Sasural Simar Ka 1st January 2015 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 1st January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Sid says even when I left her alone someone from family used to be with her. Aman says just like roli and simar don’t remember anything, something like that might hav happened to you. sid says what you wanna say? aman says I doubt roli is behind all this. sid grasps him by collar and says how dare you to say that about roli in front of me. Aman says think with calm mind. Sid leaves him. aman says I am jt saying roli is responsible I am saying this girl might not be roli. She is using hypnotizing and she is using roli’s name to live here. I need your help to find the truth out. aman gives him a medicine. He says on some people hypnotizing doesn’t work but this does. After taking this medicine person speaks all in this mind. He will answer all you want. you just have to mix it in roli’s tea. it has no side effect, sid says you think I will do this with her? roli is already stressed out. whole family has tested her already. i wont do this. Aman says you might be right but my experience says this case is not simple roli needs to eat this. no one remembers what happened. Don’t you find it weird? try to understand. We are missing something. I smell conspiracy. You have to do it. We have tot solve this matter. Aman says we need to make it simple. Whenever I analyze I feel like it started after roli’s accident. sid says okay then for my family I will do it and prove you wrong. aman gives him medicine. Sid takes it and roli sees them.

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Scene 2
siamr is in jail. she says don’t worry for me I am fine. handle everyone and roli in the house, prem says I wont let you stay here. Simar says I know. Shaku comes and says prem come and sign on bail papers.

Roli says whats happening in this house. Sid is doing this on aman’s advice. Rajhinder calls prem and says will simar get bailed? Prem says yes. He tells mata ji. Sujata says mata ji don’t worry simar will be back home. Pari says mata ji do you doubt me? mata ji says no not all. I am just wondering why is all this happening. We have already suffered a lot. Sid says in heart I trust roli but I have to find out if you are real roli or not. Sid goes to his room.

Simar sees some woman in her cell. She is scared. Roli comes in, sid is sitting with medicine. roli says are you okay? He says yeah I am fine I have a headache. Sid says can you make tea for me? Roli says yeah sure. sid says two sups. I wanns drink it with you. roli says okay and leaves.

Simar asks who are you? She says my name is vashnavi. I live in old Delhi. I came here to meet you. simar says why> I don’t know you. she says but I know you. you are simar, simar says how you know my name? I never met you before I know nothing about you. Vashnavi says we met on 17th. That night I saved two people from you daksha and leela. you were about kill them. Simar says that’s impossible. how can I kill them. Vashnavi says I remember everything. simar says please tell me what happened on17th.

Roli comes in with tea. She goes to drink water. Sid mixes medicine in her tea. Roli sees him. Sid drinks the water. He gives roli her tea. He says its bad whats happening in the house. roli says yeah you are right. sid says drink it. roli is dazed. Roli drinks it. Aman is watching them. Roli takes the cups. sid says I wanna ask you something. Sid says who are you? are you roli?

Vashnavi says I saw you and got that you are not in your senses. Constable comes in and says vashnavi ji sir is coming. You have to go. She says thanks. Simar says but please tell me what happened that night. vashnavi says I live in temple come there I will tell you everything I can only tell you that you and your family is in trouble. Don’t tell anyone that I came here to meet you. Come to meet me after vbail. I have a few answers for you. She leaves.

Precap-sid says are you roli? roli says no I am not your roli. Sid and aman are shocked.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. why everytime bad only wins????????people cnt c the thngs vch dat new roli is dng bt she can c wat sid is dng ah,ha????????????

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