Shastri Sisters 1st May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Shastri Sisters 1st May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Alka and Rohan caring for Astha’s wound. Astha says she is fine, lets go home. Alka says no, we will go to doctor first. They take her. Its morning, Devyaani gets ready and says she can’t get late and refuses to have food. Shastri ji insists and she eats some. She leaves. She calls Alka. Alka is sleeping and wakes up by her call. Devyaani asks is she still sleeping. Alka says no. Devyaani asks her not to lie, they should reach soon before the clients. Alka says I will come soon and Rohan stops her.

Rohan asks her to sit with him, he is sad that she don’t have time for him. He holds her close and romance. Astha looks on. Alka says she feels someone is seeing them. Rohan says who will see us. Alka sees the door open. Astha hides. Alka opens the door and finds Astha with the tea. Astha says she got tea for them. She leaves. Rohan says he is not feeling good, why did she not knock. Alka says she had tray in her hand, have tea now. She goes to get ready and he smiles. Astha hides and looks on.

Devyaani looks for an auto and Shastri ji says he will drop her. Bobby comes and hides the knife. He tries to stab her. Shastri ji goes as Devyaani refuses for his lift, as he is also getting late for his office. She takes the auto and leaves, and Bobby loses the chance. Bobby follows Devyaani to the office and goes inside. Devyaani talks to Alka and asks when is she reaching. Alka says she is coming. Bobby comes there and looks at her. Alka says she will reach soon and asks her to start the work on models.

Devyaani starts working and a man greets her. She goes to washroom. Bobby goes there and takes out the knife. The sweeper lady comes and Devyaani screams. The lady says why did she get scared. Devyaani says its her first day of shoot, so she came early, she is nervous and excited. Neil wakes up and gets hangover. He calls Minty. Kajal comes and says if Minty saw him like this, she would have beaten him. She asks him to have lemon water. She asks does he not remember how he came home. He says no. She says I know if dad saw him, he would have scolded him, so she got him hiding from him.

Neil recalls Bobby and thinks why don’t he remember. She says he said he will not leave and will answer, and who came to drop him. He says my friend. She asks his bike. He says maybe its at hotel. She asks him to have lemon water and he will recall everything. He thanks her. She says she is his wife.

Alka says she has to go. Astha comes to Rohan and says she made his fav paratha. He says let Alka come. She asks does he want her to make him eat by her hands and she makes him eat. He says he don’t want and asks her to stop it, seeing her getting close to him. Alka comes and asks what happened. Rohan says nothing, I will drop you to office. Astha gets angry. Bobby stands outside the washroom and sees Devyaani coming out. He follows her and Devyaani greets people on the shoot.

Bobby hides his face by covering it, and comes to Devyaani. He slits her face and she looks at him.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. disgusting astha

  2. But as an actress,astha’s acting is fabulous

  3. How dare u bobby

  4. Pradishma,shall u tell me why they did’nt change the front picture of shastri sisters.

    1. Hey actually I also don’t know y They hadn’t changed the front picture maybe they’ll change it later……

  5. Why alka and rohan not calling as that’s husband rohans brother backas he just left because of asthad evil attitude…so they can call him and say that astha is changed now and we are at home back we have forgiven astha so you also come back…

    1. yes ur ryt…good point….simply to drag story dey have not called him for home back

  6. Update fast amena, today’s episode

  7. Please…..

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