Shani 29th November 2016 Written Episode Update

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Shani 29th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Yam applies mud on Shani’s face followed by Yami and their friends. Kakol shouts against it but no one pays heed. He gets pushed away once again. Yam and Yami enjoy seeing Shani thus. Kakol requests Yam to stop. Yam says game just began. He walks up to Shani. You (Friends) know the rest of the story as to how the Asura was tied and made helpless. His friends pull in a heavy chain and put is around Shani. Shani stands there with a peaceful look and smile on his face. Yam says he will be dragged just the way father dragged that Asura. Yu (Shani) can leave the game if you do not like it. Shani replies that that what has begun must reach an end. Kakol requests them to stop but Yam tells him to be quiet. Leave. Kakol turns into bird and flies.

Shani gets dragged by Yam. He falls down.

Kakol runs up to Chhaya who is collecting flowers. He informs her about what’s happening with Shani.

Shani is made to fall in the muddy water. Yam and his friends laugh. Yami says you don’t deserve to be in Dev Loka Dhammasur (Asura). Return to Pataal Loka! They are shocked to hear their mother’s voice. Yam turns to Shani. The game was incomplete but remember the lesson. You are not one of us. You are an ugly Asura. Don’t call me your brother again. You don’t deserve to be here. Return to where you have come from. Chhaya asks Yam what game this is. Who acts like this with his own brother? Why is he tied? Is this what I have taught both of you? Shani says no. It’s happening as per my wish. This is just a game. She asks him if Kakol is lying. Shani says he said what was true in his eyes. What I am saying is true in my eyes. You must abide by the rules if you have to play. She tells them to end the game. Everyone should head to their rooms. Yam glares at Shani before leaving.

Chhaya takes Shani with him. What was the need of playing the game when they were calling you Asura? He says they were only trying to label me an Asura. I told you I will try so I did try. Kakol denies. They called Shani black, ugly like an Asura. Tell me one thing. why is Shani dark skinned when you and Surya Dev are fair? Chhaya is left speechless. How to tell that Shani is the son of Devi Sandhya’s shadow! His colour is this because of me. Shani tells her not to pay heed to what Kakol said. He says whatever comes in his head. A Daasi informs Chhaya about Dev Vishwakarma’s arrival. Chhaya gets tensed. Shani asks his mother about the guest. Chhaya says he is your Nana ji. Shani is surprised. Why are you so tensed? Kakol is impressed. How many more secrets will come out in one day? He is the scientist of Gods, right? Chhaya nods. Shani asks her if he can meet him. Chhaya nods. Most probably he has come to meet you only. Freshen up. Kakol too goes with him excitedly.

Chhaya wonders how to face Dev Vishwakarma. I have never met him. What if he finds out the truth about my identity? She calms herself down before going in. Dev Vishwakarma complains to Surya Dev for hiding such big news from him. What should I say to you! I am surprised that my daughter hid such a big truth from me! Chhaya greets him. He looks at her from top to toe pointedly. Who are you? He goes to her. You cannot be my daughter! Surya Dev is puzzled while Chhaya is tensed. Surya Dev tries to say something but Dev Vishwakarma points out that a father is talking to his daughter. Surya Dev excuses himself. Dev Vishwakarma says I advised you years ago to learn to bear the heat of Surya. I am happy you did that but I never thought you will hide the truth of my grandson’s birth from me.

Shani and Kakol are headed to the room.

Dev Vishwakarma says the daughter who could not stay away from me even for a day dint come to tell me about my other grandson. If my daughter did this then there must be a big reason. What are you hiding from me? Chhaya looks down. He says only those who lie look away. Tell me what you are hiding. Chhaya replies that your daughter dint hide anything from me. She is doing tapasya. Don’t ask me the reason. He demands to know the truth. She thinks to tell him Shani’s truth. Sometimes some things happen that people seem culprit even when they are not. I was bound by my promise and duties. This is the reason why I had to hide the truth about my son not just from you but from entire world. She relates everything to him that has happened from the day of Shani’s birth till today. Dev Vishwakarma is pained. My grandkid was raised in jungle, away from his family and home. You kept going to jungle and coming back here for years! Chhaya says a gardener plants a seed and then works hard day and night to turn it into a tree. My hard work also paid off only because of son Shani. Doors open. Dev Vishwakarma looks at Shani.

Indra Dev complains to Shukracharya for taking too long to create an Asura. Guru Shukracharya asks him to hold his hand. Indra Dev reluctantly holds his hand seeing the storm originating. He is blown in air but because of Shukracharya’s grip, he stands safe. Guru Shukracharya tells him to meet his new creation. He is ready! Indra Dev says now it will be proved if that kid is indeed Karamfaldata or Surya Dev’s son!

Precap: Yam says I respect my mother but cannot accept the one as my brother who cast an eclipse on my father the moment he was born! Shani tells him to stop. Come on the right path or I will have to do it. Dev Vishwakarma asks Chhaya to honestly tell him who she is. Chhaya ends up telling him the truth. I am not Sandhya but Chhaya. Your daughter created me with her shadow. Indra Dev says Shani will pick his weapon when his family will be in trouble. Chhaya shouts for Shani!

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Oh my God EMOTIONAL ATTAYACHAR this yam & yami & his so called frnzs are such a beasts koi aise vyavahar karta hai apne bhai se? i kakol was such a true friend his sincerity 2wards shani is nice feeling bad 4 shani

  2. Shani.. is awesome… Yam and Yami is beast..


    interesting & waiting for shani’s weapon scene……
    suryadev ko kab patha chalega shani ki maa Sandhya nahi Chhaya hai….!!??

  4. Sabrina

    Precap is amazing Shani bringing yam on the right path lol can’t believe chaya tell her father the truth omg

  5. Nandhini

    Patal lok scene where it first showed Mahadev’s giant rock like structure was superb! This is the first time i am seeing indra dev and guru shukracharya are planning something together…dev vishwakarma is going to see shani dev straight into his eyes! What will be that effect?? Maybe dev vishwakarma will realize the truth,, the weapon created by him will belong to only shani dev the moment he looks into shani dev’s eyes!
    Hii vanshika! Now my mobile got fixed…so no problem now??

    1. Vanshika

      !! Oh ok ? nandini di.. Yeah this is first tym Indra dev n shukracharya planning something together.. Even I’m thinking same, lets see what happens next ??

  6. Supreetha (Soups)

    Hi everyone! My name is Soups. I would like to join this group. May I? Anyone from the Siya ke Ram family will know me. 🙂 Hope to make new friends here.


      hiiiii Supritha.. ✋

      poochne ki kya zarurath…!!?? this is public forum yaarrrrrrr…. share ur opinion… ☺☺☺
      any way …
      welcome to Shani family…???..

      1. Supreetha (Soups)

        Thanks bhai!!! 🙂

    2. Nandhini

      Hii Supreetha! I am nandhini… I know you but you dont know me…i am a silent reader of SKR forum page?…your SKR buddy vanshika also comments here…you are always welcome here!?? So we are Friends in Shani serial forum!??

    3. Vanshika

      Wow soups di u here!! I’m also here!!

      1. Supreetha (Soups)

        Vanshu!!! So nice to see you here 🙂 how are you? How are your ff’s going? Sorry I haven’t been able to give much time to reading them!

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