Shastri Sisters 12th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Shastri Sisters 12th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rajat asking Minty what is she talking. She says you went to get away from Anu and came back for Anu, it does not matter that we exist for you or not. Rajat clarifies that she is very imp for her. She tries some emotional blackmail and asks will he leave her ever. He says no, and hugs her. She thinks she will never let Anu come in this house. Devyaani asks about dress. Anu and Alka are busy on phones and say whatever Devyaani is saying, without seeing and fake opinions. Devyaani scolds them. Alka gets a call and says I will just come. Alka says Rohan ji’s call. Anu gets Rajat’s call and says give me some time, I will leave now. They leave. Devyaani asks Peeya to wake up and say how is she looking. Peeya says let me sleep. Devyaani says no one cares for me, when will my day comes when someone misses me.

She calls Neil and he gets glad taking her call. She says no one has time for me. He says he will talk to her and smiles. Anu takes milk and says why did you give it again. Its Rajat, as milk vendor and says I love Anushka Shastri. She says what nonsense. He says I see my wife’s face in her, let me hug once. She says leave else I will call my dad, I will shout. He says its me Rajat. She says you. He hugs her and laughs. Rohan comes and smiles seeing them. Alka comes and Rohan greets her. Anu says its Rajat. Alka says I understood. Rohan asks Alka to get ready.

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Neil makes the arrangements of Lodhi. Devyaani comes to him and says its good you started wood business, as you don’t study in college. Neil says we will celebrate Lodhi well. She turns and falls. He asks is she fine and holds her hand. She says its ok, I will get up. Her dress gets torn. Neil’s friends laugh and he looks at them. Devyaani covers it. Neil says relax, I will do something. He removes his jacket and covers her. Devyaani holds his hand and stands up. Pehle kabhi hua karti thi dil se meri dosti……… plays………………. They have an eyelock. Devyaani thanks Neil and says if you help me like this, I will get habitual of you. He gives her purse and she leaves smiling. Neil smiles. His friends ask Neil to help them too. He says Minty is right, they can’t see anything else than Shastri Sisters, she will still say no, propose her and see. Neil says fine, I will propose her on Lodhi.

Rajat meets Anu at some place. Saajna…………plays……………… He forwards his hand. She holds his hand and fumes come, she turns and Rajat disappears. She shouts Rajat and wakes up from the dream. Devyaani and Peeya wake up and ask is she fine. Anu hugs Devyaani and says I have seen a very bad dream, and tells her that she will lose Rajat. Rajat messages Anu that its his mistake that their life is starting so late, the days will be like mistakes, I ask you for one day which he wants to make it special for her, and make memories. He will get sleep only if she says yes

Anu gets Rajat’s message and smiles. Anu says I m fine. Devyaani says as he might have sad he is fine. Anu says yes and asks her to sleep. She says don’t know the dream will strange, what was the meaning. Devyaani says she knows a big thing about dreams, that its dreams, not reality, smart people should not find any meaning and sleep, and let others sleep. Anu smiles. Anu thinks I wish what Devyaani said is true and its just dream, but why did I get such dream suddenly. Its morning, Anu smiles thinking about Rajat. She says I was so annoyed and I still kept this anklet safe, its a sign of our love, our love is still there after bearing so much.

She gets Rajat’s call and asks her is she preparing to meet in evening. She asks what to wear in evening, I will wear what you ask. He asks her to talk romantic and tease him. He says say as if I won’t say, you will know when we meet, a surprise. She says I don’t know to talk like this. He says even I learnt now, and says shayari. She says great. Saajna………plays………… He asks her to say I love you. She says I love….. the rest I will say in evening. She ends the call. He says how will I wait till evening, I love you so much.Minty hears this and looks unhappy.

The Lodhi celebrations are shown. Rajat looks at Anu and shows the mangalsutra. He goes to make her wear it and Minty stares at them.

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  1. Rajat aur anu ki shaadi whn wil happen

  2. Todays epi fully good except. Minty aunty and anus dream scene.Loved the way Rajat came as a milkman.and the way he spoke to Anu.pls director and writers and minty aunty don’t do anything wrong now.pls guys itne dinon baad ache ANURAJ moments aaye pls don’t do anything wrong.pls pls.❤ love u ANURAJ.❤

  3. Aree yaar. Nice to see some good scenes of anu raj devyaani Neil. But this minty is irritating.

  4. arey wow yaar that milk wala scene tho kamal hai.its really good too watch such good scenes.i hope jald se jal rajat puts mangalsutra to anu.waiting for it.thanks for update.

  5. excuse me vidhya rajat and anu the marriage will happen tomorrow

    1. I hate minty
      How bad of her
      anu gave her son’s and family’s respect back
      But still she is behind her
      What will happen when she comes to know about neil loving devyani ???
      Waiting for that episode to see the face iof minty

  6. I really loved this episode because of anuraj cute moments.
    I hope nothing bad happens but….. as this is a show something will happen AGAIN!!! 🙁
    Continue watching this show! 🙂

  7. same precap again

  8. A simple and cute episode with small moments of happiness!! Along with the love stories of the sisters, they are also showing the bonding between them. I always thought they would forget the theme of their show but somewhere they have kept it alive. Hope to see good episodes in future.

  9. Nice epi.. Happy to watch cute anuraj moments.. ❤❤❤ and their romands… 🙂 🙂 😉

  10. Y yaar always same precap…??? Just irritating.. 🙁 ;-(

  11. In lohdi celebration neil (sumit bhardwaj ) will propose devyani (sonal vengurlakar)and she will take it as joke seeing this neils friends will make fun of him and he will feel insulted
    So now neil will make a plan to trap devyani in his false love later,devyani will start developing feelings for neil but to complete his revenge he will break her heart.

  12. I did not understand what promblem in devyani Can anybody tell me

  13. my name is anu too. I am really wanting to see an intimate love scene. like this post if you want to see a love scene between anuraj too

  14. by love scene I mean very intimate(consummation)

    1. Are u for real how can they show intimate scenes
      And plz if u Don’t know how to communication in English then stop by the what the hell u mean by wanting.

  15. im pretty sure ur no even american because u don’t know proper
    who says if u don’t know ho to communication.

    1. good job standing up for yourself

  16. minty is manhooser than kaali billi

  17. Anu shut u blo*dy mouth…

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