Shastri Sisters 1st January 2015 Written Episode Update

Shastri Sisters 1st January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Neil, Devyaani and Peeya presenting the dance act and doing the play on Rajat, Anushka and Karishma’s love and hatred story. Peeya as Karishma says you can’t leave me and go to Anu, I will do anything, even if I have to ruin you. Karishma recalls her words. Neil dresses in Rajat’s uniform and wears his duty cap. He gets the CD and hides it in safe. Peeya wears Karishma’s dress and Devyaani dresses as Anu. Karishma recalls the same incident happening. Everyone looks on puzzled. Astha asks Karishma did everything happen like this. Karishma says yes. Astha says even if they don’t have recording, lets leave silently.

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Bua ji asks Minty what are the girls trying to show, my patience is ending, I will go. Minty stops her and says how can you go, I will do something. Minty asks Devyaani and Peeya whats happening, and scolds Neil too. Neil says whaht we are doing is by thinking. Minty takes the girls out and removes all the plugs. The light goes. The projector screen has a girl behind it and taking the CD from the safe. Karishma asks whats this happening. Anu comes out and looks at her. Anu says if you think you know this story, don’t be shocked, its my story, how someone has stolen the CD from Rajat’s locker and kept it in my cupboard to break me and Rajat, do you want to know who was it.

She plays the video along with Neil, and they show Karishma being the culprit. Everyone is shocked seeing its Karishma. The lights get on in the party hall. Everyone look at Karishma. Bua ji drops the water glass in shock and looks at Lalit. Neil says it’s the highlight performance of the night. Rajat looks at Karishma and she gets tensed. Rohan and everyone look Karishma with hatred. Peeya brings the utensils basket. Anu says what did you think Karishma, we will not keep the recording backup. Neil plays it in another laptop and shows Devyaani and Anu. He says someone has deleted the video. They get worried. Neil says Devyaani was taking much tension, so I kept the backup, don’t worry.

Anu says I knew Karishma’s truth, but today its infront of the world. Alka says sorry Bua ji, I wish this was not true, but its truth. She says I got this basket and saree from Karishma’s room, she wore this and went to Papa’s house to keep the CD in Anu’s cupboard. Minty cries. Rajat asks Karishma why did she do this, who gave her right to ruin his career and honor, my dad’s face was inked, and he turned silent being jolly, and you have just sorry to say me, you have to say why you did this, what wrong I did with you that you have proved me wrong infront of the world.

Devyaani says Karishma stole the CD and kept in Anu’s cupboard, and then when Anu went to talk to her, she has kidnapped Anu with the help of guards. She asks Lalit did he teach them this, what will be Karishma’s punishment, as he is a minister and public has chosen him to get justice. Lalit laughs and says punishment? To my daughter? Why? Anu says your daughter did a big crime and you are behaving like nothing happened. Lalit says Anushka Shastri, I will show you whats crime, if anyone hurts me and my daughter, then that’s crime. Karishma says I want to keep Rajat with me, so I did this. I want Rajat.

She says you all are doing melodrama, that Rajat lost honor when I stole the CD, my Papa can give Rajat any big post and this deal will be Anu’s loss and I will not be sad for it. Bua ji slaps Karishma, and Lalit holds her. Karishma cries. She asks about her loss, she has spent years in puja and in her upbringing, and she hoped that she will get a good valued daughter and I got it in return. She says you broke the family, played with people’s respect, a selfish girl. Karishma says you have slapped me. Bua ji cries. Karishma asks what love you got for these Shastri sisters. Bua ji slaps her again and says it was my mistake, that I have slapped it very late.

Lalit says enough, she is my daughter, she can do anything, no one can stop her, not even you. Bua ji says Sharma ji, she is my daughter too, not by heart and will, but my all means, I m Allahabadi, I can change people with love and anger too. Lalit says I give lecture to people and you are given lecture to me. He says we will talk at home, and says first lets show them their place. Devyaani says this video can be seen in media also, and what will happen then, you will lose your chair which can be your loss and other’s advantage.

Sareen thanks Lalit and asks him to leave with his daughter, as he got his bahu Anu. Devyaani taunts Lalit. Lalit says he will see them, and the day they get happiness, he will see you and remind all these things, and ruin their happiness. He takes Karishma and leaves. Astha says come and takes her. Bua ji folds hands and apologizes to Shastri ji. Shastri ji says you are mum, don’t fold hands and embarrass me. Everyone smile. Anu looks at Rajat and thinks why is he not saying anything.

Anu packs her bag and tells Sareen that she will leave from here. She gives the broken mangalsutra to Rajat and says she is returning it to him, he should decide what to do with it. Saajna……………plays……………..

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Great…. Nice precap. This is what we all expecting… Raj must have to realize what he done…

  2. i hope anu and rajat get back there trure love

  3. The episode was good anu and rajat will be together I want to see them together

  4. Best episode….
    New year Ki Shuruat Vilan Ki Haar Se Kiye?
    Not Bad????.
    Keep It up

  5. Finally atlast!! Anu good decision let Rajat know of ur importance

  6. Zain and aliya

    I am glad that Krishma got a slap from her mum but o hate her dad he is so dumb stupid idiot

  7. love anu and rajat i hope there love story comes back truley

  8. Niki I didn’t get what you mean we have common dicusion about the serial there is nothing of being rude all are like freinds there is no spacial freindship(as long is know)

  9. Hii!! I love this show…. Anybody wants to do friendship with me??

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