Beyhadh 29th November 2016 Written Episode Update

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Beyhadh 29th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Arjun during dinner party with his and Saanjh’s family takes selfies and does his usual witty talks. They sit for dinner. He sees Maya’s key with him. On the other side, Maya panics seeing her mom unconscious on floor. She calls Arjun and Arjun rushes out. Whole family waits for him to return for 30 minutes. Prem asks to dinner now. Suman says let us wait till Arjun returns. Prem says he will not come and tells Saanjh that she should forget Arjun as he has moved out of her life to someone else’s life. Suman shouts at Saanjh to run away from here and don’t be afraid of anyone, Prem. Vandana asks them to stop figting. Ayan calls Arjun, but he does not pick call. Saanjh asks him what is he doing instead of calling Arjun. Ayan says bhai is not picking call.

Arjun rushes to Maya’s house and sees Jahnvi unconscious on floor. Maya pleads to save her mother. Arjun picks Jahnvi and rushes towards car. Maya shouts not to take her mother away from her. Arjun says her mom needs doctor first. Maya continues panicking. Arjun shakes her and asks her to go and sits in car and opens back door. She sits in car and cries mom I came. They reach hospital and doc takes Jahnvi to ICU. Arjun consoles Maya that nothing will happen to her mom. Doc tells Arjun that Jahnvi’s condition is still unstable. Maya prays god and pleads not to punish mom for her mistakes.

Ayan says family that bhai is not even replying to messages. Saanjh also eaggerly tries. Vandana asks her to relax and take rest now. Saanjh tells Ayan let us go to Maya’s house and see what Arjun saw in Maya that she lacks. Arjun sees Saanjh’s missed calls and calls her. San Saanjh confronts if he does not care about them and ran to Maya, everyone is waiting for him with dinner. He shouts Maya’s mom is in hospital and he really does not care about her, she can go to hell. Saanjh tries to speak, but he disconnects call. Prem says Arjun did not do right with Saanjh. Saanjh says Ayan let us go to hospital, Arjun may need them.

Maya continues crying. Arjun consoles her. She says he is a good man and god will listen to him, he should pray for her mom’s recovery. He hugs and consoles her. Saanjh with Arjun reaches there and is shocked to see them hugging. Maya smirks with closed eyes, feeling Arjun’s touch.

Precap: Arjun tells Saanjh that Maya does not have father. Saanjh says she has, his name is Ashwin Mehrotra. Ashwin is seen forcefully trying to enter Maya’s flat and Maya trying to close door.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Shalini Senthil

    Nice episode …jenny acting super …arjun is very kind …after jhanvi maya trust or understand anyone is arjun only…hope arjun help maya to live a normal and happy life like all do she really need arjun love and care in her life …

  2. Very sad episode y because today Maya cried alot…?..oh Saanjh..y u r coming between Arya…she don’t have any one with her mother only…i think ye Saanjh is informing to Ashwin like they are in hospital..??..? u jenny ? waiting for next episode…

  3. Lovely episode…lots of emotions…jenny u r awesome?????….what an incredible performance….and last part was too good as arjun hugs Maya and saanjh is seeing that??

  4. Shalini Senthil

    All charator in behyadh doing behyadh good acting…good serial

    1. Yup,,,,,all are best……

  5. Todays episode and especially maya was just wow , this show has to become no 1 show , whereas in reality what we see all the sill craps naagin 2 , kumkum bhagya which are showing the same things in part one in part two as well or kumkum bhagya showing the same content in either same way or different way are grabbing trp

    1. Ya right Rishi..i don’t kkb still getting more trp.

  6. How can Premium think that Arjun betrayed Sanjh? For Arjun, this was always about friendship. He only saw her as a friend. Sanjh is so annoying as well. She calls him asking what is special about Maya. I get it she is hurt but her parents and his mom were just ready to force him to marry Sanjh without asking for his opinion.

    1. Ya I’m saying this from starting.but who ever not understanding this.saanjh giving more importance to love than friend ship..that’s why she said “aaj katham hogaya ye friend ship”bcoz Arjun left without informed to her and all..who ever not giving importance to Arjun feelings.bechari Arjun thought Saanjh is his best friend..but her side its love.

  7. nice episode maya’s acting is just fantabulous all family is fighting becoz of arjun actually it is not arjun’s fault why can’t saanjh say that she has feelings 4 him to some extent maya ‘ point of viewis right she is alone no one cares 4 her her father also torture her & mom she needs someone who protect her, care her , love care saanjh & maya’s family has so many differences saanjh is surrounded by love whereas may is surrounded by hatred so she need a better person

  8. The update seems to be very short,,,,,,,I don’t think that Maya smirked,,,why will she smirk while crying, o.O ,,,,was nt able to watch the epi,,,,,waiting to watch it,,,,,,
    #LuvUArjun #LuvUKushal

    1. Maya didn’t smirks..she smiled happily..he consoles her with his huge.but all trying to show Maya is villan with their written.i hope who watched serial daily episode they will not misunderstand Maya character.she is not vilan.she is caring her love.. maya doing is right n have no wrong intension for any one n she care for her lover then its not wrong.

