Sasural Simar Ka 27th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Sasural Simar Ka 27th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Doctor says I am sorry we tried our best but we couldn’t save him. Roli, simar, prem and everyone is shocked and dazed. Simar says roli control yourself. Prem gets a call from mata ji. mata ji asks is sid okay? what did doctor say? Prem sobs. He says mata ji, Mata ji says is he okay? tell me please. Prem says mata ji sid has left us alone. Everyone is lost to hear this. Mata ji says no. Sujata starts crying. they are all crying hard.

Doctors get sid’s dead body ready. Roli walks in the room towards his corpse. She recalls their wedding and how sid promised to be with her and protect her forever. The song ‘mere maula karam ho” plays in background. Roli recalls her time with sid. She takes off the cloth his face. She says please talk to me.

I will let you talk all the time. I wont talk amid you do. now open your eyes. don’t tease me. I will start crying. Wake up. she starts screaming. She says okay i wont cry, because you don’t like me to cry. I am your tigress. sid please open your eyes. She hug him and shakes his body but he doesn’t respond. Prem and simar see her in tears. Simar goes out of the room in tears. Prem says if you cry like this who will console roli? simar hugs him and says what has happened? We at least had hope that they will be one some time but everything is over now. i can’t see roli like this. how will we tell her that sid is not with her anymore. Prem says we have to handle whole family we have to be strong. simar says how can i be strong? can you handle yourself? would you tell maa that her son has expired? what will you say to mata ji? will your feelings be with you when you try to be strong. Prem recalls his time with sid.

Mata comes in. Amar says get lost now. Maya shoves him. amar says at least end your drama now. Maya shoves them all. She goes in OT. people say she is not normal. she looks like a magician. We have to run from here. Maya throttles roli. amar says leave her. maya says agree to what i say. I will take secodns to kill her. I want sid’s corpse. roli says i wont let you do that. maya says you will burn his body but i will take his body with me. Roli screams. Prem says leave roli we will do as we say. Roli says don’t listen to her jeju. Prem says your life is more important to us. Maya says go and arrange an ambulance. prem says go simar and call an ambulance.

They go out. warden puts the body in ambulance. simar says leave my roli now maya. how much pain will you give her? Maya puts roli in ambulance as well. Simar and prem are shocked. They run after the ambulance. Amar says why is she taking roli with her. They sit in the car and chase the ambulance. Suddenly the ambulance vanishes. amar says where did this ambulance go? maya stops the ambulance on a cliff. She takes roli down. Simar, prem and amar come there as well. maya takes out the trishun. She says stop there. I will kill her.

Precap-maya says the story started from sid but will with roli’s death. i will kill her.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. wrng precap…

    roli trottles trishul in mayas stomak

  2. In veeru’s track roli died but they dint get her body so Sid hoped she LL be alive it was not tat much horrible but nw in tis Sid body is before roli horrible

  3. precap roli stobb maya with trishul down frm cliff.. dey go to home with sid body… den how will maya get again sid body.. and living with him together how is it possible….???? which i saw in youtube.. tel me?

  4. wahi cliff se roli 3times dead came back… ab phir wahi cliff se nagin ka kathma and she return…. but how she will get sid body… dont know???

  5. What the heck?sid cant die pls dot go

    1. dont worry… he vl b back.. dis is sasural simar.. it can bring all dead ones back…. 😛

  6. lol search on google when prem and amar go to delhi with sid dead body to delhi they will surrounded by police and then they have car accident and body gone away

  7. sorry for saying you guys…. its a bad news for all … the girl who works in ssk posted on her twitter is

  8. I think in 2012 they celebrated sid bday on sri ram navami…bt this tym they showing death sequence…feeling so sad…and also irritated by cvs…i cant able to c rosid in dat situation…luv u rosid

  9. what is posted i told dont know whether it is correct… or not ??? we have to see in ssk only…… because they changed script every time……

    1. yeah.. dey may chnge… no one can guess dis show

  10. Srujana whose that girl… Ask her what’s the reason behind rosid separation as they have many fans around the world

    1. i dont know that u can saw her twitter its ” s.oneness twitter” its der

  11. Fr sm tym i thought that maya ll realize her mistake n make sid alive with her pwrs n return to she dufr is stil selfish..

  12. oh no.. end of rosid in ssk forever ah.. its better to end the serial.. if rosid then no use of watching ssk.. y they are hurting rosid fans..

