Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 31st August 2017 Written Episode Update: Naira opposes Dadi

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 31st August 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dadi talking about inviting guests. Kartik comes to Naira and says I told you not to hide anything, I got the papers which you have hidden from me. She asks what papers, I was going to say. He says you might have felt you will do academy work alone. She says yes, sorry. He says we can share academy work also. Surekha says these people ate troubling. Akhilesh says yes, they always play loud music. Kartik asks him to come, they will see. Guard asks the group of guys to leave. The guy refuses. Akhilesh and Kartik come.

Akhilesh asks them to go somewhere else and play music. The guy says its road, not private property. Kartik says there are kids and elders at home, please go. The guy tells that they come and play music for two hot girls at their house, get them here, we will party together. They laugh. Kartik gets angry. Akhilesh asks Kartik to let it go. Kartik pulls the sound wire from the car. He says next time, if you are seen around this house, it will be your guys instead car. The guy says you don’t know who’s my dad. Kartik says its very old dialogye, learn something else. He goes. The guy says Ankur, this guy insulted you. Ankur smiles hearing about sangeet and says I will insult him.

Naksh defends Kirti. Everyone smiles and teases him. Yash asks Naksh to call Kirti and talk. Naksh goes. Karishma says how will we manage everything. Ananya asks why did Naira get slow. Bhabhimaa says don’t worry, we will decide. Dadi asks Akhilesh did they understand. Kartik says yes, they didn’t understand by love, so had to take other way. Naira says such people have big ego. Kartik says I know handling ego and misbehavior. Manish says I was also saying…. He moves and gets hurt. Kartik sweetly scolds him. Manish smiles.

Kartik comes crying and hugs Naira. She says nothing is decided till now, function is tomorrow. Dadi asks her to do some work, Naira is managing much. Kirti says I m scared to take any decision. Dadi says I don’t like weak people, your inlaws will think you can’t do anything. Kirti asks Dadi to tell Naira to help her. Naira asks her to try. Kirti asks where is time, you said you will take responsibility. Naira says fine, I will see. Dadi stares. Kirti says promise me, nothing wrong will happen in my sangeet. Naira promises. Kartik asks Kirti to come.

Naira comes to Dadi. Dadi scolds her. Naira says Kirti is scared, she is getting hurt, this can be avoided, sorry I can’t obey your command, I worry for Kirti more than my impression, nothing can go wrong in their sangeet till I m here. Naira goes to Kirti and says its your work and you will do, don’t worry, I m with you. Kartik says I m also there. They discuss. Dadi looks on. Kirti hugs Naira.

Its night, Naira eats cake. Kartik asks her to stop it, its stress, but why. Naia says there are many responsibilities, there is nothing ready, you also eat this. He says no thanks, I can think without having this. He tells some themes. She disapproves all. He says fine, I won’t say, you decide now. Lav and Kush come and ask what are you guys eating. Kartik feeds them too. Naira gets an idea and says our theme is Lav Kush.

Naira makes video call to everyone and says tomorrow’s theme is twinning. Rajshri asks what’s this. Ananya says Ranveer is not here. Yash says yes, Rose is also not here. Naira says we can do family twinning also. Kirti says this is Naira’s idea, it has to be good. Naira says no, this credit goes to Kirti, a big round of applause for Kirti. They all clap. Naitik turns and sees Akshara’s pic. Naira and Kartik see him and get sad. Kartik holds Naira’s hand. Naira asks if you don’t mind, shall Papa and I…. Kartik says yes. They all start discussing.

Naira and Kartik ask them to calm down, we will decide colors. Yash asks what’s dance theme. Naira says surprise. Kartik says dance partner. Naira says you won’t know partner till performance, you have to practice on given song, show tuning, we will celebrate all relations tomorrow. Karishma asks when will we get chits. They get chits. They all praise Naira. Naira says you will get dresses chits, you don’t have to say anyone. Akhilesh says we will prepare. Bhabhimaa says wait, I have a condition, Dadi has to dance too. Dadi says no. Bhabhimaa asks her to agree. Naitik says give her time to think, till then we will prepare. Naksh waves to Kirti. They smile.

Naira gets medicines and hot water for Dadi. She apologizes and says I didn’t lie. Dadi says you said right, I would feel better if Kirti did that, its fine, listen, tomorrow, Kirti’s…. Naira says don’t worry, none can compete with Kirti tomorrow. Naksh comes and sees everyone with chits. He asks what’s happening, you all got caught for seeing each other’s chits. Naitik and Bau ji say its too bad. Naksh says I have seen you also. Naksh records the video and says enough for today, this video will be function’s highlight. He runs. They ask him to stop. Naitik says let him go and do anything, even this will be happening in Manish’s house. Bau ji laughs.

