap rathr than draging without sid

  4. This simar alwayz crying,joining hands,siting in sm1s feet n saying i’ll do as u say..its gud to end this crap rathr than draging without sid

  5. Cm on update fast

  6. Simer has to become strong stop all this crying folding hands ect

  7. Simer has to become strong stop all this crying folding hands ect.

  8. lol wtf no precap???????

  9. what is the need for watching ssk without sid?so dragging is sid really dead?

  10. is that maya really died or not?

  11. I m watching this ssk for sid but now he died…I’m not gonna watch thus ssk anymore

  12. Is sid & maya really died or not??

  13. Now how long this dead and thdn alive stories gna show in ssk….

  14. Why der is no precap today… For sure it’s all that dirty Maya’s plan… Cvs of ssk prefer evil win over gud now a days I guess…writers are having Sara maniac..
    I felt very sorry for Sid…. It’s SIDS bday today nd in his fb page he has thanked his fans for celebrating SIDS bday even he is a dead boy today..
    Why ssk team is not understanding the pain rosidians having wen they separate roli nd Sid forever..


    In upcoming episodes..there is about to be a 2 month leap..everyone thinks Sid is dead and Maya too..but after 2 months leap they will be seen living together somewhere..!!

  16. @ pair nd rohit

    For sure they will be alive.. Mostly tht ambulance accident is planned by maya to separate rosidians… Evil maya nd evil cvs

    1. yes ur correct

  17. Why that special trident didn’t kill that nagin..n nw whn sid’s body is misin he ll dfntly cm back..

  18. can any body say where is roli and simar?????

    1. dey both are in unconsious in bushes when they back to sense simar will show ambulance burning off the cliff and figure out dat sid body is missing and some thing went terribly wrong there… it mes maya returnd and she took sid away frm roli and bw family… they show 2mnths leap.. aftr dat we dnt know what dey pland…

  19. Yeah sakshi is right. Last day I saw twitter page of a lady working in ssk nd it’s written that rosid is being separated forever nd ever. Bad news for rosid fans . Frm now masid only

    1. no his name changed i thnk.. not sid…. want rosid as back…

  20. May be sid will be back with some other name. Same thing happened in rangrasiya.

    1. if he bck with other identity we can see.. but with sara nagin we cant see… and onemore wen rosim calder with sid body cmg frm airport in ambulance some person saw dem who is he??? we dnt know… i thnk its plan by maya…

  21. What bullshit!!!! Is sid really dead??? If so,btr end up dis story here.

    1. no dear he vl comes back.. but with other identity like jhumki trck…… i thnk

  22. I love Sara Khan, she is such a good actress and the show was far more interesting when she came as Roli. I think that lately Avika rocked as shruti, but has looked kind of fake when showing emotion as Roli, crying all of the time. The show is so annoying now because the producers didn’t handle the nagin story well

  23. plz any one tel me.. will rosid unite or they separated forever.. I can’t see sid dead n roli crying for him.. I actually stopped watching ssk bcz of dis.. if rosid is not back then I will stp reading dis written updates also

    1. dont know dey united or seperatd frevr…. dont no exact if dey sepertd no one will see dis serial… if dey want to show sara sid as pair why dey brng avika as roli??? and again rosid seperaton nw his dead body missng leap aftrdat leavng with maya… cnt understnd…

  24. U r rt adhi.. they could hav taken dis nagin track even more better.. but they spoiled everything..

  25. y ssk cvs bring avika as roli back??? if dey want to seperate rosid and and show maya sid as pair…. its not good.. plz brng sid back plz…. we want rosid back…

  26. Guys y worryibg a lot for this…sid will comebk….

  27. Sara gud actress.No way.Expressionless face nd worst acting skills

  28. the priest told that about the trisul it will kill naging rolli also killed the nagin with trisul only then how can be nagin alive if nagin alive means what is the necessity for the trisul
    episode it is waste

  29. Was tolerating this stupid story to see roli n Sid together soon. They should end with this crap now. The moment we think it’s over again they start with some new nonsense. It is too much

  30. The things mentioned in this serial is not real at all.Like,ghoost(sunaina) and snakes’s revenge. Is these things are believable?

  31. Waste of time.. sometime it deals with aatma n sometimes any nagin.. I cant understand that why these people cannot give some entertaining facts.. tgis saa khan overacting ki dukan.. she is so annoying..

  32. Is sid really dead….why r u doing lyk dis its unfair i dnt like dis..plzzz bring back rosid.then only ssk will be interesting..r otherwise v have to stop watching dat..rply..plllzzzz is sid will back…?

  33. in todays e24 segmnt me diya hai siddanth ki wapasi… naag bankar… it means sidanth naag bankar wapas aaya hai…. so i’m stop watchng ssk f rm now onwards… plz frnds all rosid fans stop watching ssk and den cvs bring original sid. back…. .. bye bye,,..

  34. according to (e24) u me aur tv (30/3/2015) segmnt sid return back as naag (ichadari naag) and is charecter turns into negative….. is der any hopes as original sid as back guys…..??? nw not intrstd to see sid as naag and also he is in -ve character….

    1. Ya..cant able to digest dat sid in -ve char that too in nag…instead of turning into nag it wpuld have been btr if he died…and end char of roli also then all our rosidians vl stop watch this serial…i think already they stopd watching it…bt reading these updates with small hope that rosid vl unite…if cvs clz both rosid characters then all rpsidians can bid adieu to ssk

  35. i thnk roli knows da truth about sid…… dis is she hiding frm simar in new promo..

  36. Sid tu

  37. What d hell is d pbm wit ssk writers. Sid turned into naag?? In which century they are living.. Hw cud they deliver such crap stories nd hw d viewers are tolerating it. Better stop dis crap serial… Don’t rosid hav some responsibilities towards their fans.

  38. Ooh nooo… What’s dis new twist.. Sid in negative character as a naag.. Why do ssk hurt rosidians like this.. Wer to post to make ssk crew aware that we only love rosid nd not masid.. I think now it’s sasural maya ka… Simar nd roli is out of show… Promotion of Sara nd evil… Very good ssk.. You are showing that power of almighty.. Love of a mother nd trust of a wife is nothing in front of that evil maya naagin.. Omg… Pls stop this serial

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