Saath Nibhana Saathiya 1st October 2014 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 1st October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Pari asks Urmila how dare she is to slap her. Urmila asks her how can she give cough syrup to tolu/molu and asks if her papa used to give her cough syrup in her childhood. Pari says he did not, but if she touches her again, she will repent for it. Urmila says she is the only hope to get her tolu/molu and she can help her get into Jigar’s good book instead. Pari calms down and asks her how to lure Jigar now. Urmila tells her some plan.

Modi family perform pooja in the morning. Gopi distributes prasad to everyone after pooja. Urmila asks Jigar if he will come for dandiya party tomorrow. He says he has some important work to attend. Urmila sadly says Savita that after Rashi’s death, Jigar has changed a lot. Savita says she is seeing Jigar from childhood, he used to look like a hero and now he has grown hair and looking untidy. She says Kokila that she wants to see old jolly Jigar like before. Hetal gets sad hearing that. Kokila says everything will be alright. Pari says Hetal that she will get well-dressed and handsome Jigar to dandiya party tomorrow. Gopi says it cannot happen. Pari says if we don’t try, he may go into depression and says she will get Jigar to party at any cost. Once she goes, Urmila says Gopi that her plan is working and Pari can go to any extent to lure Jigar.

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Pari enters Jigar’s room and asks him to shave and cut his hair as she wants to see him handsome like before. Jigar gets irked and asks her to go out, else he will tonsure her head. She says she will look funny with bald head and asks him to do it. He says he will not and asks her to get out. She bursts her bubble gum and it sticks on Jigar’s beard and head. Jigar angrily looks himself into mirror and asks what the hell has she done to her face. Pari apologizes and says he should shave, else people are very depressed about his looks and comes out. She then calls Urmila and informs her about sticking bubble gum on Jigar’s hair. Urmila says it is good, he will now cut his hair. She says he was very angry. Urmila asks what happened to her dandiya practice. She says she will perform matka dance like Rashi and will impress Jigar. She will then decide what will she do to garbage Gopi. Urmila asks what is her plan. She says she will tell later and cuts call.

Pari goes down with pot/matka and says she wants to perform matka dance like Rashi. Kokila says she is with her if she works on a right path. Jigar comes with his beard shaved and hair cut and neatly dressed, everyone are surprised to see him like that. Hetal gets emotional. Jigar says Pario spit bubble gum on her hair, so he had to shave. She says whatever this girl did, but I got my son back. Jigar promises her to be well groomed if she can be happy. Pari hugs Hetal and jokes that Jigar would have looked like milkman if he would not have shaved and promises that she will get Jigar back on track.

Urmila calls Gopi and warns her about Pari’s matka dance plan and say she can go to any extent. Gopi says if she does something, she will be caught easily.

Paro reaches tolu/molu’s room, shows her mosquito bite, and asks molu to spray mosquito spray in whole house. Molu says he will not. She frightens him the side effects of mosquito bites that he will get dengue, etc. Molu agrees and sprays moquito spray which is actually laughing gas in whole house. Kokila and whole family inhales it and start laughing.

Precap: Jigar realizes that everyone is laughing because of laughing gas and scolds molu for spraying it. He says Pari asked him to do so. Jigar slaps Pari. Pari says molu by mistake took laughing gas bottle and it is not her mistake.

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