Shastri Sisters 15th August 2014 Written Episode Update

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Shastri Sisters 15th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Anushka bringing tea for her dad and seeing him very upset. He says people were right, I did a mistake, people asked me can I do your upbringing right way and said I can’t. Anushka cries. He says I did some mistake somewhere. She says no, what wrong did you do, you taught Alka to respect elders, so she did not tell anything till now, she has told us now as she knows whats right and wrong. He says if your mum was present today, she would have managed well. She says don’t say this, no parent won’t manage as you did. She says she is proud of him and will talk to Alka to know whats in her heart, did she forget how much we all love her and that she is just elder to me of some years.

She says I did not miss Maa as I have Alka, but Alka did not have any elder sister, think she miss Maa a lot. Devyaani and Peeya looks on. They also cheer their dad. Devyaani says it would be good if Alka marries by her wish. Anushka says the good would be if she does what dad says, as our dad knows our good more than us. He leaves. Alka cries thinking about Rajeev. Anushka and Devyaani come to her. Anushka says I spoke to dad just now, he did not regard you wrong, he won’t make you get married without your wish, trust him, he loves you a lot.

Alka says if he loved me, he would have not scolded me. Anushka says dad asked you many times before this matter. But you did not tell him the truth. Shastri ji tells everything to Sareen and he is shocked knowing about Alka’s affair. Sareen asks him to have wine and forget everything. Shastri ji says he won’t. Sareen says I m teaching you the lesson of life. Sareen asks him not to worry about people. He asks him to ask his heart, if he gets her married by force and she does something, then he will lose everything, love and respect. Its morning, Shastri ji comes with breakfast for everyone. As Alka does not cook being annoyed. Anushka says we will sit on floor and have the Kachoris.

Alka does not join them. Shastri ji goes to her with her plate and asks her to have something. Alka cries and asks him not to behave normal, as she knows no one cares about her. The food plate falls and he looks at her. Alka leaves. Anushka scolds Alka for talking to dad like this. Alka says if I don’t talk about Rajeev, will I forget him and marry someone else. Anushka and Alka argue. Alka does not understand them. Alka says dad does not love me. Anushka says yes, dad does not love you, did you see his face, he did not sleep all night, I did not see him worried before. He was trying to make you smile and you are saying he does not love you.

Alka says I can stay happy with Rajeev, cancel this marriage. Anushka says dad will do what he feels is good for her, trust him, he is our dad. Alka says your life is not at stake so you are saying this. I won’t sacrifice my happiness for your happiness. Devyaani says stop this and scolds Alka. Alka says yes, I did not do anything to make his name shine, and now I m sinking his name by being in love. Alka says forgive me. She asks them to leave. Peeya sees Neil playing guitar while she is leaving for school. Neil asks is everything fine, or any fight at home, there is something fishy inside.

Neil comes to Minty. Sareen asks Neil to give him money as he is going out. Neil asks whats this strange thing. Sareen says yes, don’t say this to me too. Sareen says he sees his future dark. Neil says I m a rockstar. Sareen asks him to have a juice centre or egg shop. Neil leaves. Sareen hears Minty talking about Alka and Rohan’s relation and asks when will Shastri ji reply. She asks Sareen about his reply. Sareen does not tell her.

She asks is Alka having any affair. He says yes, Alka loves someone else. She says I had doubt earlier, as people who tell much about values, they do more bad things. Sareen defends them. Minty and Sareen argue. She says what will people say now. She praises herself. He says Shastri ji will find a solution soon, so don’t worry. She thanks the Lord and smiles saying about Alka. She comes to Shastri ji and asks him about Alka’s affair and what has he decided now. She taunts them. She says what will we tell to Rohan’s family, they are calling us many times.

Minty asks Alka why did she not tell before. He says she was shy. Minty says so she should have not told now and since when is this going on, you final this decision, kids don’t know whats right for them. She asks him to take a decision. Alka gets Rajeev’s call and Shastri ji takes the phone. Minty asks who call is it. Everyone look on tensed.

Shastri ji talks to Rajeev’s dad and he gets insulted by him. Everyone looks on.

Update Credit to: Amena

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