Shastri Sisters 22nd December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Shastri Sisters 22nd December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Anushka coming as bride and showing her face to everyone by lifting the ghunghat. Everyone is shocked seeing her. Shastri ji asks Anu whats this joke. Peeya asks hhim to trust Anu, as this is the chance to prove Karishma is guilty. Minty asks whats all this. Karishma asks Anu what is she doing. Anu asks why, where should I have been, in your car, tied and unconscious, and in your guard’s security, Devyaani and Neil are witness, they freed me. Karishma asks what nonsense. Anu says your game is over, truth is out, Rajat came to know everything. Karishma says I did not do anything. She asks Rajat to believe her, as Anu is lying. Anu says you don’t know what I told Rajat, how can you say I m lying. Everyone looks on.

Rohan asks Alka what is Anu doing. Alka says she will think and do this, trust me Minty asks Anu what does she want, I will kick you out from here, how are you stand beside my son. Anu says love gave me this courage, and I have heard everything till now, I will hear just my heart or Rajat’s heart today. Karishma covers up Rajat. Anu says I will not let anyone take my place, by any way. She says it will have my right. She moves Karishma and pushes her. Lalit holds Karishma and gets angry. Anu says its my right to be with Rajat. Everyone is shocked.

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Karishma cries and wipes her tears. Minty asks Shastri ji to take his daughter. Lalit asks Rajat to throw Anu out. He says what you can’t do, I will do it. He asks guards to take Anu. Karishma says stop, and thinks the guards can tell about Anu’s kidnapping. Karishma asks Rajat why is he silent, why is he not saying anything. Anu asks Rajat to take a step to her and she will always walk with him. Anu forwards her hand and Shastri ji asks Anu what is she doing. Devyaani asks him to wait, its their plan to make Karishma tell the truth, lets see what Karishma does now. Minty says beggars forward hands, and when Rajat will hold Karishma’s hand, then she will not be able to do anything.

Minty asks Rajat to hold Karishma’s hand and slap Anu. Alka and Peeya ask Rajat to hold Anu’s hand. Lalit says if Rajat takes any wrong decision today, I will make his life wrong. Rajat looks at Anu. Karishma stops Rajat from giving his hand to Anu. Rajat still holds Anu’s hand, shocking everyone. Anu thinks in FB about sending Minty, and coming back to Anu and everyone. Anu asked Rajat to listen to them once, and she will accept his decision later. Anu says what if she is true and Karishma is behind all this, can he forgive himself, if he knows Karishma has broke Sareen’s pride, and will you able to forgive yourself, I m not saying you to do this for me, you do this for your family, give me one chance.

He asks what, shall I marry you to give you one chance. She says no, just do acting. Devyaani says Karishma will beat you, and make you feel guilty saying she did a lot for you, and accept all her crimes. Anu asks him to agree. Lalit says he will ruin Rajat and make enquiry start again against Rajat. Minty gets worried. The pandit tells about mahurat passing. Anu says start the pheras. Karishma says you can’t do this Rajat, you don’t know what I did for you. Astha says she did so much to get her love and what did she get, nothing, what will she do now. Anu tells Shastri ji that she loves Rajat, and challenges anyone to stop the marriage. Devyaani ties the ghatbandhan. She tells Anu not to worry about Papa, as he will be proud of her when the truth comes out. Karishma looks on. Devyaani thinks she was also coming in between then, and the fate has her tying the ghatbandhan.

Rajat is about to fill sindoor in Anu’s hairline. Karishma shouts Rajat and says do you think Anu loves you, I will tell you what I can do for you or what I have done for you. Everyone is shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. finally the day has come which i was waiting for.i hope they dispointed us.bus aap jaldi se rajat aur anu ko saath saath dikhao yaar.thank for update.

  2. Wow… Nice…. This is the thing we all expecting… ! But this is not the right time for anuraj mrg.. Raj has to Realize what he done to Anu..

  3. They’re copying Kumkum bhagya. Same using marriage to show innocence… That’s not cool.

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