  13. oh no.. end of rosid in ssk forever ah.. its better to end the serial.. if no rosid then no use of watching ssk.. y they are hurting rosid fans..

  14. guys… did any one saw rosid gift segmnt recently … in dat part1 sid said he dies forever rosid end… in part2 he said sid dies and dies frever.. henceforth what hpng in story line dey dont know any idea…. but dey said der is some surprise stored in rosid…… somethng dey hoping dat sid comes back… which one is correct…. what sid told ??or what posted in twitter? or else in article dey or gvng dat sid and maya living together… ???? in segnt dey said sid gng to study filmography in newyork….??? which one is correctin all these….. tel me …… if any one knows….

  15. mujhe tho lag raha hai i havee to kill cvs and maya… bcz dey spoiled rosid and rosidians… plz frnds stop watchng ssk,,,, den only dey brng rosid back with any twist,,,,, … stop watchng ssk….. its very hurting and playng with rosid and rosidians …. i thnk cvs love sara and sid as pair,.. dey dont love aviman i thnk…..thats y dey are doing by hurting lyk dis with rosid and rosid fans… its beter to kill roli also…. den dey fullfilled der(rosid) promise na “JEYENGE TOH SAATH SAATH MARENGE TOH VO BHI SAATH SAATH” cvs beter to kill roli also…

  16. Ooh nooo… I couldn’t even read this update.. Then hw rosidians managed to watch today’s episode… I’m also having all doubts of SSS … Some one do reply…. Plsssssss… It’s hurting like anything wen I came to know that roli nd Sid is being separated forever

    1. all are confusing about whats happening in ssk…. no one can tell exact.. even aviman also dont know about the story that what will happen in upcoming…… but sid will be back and staying with maya together is given in article dat is 2mnths leap is also der…

      1. these many leapss!!!!!

  17. I stopped watching ssk one week before.. How many rosidians doing the same????

    1. i have already stopped watching it.i was jst readng the the written update in the hope of seeing dem back together but i think its waste of tym nw even to chek for updates

    2. am nt a rosidian…. but stoppd watching it… atleat i used to read update.. but i dint do even dat dis week…

  18. what happens next??? will Maya realise her mistake or not?? or will they take this serial for next 2 years by dragging Maya story???

    1. they dragging its 2mnths leap and sid maya living together… its beter to end the serial ssk….

      1. yeah they should end it ….b4 they made roli lose her memory nw i thnk this tym it wl b sid wat a bakwas thng to even think

  19. for ssk cvs sid dies… but in our hearts rosid are alive……….;:):)

  20. Oh cudnt control seeing sid in this position;( not gona blv in any new storisz….hope sid wil b bk….

    1. ur cerct dear cant digestng any news all confusing…

  21. stop the foolishness.

  22. no sid no rosid…. cant see roli without sid… kill roli also it beter fr all…… we cant see sid with sara….. or roli with other…….plz kill roli… or else avika plz u quit frm the serial ssk…. plz…. kill roli also

  23. who is avika?

  24. It’s rolis real name… Avika Gor

  25. sid is goona come back so cilly…… guys
    may be in may or june maya ka will chapter close, roli and sid will unite

    1. yes yes…:-P:-P:-P

  26. Guys did u notice Maya ask Prem to arrange the ambulance, then they go to cliff, where she takes out trishun from the ambulance, how did that trishun reached in ambulance??? Amazing… What a stupid story…

  27. i have already stopped watching it. bcoz its really become a horrible show. pls stop the show.

    1. yess xactly … am seriosly waiting for dis comment… found it atlast

  28. why sid killed himself with trishul why did not he tried to kill maya with that
    trishul why the writter of ssk always fool us

  29. h=dey leave trishul in gowdown.. den how it cames in ambulance…. and in upcoming roli kills and throws maya frm cliff…. after dey back to airport rosim and calender coming home with sid body prem amar with inspector… after somtime rosim caldnr fainted sid body missing… ambulance burnt…. if maya dies hw she came…

  30. just hoping dat maya gave rebirth to sid but she didnt turn him to naag…. if it hapnd horrible to see… if she did soommohan to sid and erase abt bw family and roli… its somewt beter.. but dont want to sid turns naag… cant see …. plz sid back as original sid soon… and rosid united…. fingers crossed for rosid back…. fingers crossed..

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