  9. Angelk1

    Just because maya is going through things that doesnt mean she deserve arjun. A lot of people go through things , but they have to over come it by facing it, not depand on another person. Maya character is strong she doesnt need arjun to be happy.

    Arjun sees maya as a friend just like saanj. Its not clear who he likes, we wont know until he actually shows sign of liking that person or he admits it. Lets see it this way, if saanj was in maya position would she be sympathies?….a little but not the same way as maya is being sympathies. Thats because some people just look at who fits together instead of actually trying to understand the story.

    Lets go back to maya character. In the beginning we see her as a bold character and does things on her term. Lets not forget a clever person, so why did she need to call arjun when her mother pass out. She could have handle the situation with out a third person like she always does. And when arjun hug her, she was enjoying the hug knowing her mother wasnt doing well.

    Maya character is definetly broken, and will continue to be through the eps. Arjun can make her happy, but she will ruin her own happyness by becoming too obsess with him.

    Arjun on the other hand care about his friends a lot, why else do you think he yell at saanj on the phone. It wasnt because he love maya …its because he consider maya his friend and she needed him at the moment , arjun is dense but he is a good person and a true friend.

    Saanj on the other hand, is letting the family get to her. She should support arjun until he realize it himself that he likes her. Not force it. She shouldnt be afraid of maya, because maya cant remove her from arjun life. When theirs arjun theirs a saanj, even when he had girlfriends saanj was always in his life so she should confront maya with confidence.

    Lastly, If maya loves arjun she should try to get a long with his friends and family to win him, not scare them or threatening them. But all the best to these characters.

    1. Angel…we saw Maya as a strong character but inside she was very afraid and weak….her only hope if life is her mom…she was immature in this aspects… because of her so called father ashwin…for others means she can think to do what next but for her mom she was stuck in mind…she want her to wake up like a kid trying to wake up a mom from sleep…Maya is sooo weak she needs arjun…
      And she smiles because he gives her support and he console her…she trust that his words can’t go wrong… So mom ll b safe soon…and finally that hug was liked by her…that’s true I agree…

    2. //Some people just looks at who fits together// yea,,,,,that’s soooo true,,,,In the begining,I was eagerly waiting for Ar-ya just bcoz I loved Jenni(Maya) and Kushal(Arjun) ,,,I didn’t lyk Anehri as Saanjh coz I’ve never watched any of her serials before and the fact is Maya looks better with Arjun than Saanjh,,,,,Saanjh is cute,bt Saa-jun doesn’t look good together and yes,this is a reason why some ppl are after Ar-ya even when Maya is showing her negative shades……even nw when I’m watching the show in TV, I enjoys Ar-ya eyelock/love scenes more than Saa-jun eyelock/love/hug scenes…..Bcoz Maya-Arjun together makes such a perfect couple (look wise),,,,,,,,,bt when I stopped watching it and started reading updates I got it that Saanjh’s love for Arjun is the real love,,,,,,,,see the way she supports Arjun,,that’s unconditional love,,she never got mad at him for any reason and always tried to make him happy,,,,,N smtyms I’m lyk I want Arya and then the next moment I want Saajun…..can’t choose b/w them,,,,So it’s better to follow the story wid good hopes rather than wishing for any pair/romantic scenes…….,bt I don’t think that Maya is as strong as she pretends to be,,,We don’t knw why she z lyk this,there might be some BIG reason,else who will behave lyk this,,,,,,,,,Bt one thing is sure,Arjun will be happy only wid Saanjh,,,,and after today’s hug scene,I was lyk,,,,,,wat!!!!!!! why did she smiled after hugging Arjun,,,did she forget that her maa is in hospital,,,,Bt some ppl will support Maya’s this act also,jsut bcoz they see Jennifer ,not Maya,,,,,,Maya really is a grey shaded character,,,,,

      1. Angelk1

        I agree with what you said. I’m jennifer fan, love her in her last show i forgot the name it was long. Even though i love her acting , i wouldnt support her character lol. Her character is fifty shades of dark. So much mystery around her maya character.

        I’m telling you she will snap and will. Try to hurt anyone closer to arjun .

      2. Silent reader… you are feeling like that difference bcoz of they are not written properly Maya example smirks&she called Arjun sentence is fake.

    3. Angelk1 r u watched yesterday episode r not??Maya didn’t called to Arjun..he called to Maya for given information about keys..that time Maya cried..he listened her cry..he went there with his own.

      1. Angelk1

        The written update clearly says maya calls arjun and he rushes out. So I’m not wrong in my defense. And no i havent scene the eps

  10. I really dont like Saanj… She is loves Arjun but she cannot force him to love her… All their parents and family are also annoying… Especially suman… Prem is correct.. if you start building hopes and later if it breaks you will be hurt. Thats what he is trying to say but all these mental family members didnt understand. Arjun has helped Maya since her mother was very serious and she was crying in the phone… He still dont feel anything for Maya or Saanj… Yeah Maya is also negative and tricks Saanj to get Arjun’s attention to her.. But its not like Arjun will blindly love Maya. He will understand why Maya is like that and may be fall in love with her.

