Shani 31st August 2017 Written Episode Update: Indra Dev is anxious to take revenge!

Shani 31st August 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Epi begins with Shani agreeing with Hanuman. Selfless devotion is higher than any karma Hanuman tells him not to fool him. I have gained knowledge from Surya Dev. I have understood that there is nothing above devotion and it is karma in itself.

Brahma Dev is relived that all ended at a good note. Mahadev tells him not to think like that. What you think as an end, is actually a new beginning of a new pain.

Chhaya tells Shani to rest but he wants to go somewhere. Surya Dev asks him about it. You just woke up. Shani says I want to go to Kailash. Hanuman says you are going to complain against me. I have already been scolded enough. Shani denies. I am thankful to you for what you did. I want to ask Tridev why I saw that dream. Hanuman holds him as he stumbles in his step. Dev Vishwakarma tells him to rest. You are still unwell. Shani assures him he is fine. I have to thank Tridev. He leaves. Hanuman feels as if Shani is hiding something.

Narayan says Shani got a hint of future and is coming to clarify his doubt. What should we tell him? Brahma Dev says the darkness is spreading. You (Mahadev) warned us to be careful which we accepted but the situation is serious this time. Should we not tell Shani that she will be born? Mahadev stays put. We will not disclose anything to Shani. Brahma Dev hopes the dream wont come true. He might again get to know the truth late just like it happened in Hanuman’s case. We should help Shani if he has indeed come to seek help. Mahadev remarks that that is the tragedy. We will see if he will even ask for help or not.

Shani greets Tridev. Mahadev is about to say something but Shani justifies his stance. I did what I felt was right. Let bygones be bygones. It is better to move on. I dint come to speak here on that matter anyways. Brahma Dev asks him if he needs some help. We will help you. Shani shakes his head. I came to get answer to a question. What was the meaning of my dream? This is what I have come to know. Hanuman also greets Tridev. Shani is confused to see him there. Hanuman says you dint bring me along but you dint say that I cannot follow you. I dint come here for no reason. There are 2 motives. One, I want to apologise to Mahadev and Narayan for my misdeed in your presence. He apologizes to Narayan for using his gifted mace wrongly. He apologizes to Mahadev for not fulfilling his duties correctly. My second motive for coming here was Shani. I know you are worried and I want to help you. I know you saw a bad dream. I am curious to know it. Shani shares that he saw a strange and scary dream. I saw Mahadev. Poison spread in the entire world. I saw Surya Dev’s throne burning while he was lying unconscious on the floor. Not just Surya Dev, everyone else was lying dead. Chhaya too gets engulfed in flames (in Shani’s dream). Hanuman calls it impossible. This was just a dream. Forget it. Shani declines. It was intuition. It was a hint to what is going to happen in future. I will accept this as my imagination if Mahadev will say so. Hanuman requests Mahadev to say it. Mahadev keeps mum. Shani gets the hint and thanks him. Hanuman tells him to hear Mahadev’s answer. Find out what’s going to happen. Shani says I wanted to know if what I saw was truth or not. Mahadev has proved it. I have to prove Mahadev and Narayan’s faith in me. I am ready to undergo the test of my strength. Tridev’s cannot help the one who wont help himself. We must leave to face the challenge. Let’s go Hanuman. He greets Tridev and leaves with Hanuman.

Devguru tells Devraj to stop hating Shani. He doesn’t deserve it. He is an example. You must learn from him. Devraj agrees to put it into practise. Devguru falls for his words for a moment but Devraj changes his tone. I must learn from Shani. My greed for my throne is my only weakness! He sets his throne on fire. You must be happy now? I sacrificed my greed. Now I have no fear of losing my throne which is why I will chase Shani with all my heart. Devguru tries to put some sense in his head but in vain. I am Devraj. It is my duty to make decisions. Go and do yagya. I have a lot to do.

Hanuman tells Shani he is over thinking. I too have seen many such bad dreams. Shani refuses to accept it as just a dream. It was an intuition. I feel the initiation of a negative energy. Hanuman cutely replies that he can only sense hunger. Don’t worry. Ganesha adds that Shani’s concern isn’t wrong. I too sense the arrival of a negative energy like Shani. Shani suggests finding it together then. Hanuman suggests going to Surya Loka. I have understood that every problem arises and ends at Shani’s home. Shani asks Ganesha to come. Ganesha advises him to go. I will take time as I don’t have a carriage. Hanuman suggests him to sit on Kakol. Kakol worries but Ganesha likes the idea. Shani will come with Hanuman. Kakol goes speechless. Ganesha asks him if he is hinting at his weight. Hanuman nods. Kakol denies. I mean I am thin which is why I am Shani’s carriage. Hanuman teases him saying that they understand what he wants to say. I will bring Ganesha. You both can go ahead. Kakol smiles in relief. Hanuman expands his size. Ganesha steps on his palm and they take off to Surya Loka.

Devraj meets Rahu. Rahu asks him if he accepted defeat from Shani. You destroyed your throne and gave up everything. Devraj retorts that he is undergoing a journey to find a way to kill Shani. Rahu tells him he is with him. Devraj isn’t keen but Rahu reminds him of how they and Sanghya have been together in every plan against Shani. Devraj refuses to take anyone’s help this time. I will finish Shani alone. Rahu asks him where he is off to. Devraj replies that he is going to the end point of earth, where Pataal starts. Rahu says it seems like you have become mad after getting defeated by Shani. There is no such place. Devraj insists that that place exists. Rahu is keen to know what he will get by this. Nectar? Devraj says I would get poison in return! Talatal would end all my problems. I want to destroy!

Shani wonders what his dream is hinting at.

Precap: Hanuman tells Ganesha he has heard many stories from Surya Dev while gaining knowledge from him. I know what problem is going to surface this time. It is an Asura. This Ganesha Chaturthi find out how Ganesha will get his carriage.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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