Saath Nibhana Saathiya 22nd January 2015 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 22nd January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Pari gets excited thinking for the first time, Jiar is taking her on a date. She checks a sari. Jigar comes to her room. She shows sari and asks how is it. He gifts her a dress and says she carries dresses well and does not have to change her style for anyone. She thanks him and says she will change and come out. He says even he will change and come and walks out.

Urmila drops rat in tentant’s chawl silently, knocks door and says tenant that she has a big rat in her home, so her dog will catch it. She sends dog in who catches rat and brings it out. Tenant gets happy seeing rat being caught. Dog barks, and Urmila says he is asking 500 rs. Tenant says it is very big amount. Urmila says rat woudl have spoilt 1000s worth items, so it is better she give 500 rs. Tenant gives 500 rs. Urmila praises dog and asks it to continue getting money to get food. She asks them dare not to touch her family and asks how can they come hearing Radha’s one-sided story. Radha asks supporters not to come in Modi’s sugar-coated talks and alleges that Pari is characterless, lured her husband wearing short dresses and is staying with her husband even after knowing about her pregnancy. Gopi says wearing short does not mean Pari is characterless and tells Radha how will she feel if she tells her supporters how she got pregnant and says if she tries to harm Pari again, she will tell the truth. Radha says supporters that they frighten her also like this. Supporter says they are troubling an innocent woman. Kokila says if they are really concerned about her, then they should take her from there and says she will not keep Radha in her house from now. Radha gets tensed. Kokila says if she wants to stay in her house, then she has to send her supporters out. Radha asks supporters to leave. They all scold her and and leave. Kokila says Radha that she will stay in her house only tonight and tomorrow morning, she will be kicked out of house. Radha gets tensed.

Kinjal asks Urmila how can she use dog for earning money. Urmila says she has to feed dog and if she is really concerned, she can ask her mother to send money. Dhaval comes there and asks them both to stop their drama. They both walk into their rooms yelling.

Ahem wipes Pari’s face and asks not to cry. Pari says she will change and come. He says she looks beautiful in this dress. Pari says she will not wear short dresses. He says she should wear what she likes. She emotionally hugs him and cries. He asks her not to cry. She says it is her mistake that she brought Radha home. Jigar says it is his mistake instead that he married Radha unknowingly. Pari says she is proud of him. He says he loves her and hugs again.

Ahem tells Gopi that he wants to talk to her. Just when he could speak, Pari comes there wearing her gifted dress and asks Gopi how is she looking. Ahem angrily walks out. Gopi says she is looking really good. Jigar also comes with his blazer. Radha hears their conversation and thinks of spoiling their date. Pari asks Jigar to go and get ready soon. Once they both leave, Gopi recalls that Ahem wanted to talk to her and is about to talk to him when Hetal asks her to check if children had food. Kokila comes there and asks about Pari and Jigar. Pari comes with Jigar wearing a short dress and gets shy. Kokila says dress is worn according to occasion and once’s intentions should be clear, if she wears sari and does wrong, it is not acceptable, so it is better to be what she is.

Gopi waves off Pari and Jigar for a date. Jigar asks Pari to wait in a lawn while he gets car. Radha’s supporters come with her and smear Pari’s face black. She says Pari lured her husband with short dresses and snatched him from her. Pari shouts at Jigar for help. Jigar comes with car and is shocked to see ladies surrounding her and smearing her face black. Kokila and Gopi hear Pari’s pleas and come out to check. Madhuben also comes there and asks why are mahila mandal ladies here. Radha says they all are Pari’s supporters and should be smeared. A ladies tries to smear Kokila’s face, but she stops her.

Precap: Pari asks Vivan to tell cops that Radha kidnapped and tried to kill her. Vivan stands mum.

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  2. ahem wipes pari’s face??????? LOL
    its jigar

  3. All these shows should have a Ruhi from Yeh Hai Mohobbatein. She is the youngest actor but has the smartest character to play. She puts adults in their place. and is so cute

  4. This Is The Fourth Time Radha Came Back???!!!

  5. Such a lame show

  6. Bakwaas show ever no storyline nothing…

    1. If they give a twist u guys like and if not then bakwas..have patience cause saathiya is soon gonna take a leap

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