    1. I agree with Ur thoughts…I want the same …. Maya’s behad love should be reciprocate by arjun….after know her all secrets…that should b the proper way of life…I need arya to b together forever…

      1. Agree with maanu…Maya is so weak inside.i don’t care future episodes..present Maya is good with good heart..Maya knew Saanjh is in love with Arjun.that’s why she is trying to avoid from Arjun..when Maya called both are best friends in front of sarjun..saanjh stays silent only Arjun was reacted..I’ll kill if who ever tried to separate obviously Maya will get know saanj love feelings.

    2. Yea agree wid the fact that Suman is annoying,,,,,I strongly doubt that Suman is the reason why Saanjh loves Arjun,,,,,coz they were best frnds na,hw come frndship turned to love only for Saanjh,,..maybe Suman is the one who asked Saanjh to see Arjun as his lyfpartner instead as frnd and maybe after that Saanjh became serious abt Arjun,,,If Arjun was in good terms wid his mother ,Saanjh and Arjun would have been married by now,,,,Suman will regret alot for supporting her daughters one sided love,,,coz one sided love is always painfull and it’s sure that Maya will propose Arjun soon,,so Saanjh’s heart z gonna break,,,,,,,Prem is the only one who is in senses,,Whatever he is saying is right,,,,,Suman is living in her dreams and teaching her daughter to live lyk that,,,,,it’s lyk ,the whole world knows Saanjh loves Arjun,except Arjun,,,,they shud think practical,,,,,,If Saanjh’s heart z gonna break,,,the whole family will be responsible for that

      1. Angelk1

        Your right on that, but i highly doubt she had feelings for him because of that. Her family know if they dont push her, she will never tell arjun how she feels. Remember eps two , she kept telling them arjun and her are just friends because she was trying to hide her feelings. And the family knew about it.

        But lets get to the point here, everone is saying saanj will get heart broken because of maya proposal, what made it seem like arjun will accept her proposal. He probably will be surprise because for one maya is his boss, and two they just became friends. This would lead to rejection.

        The only way arjun would accept is if he had feelings for her or maya threaten him. And he will be trapped by maya in a relationship he didnt want. I will say he will get trapped by her because maya is conniving and clever, she always think ahead of things.

      2. Yea,,,,we donno hw Saanjh fell in love wid Arjun,,,,,,,bt if Saanjh waits for Arjun to realize it his own,it will be too late,,,,coz I heard that Maya will soon propose Arjun and U said rite,Maya will threaten him,,,spoilers says so,,,,donno whether they are fake or not,,,,bt it was written lyk Arjun will reject Maya’s proposal and Maya will threaten him and after that Arjun will accept her,,,,,

  11. ???????loved the epi

  12. poor Sanj……….

  13. Wow wow wow episode was fab & jenny i love ur correct. We can see many people like saanjh but we can see rarely like maya. Jenny is really perfect for this role. I like saanjh also but please yar let u live arjun to maya please because she need love & care. U will get better husband than arjun already u rejected that person who came to see u. He loves u right. So go to him yar. Make arjun & maya couple soon yar.

  14. Hey Revathy..I totally agree with you..All the family members and saanj are trying to force arjun to love her..But Arjun still does not feel anything for her and also for maya..but gradualy I think he will fall in love with Maya…

  15. MA ji why you are typing mistakely every time…please write it correctly like how they showed in episode..who ever not seen episode..if they read this written..surely they will mistaken characters in their imagination based on this story this written is shown against Maya character.?

    1. Well that’s true,,,,for those who are reading updates,each and every word matters,,,,,,In that epi where Arjun confronted Maya for misbehaving wid Saanjh,,the writer of the update wrote lyk ‘Arjun left the cabin and Maya smirked’,,,,,I was lyk,,why on the earth will Maya smirk after seeing Arjun’s anger,,,,N I watched the epi and Maya’s exprsn was totally diff frm wat was written,,,,she was lyk really frightened/pale ,,,,,nowhere near a smirk

      1. Ya I saw more times wrong written about Maya character..but i i saw some with out watch pointing Maya character..i felt bad to see this.i love Maya’s not mean about beauty.i like her character more.her every reaction beside reason is there.

  16. The complexity of Maya’s character is because of her being an insomniac sociopath. The Indian television has the tendency of portraying everything in a positive light to end but I believe this is a revolutionary show and it may change some perspectives. The regular audiences who likes rom-coms should stay away from this because it won’t suit them and they won’t be able to digest its unexpected storyline and mystical twists.

  17. Guyz so much comfusion i just want to say that dnt expect any couple from this show bcz it may can happen anything…may be it will be a happy ending or tragedic ending…so guyz just chill and enjoy the show…this show is not like other show…its something different bcz u an see this on shows name only..its beyhadh….so its mayas obession story…..all are doing great job as an actors

    1. Angelk1

      I agree, i dont want the show to be ruin because of shipping

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