Shastri Sisters 1st October 2014 Written Episode Update

Shastri Sisters 1st October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Alka being sad in her room. Anushka asks her to come in the function else Minty will ask them. Alka asks them to go and come soon, as they have to go tomorrow in camp. Anushka says no. Alka asks them to go as Rajat said its necessary. Anushka says no, your problem is important. Alka says we will see later. Alka says fine, gets ready fast, anyone can call anytime. Everyone do the aarti one by one. Jai Ambe gauri……………..plays…………. Minty asks everyone to play Dandiya with energy. She says when you get tired, then have food at the stalls. She says the money will be going in charity.

Neil comes to Devyaani and says she looks good. She says she knows, thanks. She says he is looking good. He says he knows, but thanks. She asks for Rajat, as she has to talk about camp.He asks are you coming. She says yes. He smiles and says he won’t let anything happen to our friendship. Minty asks Anushka did she call Alka’s inlaws. Anushka says no, she got busy. She makes excuse and leaves. She bumps into Rajat and music plays………….

He says do you always want to strike me. She says you always come in my way. He says fine, I moved, I know you will still strike me. He says everyone came in pairs, you could have called your boyfriend. She says you always tell about him, why. He jokes. He says he is going now. She says she is coming in camp. He says really, so what should I do. She says you are my instructor. He says he does not care. They look at each other. Sareen asks Minty to come and play Dandiya. He asks Rajat and Anushka to dance.

Nagada sang dhol baaje………………plays……………. Everyone play Dandiya. Devyaani is happy as Rajat plays Dandiya with her. Neil comes and smiles seeing her. He dreams a dance sequence with Devyaani on the song Laaung Da Lashkara…………….. He comes out of his dream as Devyaani hits on his hand and he gets hurt. The same song Nadaga sang dhol baaje………………plays……….. Alka is upset and stands alone. Alka imagines Rohan and her dancing. Tujh bin suraj me aag nahi re………………..plays………….. Alka and Rohan dance.

Shastri ji asks Alka to dance. Alka says she does not want to. He asks why, oh as Rohan is not here. He says Anushka told me your inlaws went in marriage so did not come, but we are here, so smile. He says do you get sad missing us there. She smiles. She thinks how to tell him that you will be sad because of me. Devyaani brings Anushka. Anushka is wearing western clothes and is shy. Shastri ji laughs on her. He says she is looking good. He says he made the list. Anushka says about his things. He says Alka is here, she will tell me.

Alka gets upset and leaves. Neil is packing his bag. Rajat gets ready. Minty sees them and thinks its punishment, as her sons are going out with Shastri sisters, she has to stop them. She asks Neil to think there won’t be any bathroom. Neil says fine, I will become tough like Rajat. She says she can’t live without him. He says fine, I won’t go. She says good. He says but if I stay here, then then I will be always out of home, so its better if I go.

Minty asks Rajat to stay…. Rajat says he has to train in the camp, you should not stop me, else come along. Sareen asks Minty not to make them late. They go out of the house and put bags in the car. Minty asks Rajat to take care of himself and Neil. Rajat says don’t worry. Shastri sisters come. Rajat and everyone are shocked seeing Anushka in top and jeans. Music plays………………..

Minty talks to Astha and comes to know about Alka thrown out of their house.

Update Credit to: Amena

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