Shastri Sisters 26th August 2014 Written Episode Update

Shastri Sisters 26th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Alka seeing cookery show. Anushka says she is going to bank to get FD. She says as you have said yes for marriage. Alka says she is busy. Anushka teases her about Rohan. She says she will go and come. Alka thinks its happening so soon. Devyaani is in college and she says she will also come for club. The girl says membership is Rs 1 lakhs per year. The other girl asks Devyaani to join any club, as its free for students. Devyaani says I like it. The girl says there are many clubs. They see the list of the clubs. She says some girls getting trained in army club and goes to see. The girl practices shooting and Devyaani comes in between the targets not seeing admission is restricted.

The girls shoots, and Rajat jumps on Devyaani to save her. Devyaani says how dare you and looks at him. He says get up. She smiles staring at him. He says I said get up. I m talking to you. He says can’t you see the board and scolds her. She thinks he worries for her and is glad. He asks her to leave from practice area. She leaves. Rajat asks the girls to resume practice. Devyaani likes him and says who is he.

Rajat signs the docs and fills hostel’s room’s form, as he has some relative’s marriage, and few guests are there, he will go home after it ends. Devyaani comes and sits in Anushka’s lap without seeing her. Everyone ask what happened to her. Devyaani says I got him, the one that sealed my tongue. She says he is the NCC instructor, make me married to him. She tells them everything. Devyaani says he saved my life and said most romantic word. She says get up………. And then he scolded me a lot. She smiles.

Alka says what, scolded, did you reply. Devyaani says no, I did not feel bad. He is very handsome. Anushka says get up. Devyaani says you also said that romantic work, get up. Anushka says come to senses. Devyaani blushes. She says she joined air wing, and learn new things from him. Anushka asks is she mad. Devyaani says girls are practicing there in NCC, and looks so cool. I love to fly. Shastri ji comes and asks her not to join any course that can hurt her. Devyaani says he did not listen anything. He leaves.

Rajat sees Neil with is friends and calls him. Neil asks says he is class, in his college, as the lecture is on. Rajat says if you are not in class. Neil says then punch me. He smiles and is shocked seeing Rajat there.

Rajat punches Neil. Neil says you are from airforce and we are normal, it hurts. Rajat says act and stand like a man. Neil asks what is he doing here. Rajat says keeping eye on you, I joined your college as chief instructor of NCC. Neil hugs him and says you came Delhi permanently. Rajat says yes, I will have all news. Neil says he is very excited, don’t tell this to mum dad. Rajat says chill, don’t tell them I m in Delhi, I want to give them surprise. Neil says fine and hugs him.

Devyaani eats lots of chocolates and does emotional blackmail as she can’t join NCC. Anushka says I will talk to dad, don’t make him tensed. Devyaani says I will marry my love and go. She asks Anushkaa to talk to Papa. Devyaani says you will get mad if you see him, if you like him, or if he likes you then, I don’t want competition between us. Anushka says no one can come between us, promise. Alka comes and says Rohan’s dad came and he is looking serious, please go and see. They leave. They greet Rohan, his dad and Aarti Bhabhi.

Rohan’s dad says he is very respected in society and he wants them to give five star party to his guests. Everyone is shocked. Aarti says what did we say that you all are shocked. My dad kept my mahendi function in seven star hotel. Rohan’s dad says its small demand. Shastri ji says we can’t fulfill this demand. I m a govt employee, I m honest and if I was not, I would have fulfilled this demand. He says Alka is my eldest daughter and its first marriage of our house, so we will do our best. Everyone looks on.

Devyaani sees Rajat and joins NCC. Rajat makes her run. She gets tired and falls. He holds her and says well done.

Update Credit to: Amena

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