Sasural Simar Ka 1st May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Sasural Simar Ka 1st May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Sid says how did she see roli at calendar’s place when she is lost. Simar says this must be a misunderstanding. Pari says i will remove misunderstanding my exposing the truth. She says to sid, you are unknown to us still you care about us and simar is part of this family, i don’t know why she is misleading us. sid says are you sure you saw roli? Pari says yes. She says you are our guest, please come to me to calendar’s house where they have concealed roli. and everyone will know if i am lying or simar. I will find why simar doesn’t want roli in front of us. You all think simar is a very truthful woman, i will prove that you all are wrong about her. Sid asks calendar for keys, simar says no. She says you all are thinking wrong, if we had roli why would we conceal her from family. there is no point of going there. Rjhinder says let her go simar, let her clear her doubts. Mausi ji says yes we should know who is right and who is wrong. Calendar gives the keys to sid, he gives it to pari. Pari says in a while we will know the reality simar. Pari says until we are back simar and calendar will stay here. They leave.

Roli is in the house, she recalls calendar telling her that sid and prem are not home. She says tell me what should i do God. Both prem and sid’s lives are important. The door opens, roli goes out and is shocked to see that sid and pari are entering the house. she goes back in the house. roli says what should i do now. Pari looks at the curtain. Roli breaks a vase in tension. Pari goes to that room. The vase is broken on the floor. pari says i am sure roli is here. They look everywhere in the room. sid says she can’t go out from the window, its grilled. Pari opens the closet. Roli is hidden under the clothes. Pari couldn’t see her. She says this closet is such a mess. sid says are you sure you saw her here? Pari says yes i saw her. sid says we are wasting time. lets go. Pari nods. Roli says in heart thank God they are gone.

Prem comes to living room looking for sid. mausi ji says why are you calling aryan? prem says call him sid. Aryan told me about his accident, he met an accident on the same road, he was admitted to same hospital. I studied about aryan’s case and got to know he is no one but our sid. Mata ji and simar are shocked. rajhinder says what are you saying? Prem says he lost his memory, Sid is safe today because of rajveer. Simar wonders what did doctor say about rajveer? Prem says where is he? Pari comes in and says wow prem, all brothers should be like you. You know if there were someone else, he wont have proved a stranger his brother rather he would try to get his property. but you didn’t do any such thing. you shouldered your responsibilities well, but simar never did. she has been playing games behind our back. Mausi ji says what are you trying to say? Pari says wont answer me why don’t you ask her. why she has concealed roli from us. Mata ji says why are you blaming her? why would she do this. Pari says pardon me, but the head of family should be just. I don’t get why you always favor simar and not let us know the truth. Mausi ji says don’t you dare to say such things about my jiji. Prem says simar is she right? Simar is quite. Prem says answer me, is she right or not.simar says i dont know what she is saying. pari says so according to you, you don’t know where is roli and you all trust simar. She says aryan please come in. Aryan says roli will tell you the truth. sid brings in roli. everyone is dazed. Roli recalls how she came out of closet and sid and pari saw her. Pari says you all saw? I proved that simar is a liar.

Girjesh says to rajveer, roli is alive, maya lied to you. Aryan has brought her to baharadwaj house. what will we do now? rajveer says leave that upto me. Rajveer recalls sid saying that she is dead and maya that i went to check if she is dead. He screams maya’s name. prem says sid where are you going? sid says its your family matter, i have to go for some work. prem says this is your family as well. because you are sid in reality not aryan. sid says what are you saying? Prem says you have to accept this truth. I investigated about your accident, i can say with no doubts that you are sid. Sid says i am aryan not sid. i am pretending to be to sid for you mom only. I knew that i will stuck by helping you, prem says i know its hard to believe. i will bring the doctor who treated you. Sid says i dont need to clean any doubts. I am sid. mata ji says you are our sid.

Precap-sid says to rajveer you called me? Rajveer says i order you to cut your neck, maya says no please. sid says who deceived. maya why should i cut my neck?

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. simar new look is nice

  2. Beh. When will it be revealed that rajveer is mano’s son?

  3. I think tomorrow frm tomorrow simar and roli will join and find who is he

  4. BW hse ka sab sae bada musibadth is pari…..?

    1. ☆pragna☆

      u r ri8 akshu.she thinks that she is very clever and she wants to show bw family that she is intelligent than rosim

  5. ☆pragna☆

    how can the total BW family believe those bakwas??.first they belives simar and suniana and now sid and aryaan

  6. Everything happens because of Roli, her character has been so stupid lately. Weak, crying every time, hiding things from others but not being able to hide herself. It would have been better if she stayed shruti. And Prem and the rest of the family are terrible. If I were Simar, I would get a divorce and marry to a decent man, such Amar. Also, I heard Maya talking about the unity of BW family. What unity? People are so greed and hate Simar. And poor Maya pays for Roli’s mistakes( her fault as well, Sid died because of her)

  7. Wat will roli do yaar she can oly hide frm others but her family members are standing opposite to her hw can she escape…….

  8. Kanika rajvwer is not mausiji son as that day he calls someone else ma !!:D

  9. Tat was mausiji whom he called maa

  10. In a spoiler it was mentioned that he is mausiji’s son. Remember that acid episode? He has come to take revenge on mataji.

  11. Hi akshu. You’re a regular person to comment here.

  12. Hey y dint update still??????

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