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Fanaah 26th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Miss Fareeda says that things are slipping out of our hands but Adrij’s father tells her not to worry and to trust him, he says that it’s just a few days and won’t take much time. She tells her that it won’t be easy. He says that he knows that and that he will free her from Madam as she has used you to hide her powers. He says that the deal you made years ago to protect the tribe will now benefit us. He says that this is the 218th year, the year in which the powers of moonstone can be obtained by sacrificing true love. He says that Dhara’s and Adrij’s love will help in that. Miss Fareeda asks that what of Vivan and he says that he is with him and now he knows who is searching for him. Miss Fareeda says that with Preet they would have to fight Vampires as well. He says that now they know they will no longer need Vivan.
Dhara gives the locket to Vivan and takes him out. Rohan and Dhara’s friend are searching for them while Anshuman is also there and they go to ask him. Rohan says that VIvna is his friend and Anshuman tells them to come and look with him. Adrij’s father is searching for Vivna and is furious to find him missing. Vivan asks Dhara if she loves him and says that if you don’t you can leave me there. Dhara says that they have to leave, but Vivan asks her that why did she come then to look for the worker in the jungle then. Vivan says that everything will be alright when they will live by themselves and Dhara just hugs him.
Miss Fareeda asks Abhymanu that where Vivan and he says that he is not here and this can’t be done by Vampires and witches. He says that the Vampire just killed two of their people and now this. He says that he must kill Vivan so that Adrij can take his place. He says that they have waited very long for this and he will not let anything wrong happen now. Miss Fareeda tells him to calm down and that their mentality is better in human form. She tells him that they have to work with patience and that the boy could not have gone far as he is just a human. Abhymanu says that he has sent wolves after him and is waiting for good news.
A wolf is running for Vivna and Dhara and Dhara gets scared to see it. Vivan blocks Dhara and throws the locket Anshuman gave him. Anshuman is with Rohan and Dhara’s friend and tells them to run as he hears the wolves howling. He takes them to a safe place and tells them to wait there. Dhara says to Vivan that he always used to talk about saving lives and today. Vivan says that when he sees her he forgets about himself. He says that use of saving that life which came to snatch his.
Anshuman goes in the jungle and sees the locket and wonders what it could be doing here. He reaches for when suddenly hears Preet voice and hides behind a tree. This time Preet also senses him, she looks at the carcass and says that who could be that powerful to defeat a werewolf. She looks at the locket and says that the remaining half of this was the one she gave to Dhara. She remembers when she gave the same piece to Anshuman and realizes that he is here.
Dhara and Vivan reach a home and ask for help and the people there tell them that they don’t have to worry. The old man at the house is preparing a medicine for Vivan while Dhara is cleaning his wounds. He screams and says to Dhara and says that it pained the day when she left him, but then says that it actually hurts. He asks her that why doesn’t she look at him in the eye and talks him and what is she afraid of. Dhara remembers of what happened to Meeth and Mahi. She says that there are some things she can’t make him understand while Vivan keeps asking her if she trusts his love.
Dhara says that she trusts him but.., Vivan says that if they live together no power can tear them apart and that nothing will happen to them. Vivan tells her that when she was little she was very sensible but now that she has grown her sense has gone somewhere. Dhara pinches her arm and he says sorry but again says that if she stays close to him her sense can come back and Dhara pinches her again. Vivan smiles and says that you haven’t changed at all.
Dhara says that she has to get her medicine from uncle when Vivan holds her and says the magic words. He asks her to say them but she says why. He gets annoyed but then Dhara says that he can’t come to her but she can. Then she kisses Vivan and holds him in her arms.

Precap: Vivan is lying in the bed and is asleep when the women comes and tells her of the tale of the Mansion and says that she is also a descendant of the same place and true love is sacrificed to obtain the powers of the moonstone.

Update Credit to: Sona

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