Dadi asks Manish and Akhilesh what are they doing, they have sent kids to steal chit from their room. Manish says you have also sent kids. Kartik and Kirti say everyone thinks same and used same spies. Nairaa says kids got to know everyone’s songs. Naira asks them not to cheat. They all agree to work on their songs. Kartik asks what’s in your chit. Naira says no cheating. He says I will dance with you. She says no way, it will happen as per chit. He says fine, I can show my chit, where did it go. Manish gets Kartik’s chit and says its my song. He smiles. Kartik says I will ignite fire on stage. Naira says fine, first find the song on which you have to dance.

Dadi sees Naira and says I m very happy seeing you toning down your looks than Kirti. Bhabhimaa says but we are sorrowful.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Hello guys
    I didn’t get time to watch but by reading it I felt good.i like sangeet idea.

    But I don’t like daadi ideas of Naira light Make up because they are goenka and believe in show of and heavy jewelry.but at the time of engagement they did more make up just to create all this issues.they can order heavy jewelry from foreign countries to look keerthi great.there is no meaning in getting insecure because keerthi is very beautiful and get anything for her.see ,even all singanias wear stunning jewelry what is the meaning of all this.they are just giving more screen space to naira through all this like pregnancy track.

    When is sangeet I really want to watch all the performance.looking forward to busy tomorrow.going for a travel,will come in tu page.

  2. Fenil

    Hello Guys.
    Thanks Amena Dii for fast update and detailed episode.

    Superb episode.
    Will watch tomorrow as i was busy in friends birthday party.

  3. Yesterday i read comments and i was very dissapointed that people agree with dadi’s thinnking we should understand that everyone has to make its own place in one’s heart that’s the true fact we cannot take other’s place like kheerthi ki nature itni achi or caring haioi and she has to make her own place in singhanis and jo wo kr bhi le geee but yh khna ky naira functions maun participate na kre or bs kheerti is not fair with naira afterall naksh is his bro and she has all rights one more thong kheerthi kbhi bhi naira ky jagh nhe lt skti cuz naira behn haiii or kheerti wife dont get me wrong main negative sense main nhe kh rhe i just want to say everyone has its own place value and no one can take others place

  4. Naira was actually looking nice in simple looks..overmakeup doesnt suit her

  5. I have stopped watching yeh rishta.. Only reading uodates.. Why to waste our precious time..

  6. OMG! Its too much. These Singhanias even cant take a breath without Naira. I wonder when they become so dependent on Naira for everything.

  7. Shivangi/naira has been increasing the amount of makeup she applies on her face lately making her face look distorted and disproportionate. I think the actress has a very low self esteem and complex about her dark skin . I hate people with low self esteem. Embrace ur skin color dark or fair bhagwan ka gift hai woh. Moreover too much of makeup and weird hairdo makes her look very bad. All she needs is a bit of self confidence and very minimal makeup.

    On the other hand mohena/kirti Doesn’t hide her original skin tone which is dark and that’s what i like in her

  8. Hey all; Kaina sis where are you
    The episode has some elements of the old YRKKH
    WOW the ladies of Singhania house are going to take Dadi Goenka’s school
    I will have to watch it tomorrow because I am on my outside of town – just a day trip.
    But I can’t wait for them to give it to her good and Naira should shut up and not come in between
    Although I don’t like Naira’s Mahan attitude I still cannot condone Dadi Goenka’s attitude towards her.
    Everyone has their time to shine and it is still early for Kirti to have a place in their heart. Let us be honest – Kaira has been married for months now and Naira has done a lot for Dadi’s approval – she still has not accepted Naira by heart. She bullied her a lot in the beginning and still does. And now she wants Singhanias to be singing Kirti Kirti Kirti even before marriage. Of all the shows I watch on Starplus she is the only grandmother I can’t stand. She is two faced, hypocritical, jealous, bully, overact, self righteous and with low self esteem. She needs prayers – Baisa should have taken her along for puja.
    I don’t like the way the CVs are only showing Naira missing Akshara what about Naksh he was more closer to her than Naira. Not once since the wedding track started have we seen Naksh talking to Akshara or missing her. We need to see that – they share a special and close bond and it was always a delight to watch.
    I was thinking – that after the wedding the CVs will show more of Keesh – well I am hoping and we get to see Kirti grow strong with the love and support of the family.
    Also the video the twins made of Naksh’s confession – that is still undisclosed – what if it is shown in the sangeet because Naksh was taking some video footage and said it will be shown in the sangeet so I am thinking that Goenkas are doing one as well -so what if it got mixed up and played out for everyone. Just a thought
    Hey Fenil and others where are you guys yarr.
    Have a awesome day all

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