Shastri Sisters 22nd January 2015 Written Episode Update

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Shastri Sisters 22nd January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rajat asking Shastri ji not to do this, he will talk to Minty and convince her, he knows he doubted on Anu, and wanted proof for her innocence, but I realized my mistake, I love her a lot. Alka asks him to go now. Rajat says no, you all can break the marriage, swear that you won’t do this, give me some time, don’t separate us, give us one chance to save the marriage. Shastri ji says he won’t lie to him. Rajat asks Rohan about his right to decide for his life. Alka asks him to go. Rajat says you know Anu’s happiness is with me, you both talk to him. Rohan asks him to leave. Rajat says I will talk to Anu. Shastri ji says Rajat and gets up. He bends and they all hold him.

Shastri ji says its over now, you forget it. Alka asks Rajat to go, as dad’s health can

get bad and Anu will not forgive him. He says no, Anu and I love each other, no law can separate us. He says they are doing wrong and leaves Anu and Devyaani come and does not see Rajat going. Anu asks what happened to dad. Shastri ji says nothing. Minty asks Rajat what happened. Rajat says what should I say, you all are saying and Anu and I are listening, how did you fight on Lohri day, it was my and Anu’s day, you forgot about me, and I will forget everyone to unite with Anu. He leaves.

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Rohan and Alka come home and see everyone happy and talking about party. Hari asks why are they quiet, if someone has sadness, and our house has happiness, can’t we celebrate. Astha says doctor confirmed my pregnancy. Alka says its good news. Vrinda makes them have sweets and asks Alka about Shastri ji. Alka says dad is better. Rohan says congrats to them. Alka says we new reports will be positive as there was Bua ji’s blessings. Hari asks Alka to stay here as her dad is fine now.

Astha says yes, I get tired of work, I want to rest for the baby. Alka says even if she tells she has to work, I won’t you work. Astha’s husband takes her to room to rest. Astha asks Alka to clean the kitchen before sleeping. She takes water and thinks she will make Alka work. She drops the glass and it breaks. She says I will clean this. Hari says no, Alka will do. Alka asks her to rest in room, she will clean it. Astha cleans the place and gets a paper. She is shocked seeing Astha’s pregnancy report negative. She says it means Astha is not pregnant.

Rajat is restless in his room, and says how can uncle do this, love is imp in life, Anu loves me, does she know this marriage is going to end, no else she would have called me, but she should know this. We should be adamant that we won’t break marriage. He calls Anu, while she is with Shastri ji.

She sees Rajat’s call and ends it. Rajat calls her again. Shastri ji looks on. Rajat says take the call Anu. She switches off the phone. Rajat says I can’t live without you Anu. Saajna………………. Plays…………. He tries calling and says its switched off. Shastri ji asks Anu would she not take Rajat’s call if she was alone in her room. He asks her to sit and talks to her. He says I did what I felt is good for your decision, but you can decide to agree or not, you can hide and meet Rajat, I won’t know it, I trust you won’t do this, if you care for me, then do as I m saying, even when I m not infront of you He rests to sleep. Anu cries.

Alka says why is Astha saying such a big lie, she is playing with everyone’s emotions, I have to tell this to Rohan. She goes to room and sees Rohan sleeping. She asks what to do, shall I tell mum, I should not wait, I should tell her. Vrinda tells Hari that she is very happy, and even Hari is very excited. He says lets keep a nurse for Astha. Alka cries seeing their happiness to become grandparents. Alka thinks they are so happy, how can I tell them, what will they feel its all lie. Its morning, Neil comes to Anu and says Rajat met with an accident, and he wants to meet you, come fast. She asks where is he, and goes with Neil on his bike, leaving behind her mobile.

Devyaani talks to Shastri ji. He asks where is Anu, call her, lets have breakfast together. She goes.Neil brings Anu to guest house. She asks is Rajat here. Devyaani says I saw Anu upstairs, but she is not there on terrace, I got her phone, she is not here. He gets worried and thinks where did she go. He goes, and Devyaani stops him. Anu asks Neil is Rajat fine, tell me the truth, I won’t get angry. Neil says Rajat is fine, he wants to talk to you, so he told me to call you here. She says what, he asked you to lie. Neil says no, if I did not lie, you would have not come here. She says she won’t stay here knowing this lie.

She starts leaving. Neil stops her and says Rajat did not meet with an accident, but his state is same, he wants to meet you alone, does he not have this right. Anu looks at him.

Rajat tells Anu that they are saying the marriage can get annulled if husband and wife did not unite, why don’t we unite to save our love and marriage, this is the only way to save our love, and our families can’t separate us after this. Anu cries. Rajat holds her face and gets closer.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. But anu will say no.she will remember her father”s words and back off. This is going to happen .poor Rajat:(

  2. good love story

  3. As Minty proposed the solution of getting a known lawyer for the marriage annulment, Shastri ji got much sure of his decision. He tells his daughters that Minty could not wait even for a day while we are just discussing about my decision of breaking Anu and Rajat’s marriage. He feels sad that Anu’s fate brought pain for her. Minty lies to Rajat about meeting Shastri ji and does not let him know about her annulment planning and shows fake concern for Shastri ji. Rajat visits Shastri ji and comes to know about the marriage annulment. He is shocked and requests Shastri ji not to do so. Shastri ji refuses and says about his mum’s hatred for Anu, and there is no way the marriage can be accepted, if Rajat and Anu don’t have husband and wife’s relation.

    Rajat ponders on the fact about the problems his marriage faced, and he could not unite with Anu by the problems cropping up by their parents’ fight suddenly at the Bidaai time. Rajat meets Anu and asks her to consider her decision of breaking the marriage, as he can’t live without her. He asks her to prove their love is strong and can win against all odds, giving her a solution of marriage consummation, after which Minty will not have any option than to accept their marriage. He asks Anu will she agree to do this last try to keep up their marriage? What will be Anu’s reply, should she agree to Rajat or just refuse? Rajat was the one who called up Rohan and compelled him to meet Alka once, to keep up the marriage, knowing their divorce matter. Will Rajat give up hope on his marriage so soon?

    Another track in the show will be a love triangle between Anushka, Rajat and a new entry. Anushka will move on life and try to make her own identity, and start working for the family, knowing her dad’s health state. She gets a job and works sincerely, and her boss will fall for her good virtues. Shastri ji gets keen to get Anu married to her, as per the next storyline. Let’s see how the show progresses, and right now Rajat and Anu’s “Saajna” track is on a high ro

  4. exuse me pardishma can you tell me is going to happen that anu will take job her boss will falling love is this mean.

    1. It means that soon anu will move on. In her life and will start to work knowing her father’s health she
      Her boss will be sudeep sahir who was last seen in life ok’s main laxmi tere aangan ki he will fall for anu for good virtues shastri ji will be keen to get anu married to him
      I know only this much.

  5. why devyani and neil is not supporting to anu and rajat

  6. Nice 😀

  7. that means shastri ji will get anu will marry her boss is that true tell me

    1. I think so…

  8. For more go for desi tv box from there only i brought this news here so better go for desi tv box

  9. The new entry will be the best friend of Rajat and Anushka’s boss..
    His name will be Veer

  10. Thank you paradishma


  12. Welcome Erika

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