Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan 22nd December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan 22nd December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Manik continues to adjust the guitar while Nandini goes on the ladder to collect books for herself. As soon as Manik strikes the guitar his hand hurts and Nandini comes down, instead she tumbles and falls around Manik. He pushes her hand aside and then he gets a call from Mr. Khurana and he accepts on performing for him. He then calls Dhruv and informs him about the performance and asks him to tell everyone. He leaves the room while Nandini says that why don’t you understand that you can’t play the guitar as your hand will get hurt again.
Later Manik is playing the guitar with his right hand and all the members of the Fab5 say that this is going to take some time. He proposes to play it with his left hand but everyone strictly refuses. Manik says that you all very well know that there is nothing that will heal faster than music. Cabir says that we all have decided while Manik says that there are some very difficult notes and you need a leading guitarist. Muktii proposes to change the song but Manik disagrees and gets angry and says that I have decided that I will perform and don’t care what you thinking.

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He leaves the room while ALiya says that what is wrong with Manik as why does he snaps so quickly. Cabir says that Manik has his heart broken at first everyone gets confused but then he explains that he is talking about music which is Manik’s first love. Nandini is sitting and thinking if she should go and check on him, she can’t decide and so prays to the lord for help. She then says that I am acting like a fool as the answer is No. She starts to play when Manik walking by comes in, but without saying anything he leaves. Nandini hears the sound of something falling and goes to look.
She then sees some girls running and the principal comes and tells him about Mr.Khurana. Nandini asks of what he is saying to her and he tells her to grab her chance when Mr.Khurana is here to listen. Manik asks his friends of why they all are standing like models. Everyone says that they will not perform if you perform with you left hand. Manik says that he will perform with his left hand. Suddenly Mr.Khurana comes and says that I am glad to see you all trying very hard.
The principal comes and says that we had a welcome ready for you. Mr.Khurana replies saying that he only talks about music and the principal calls Nandini who comes in with flowers in her hand for Mr.Khurana. After that Mr.Khurana looks at the Fan5 and says that the principal might be hiding you faults while Manik replies saying that we are flawless. Mr.Khurana says that if you really know about music than what you posted wasn’t all that good. Manik says that we got your attention and he asks them to perform in front of him.
He sits down while the principal calls Nandini who had just disconnected the wire of the left handed guitar of Manik. The principal asks Nandini to get the coffee and she does while the Fab5 starts to perform. Manik goes to get his guitar but can’t find the wire. Another girl comes in singing and they continue to perform. When the performance ends Cabir asks the girl who she is. The girl is Mr.Khurna’s daughter and asks him to give the Fab5 another chance. Mr.Khurana says that I gave them a chance as you said it while He leaves saying that three weeks and two songs.
Later Aliya gets a call from Harshad and thanks her for picking the call. Cabir says to Soha that you are amazing girl and the icing on the cake is that you are Khurana’s daughter. Soha asks if that is a complement or a criticism while Cabir says that because of you we got another chance so it can’t be a criticism. Dhruv goes to ALiya who is talking with Harshad and Harshad asks if she wants to talk to him later. Aliya says that it’s Okay and Harshad asks her about Manik.

Aliya says that it’s better and says that I promise I will speak to him. Harshad says that there is no need for that as I deserve to be punished. Aliya says that it’s Okay while Harshad acts as if the phone is being snatched away from him. He cancels the call and thanks the policeman. Aliya cries while Dhruv comes and she hugs him and says that it breaks my heart to see him in jail. Dhruv says to her that to forgive harshad is not that easy and Aliya says that I know I am asking for the impossible.
Nandini comes in the performance room and says that the principal forgot his phone. Manik says to Soha that you are damn good and thanks her for saving them. Soha says that you don’t need to thank me as I have learned harmonics by watching your videos. She says that you are a brilliant player and says that I hope I didn’t insult you by playing like you. Manik says that it’s Okay and she hugs him saying that you are blushing. Nandini surprised and also jealous by the looks on her face.
She asks them if they have a class tomorrow and leaves soon with Cabir. Manik is also leaving when Nandini stops and wants to say something. Manik pushes her aside and she holds his arm and says that why are you acting so rude. Manik brushes her hand aside and says that is it done, Nandini asks if everything between them has to extreme. Manik walks up to her until she is beside the wall and mocks what she just said. He says that if you wanted us to be normal than you would have stole that guitar chord from me. He takes her purse and throws everything out, he then holds her arm and says that you and I can never be one.

Update Credit to: Sona

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