Shastri Sisters 27th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Shastri Sisters 27th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Anu getting an clue by talking to the man. Minty gets worried and says if Astha is caught, she will take Neil’s name, I will go after them and find what they are finding. The girls leave and Minty follows them. They come to the place and find it cheap. Devyaani turns and says was it Minty behind us. She tells Anu and Alka not to react, and says she has seen Minty now. Anu asks is she sure. Devyaani says yes, I was her in mirror. Anu asks Alka not to turn back. She says do as I say now, come with me. They hide. Anu says if she is following us, she will come here to find us. They all see Minty finding them.

Minty worries as the girls have reached the CD shop. Devyaani says we will go and confront her. Anu stops her. Minty calls Astha and says the girls reached the CD man. Astha says they can’t harm us, don’t take tension. Minty says how can I relax. The girls go the shop and ask about the Cd made at their shop. The man says yes, tell me whats the matter. Devyaani says she will send him to jail, tell us who made this. Alka asks him to give details. He says its our policy that we don’t give customer details, don’t waste my time.

Alka scolds him and asks the maker of CD. He asks them to leave. Anu says fine, and tells the customers to make the man do any work, then don’t go on internet, as whatever pic you will see, he will put it on net, can you trust such man who makes MMS, this happened with us, he did this. She smiles and signs Devyaani. She says are we wrong if we came to fight with him. The customers leave saying the shop is not right. Anu says now she will tell the market too. He says he will tell her and stops. He checks who gave the Cd making order and says some name.

He says it was some irritating woman, who asked me to make many Cds. Neil asks Minty why is she tensed. She says you will be tensed if you know, the girls reached the CD shop, next stop can be our home, don’t take tension, you did this for me, I can do this for you, I will not let them reach you. Anu says we don’t know anyone by this name. Alka says maybe the person gave wrong name for wrong work. Astha takes the many copies and says Shastri Sisters, I will not let you all reach the CDs, before you get them, I will not keep them.

Anu asks Alka for the list and they rule out the guys, and its just Astha in the list. Astha burns all the copies and sees the master copy. She says it can be used for Minty, I can use this against her if she becomes smart against me. She says I will hide this in Alka’s room, no one will find in her room. The girls come home. Devyaani says I can’t believe Astha can fall so much. Anu says we need to find proof against her. Alka says we can find original CD, I will go home tomorrow. Neil asks Minty what will happen now. Minty says I can’t do anything till we know what they got, keep an eye on them. Anu comes to them. Neil leaves.

Anu offers help to Minty and Minty taunts her. They have an argument. Anu says she is not trapping Neil, but proving the truth, Devyaani is weak and you should support her, such are my values and answers her well. Minty says she has a list of things she has not done. Anu says tell me what I did not do, I know there is nothing. She says she will bring the Cd truth soon, no one can stop her. Minty gets worried. Anu smiles.

Alka and Devyaani come to Astha’s room to find the Cd. Astha walks to her room. They get tensed seeing her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Why niel lies ..He was the one..interesting. .but don’t take to bore side.

  2. When these all CD problems get solved.Want more anuraj scenes

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