Million Dollar Girl 12th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Million Dollar Girl 12th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Avanti hugs her mother and tells thanks for helping her..As infront of Mahajan also she took Avanti’s Side..Avanti thanks and goes..Kavya tells her mother that If she invest all her savings for her marriage then how she will manage..Kayya’s mother tells does not need to worry..Avanti cleans all the shop..Worker’s gets shocked Avanti tells that once she choosed any target..She will complete the task..Avanti tells that she have to sell 50 saree..MAhajan comes and tells 64 Saree..Daily calculating 2 in a day..Avanti prays god to help her.Avanti shows Saree to the Customer’s..Avanti sells Saree..Mahajan is shocked..Avanti sells Saree to customer…Avanti gets tiffin..Avanti calls to Vicky and tells that she is coming to Dhabba to eat the lunch..Avanti goes to DHabba sees Vicky sitting..Avanti asks what happened Vicky says that Rajiv is coming to see kavya..And Avanti’s mother said to bring sweets..Avanti tells its okey..In the election all the shopkeeper votes..Virat is standing..Mahajan votes and comes tells that Virat will win..A shopkeeper tells that Mahajan why is he voting Virat that because will never win..As he do promises and will never fullfil..As he buyed shop frome Avanti in 1 crore..And made fool other Shopkeeper’s..Virat tells its nothing like that..Mahajan says that Avanti is stupid and what to believe her..Some time tells wrong and sometimes right..Mahajan tells not to believe her..Virat says exactly..Virat tells that Avanti is lier..want to jump in every issue..Virat tells that Saree will be produced from powerloom..and handloom has become old..Virat shows the registory paper’s to all the shopkeeper…Virat tells Mall will be constructed…The shopkeeper goes…

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Kavya gets ready..Does makeup..Vicky comes and Sees Kavya..Vicky tells that Avanti has came..Kavya asks what he is seeing..Vicky says nothing..Kavya asks which sandals are good.. Vicky tells that things..Sandle will not make human good..They are beautiful by character..Kavya asks vicky that he took out the information aboy Rajiv..Vick says yes.Vicky says that Rajiv’s character is not good..He is not her standard..Kavya tells not to talk like that…Rajiv’s parents come..Kavya comes…Mishra tells kundli is matching..and Kavya also see Rajiv..Rajiv’s father asks kavya’s mother what she is giving in marriage..Rajiv’s mother asks she want 3lakh cash and a car..They have Car but is very Small..Rajiv tells he want bike also..Avanti tells she wanted to some questions..Avanti’s mother tells to ask later as Rajiv will not Run..Avanti tells that how he can run as “GIGU BHAGODhAY(RUNNER) TOH NAAHI HAI” ..Avanti’s mother feels bad Everyone is shocked…Avnati asks Rajiv how much Salary did he have??All is shocked. Avanti tells that she is asking because she have to take Rajiv’s shoes in marriage..Rajiv’s mother laughs and tells that it is okey as Avanti is doing joke..Rajiv tells Rs 30 thousand..Avanti tells that what Car she have??..Avanti asks how many rooms they have??Everyone is shocked..Avanti tells she is asking thats why because If she came and live will be provided a seprate Avanti tells that they are asking dowry indirectly.Mishra tells that this much question reporter will not ask..Rajiv’s mother tells what Avant is telling..Avanti’s mother tells nothing..Avanti tells that Avanti is small..Rajiv’s father tells that two girls are burden for parents..Avanti tells not to worry..Rajiv’s mother tells that Avanti is Shameless..Rajiv’s mother tells that they will not stay here longer..Rajiv and his parents goes..Tayaaji tells that Avanti spolied the matter.Avanti tells tayaaji to give the dowry as from that time she was calling Avanti as her daughter..Tayaji goes..Avanti tells her mother that Rajiva nd his parents are not good and are greedy..As they were asking a dowry..If Kavya married to Rajiv they will ask dowry again and again and kavya will be suffered..Avanti tells that If kavya have baby in one or two year they will send kavya to home and ask cash or anything and kavya’s baby will be shocked to see her mother’s insult..Avanti’s mother listens and goes away with anger..Vicky sees and gets happy tells that he had done friendship with a good girl..Avanti goes and tells Kavya that they will eat something..Kavya gets angry and goes off..

precap::Avanti tells Mahajan that she want salary..Avanti tells If she not get salary will complain to Trade union..Virat comes and tells that he is the trade Union..Avanti is shocked

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