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|| Your mind makes you realise what’s right or wrong. One should never become arrogant because of the same. Shani teaches that your character is formed when you are smart, dedicated and calm ||

Devi Parvati tells Vinayak not to let her yagya be disturbed. Don’t let anyone come here till it is done. She gives him a weapon. No one can defeat you till you have this. He promises her that he wont let anyone come here till her yagya is complete. She leaves to do her yagya. Brahma Dev and Narayan also disappear. All Gods turn to leave. Vinayak calls out to Shani who stays back. Vinayak asks him what he should do to be on the right path. Shani shares that our head is what makes us calm and tolerant. We should keep it pure and devoid of arrogance. Don’t lose it ever. Vinayak promises him. Shani leaves. Devi Parvati starts her yagya. Vinayak hears her voice. I wont let anyone enter in Kailash till mother completes her tapasya.

Mahadev opens his eyes. It is time to return to Kailash.

Everyone returns to Surya Loka. Chhaya remarks that Vinayak has become very powerful after getting blessings and powers from everyone. Devi Parvati is very happy. Shani still wonders where Mahadev is. Surya Dev shares that he is in deep meditation. He doesn’t even know that Mata Parvati has been blessed with a son. He will be thrilled after knowing this. Shani asks him when it will happen. Surya Dev replies that it can happen any minute. He can return to Kailash anytime. Shani says something very wrong is about to happen. If Vinayak tries to stop Mahadev, he will be really irked.

Mahadev reaches Kailash but Vinayak warns him to stop at his place. No one is allowed to enter in Kailash.

Shani says outcome will be destructive if they come face to face.

Mahadev looks at Vinayak. Step out of my way. Let me go inside. Vinayak repeats that the path is closed for now. Not just you, even Mahadev cannot enter right now. Return to where you have come from. It will be good for you or you yourself will be responsible for the consequences. Brahma Dev remarks that this is what they were trying to avoid. The time has come. Narayan says fate gave Shani a chance to cast his Drishti on Vinayak even though he promised not to do so.

Mahadev gives his introduction to Mahadev. I stay here. Now I request you to allow me inside. Maybe you dint knew me earlier but you know me now. Vinayak looks at him intently. You would understand the meaning of a promise if you are Mahadev. I cannot allow anyone to go inside. It will break the tapasya. I have promised not to let it break. No one can break it till I am here. Mahadev assures him that the tapasya wouldn’t be hampered by his going inside. He takes a step forward but Vinayak raises his finger at him. You crossed your limits. I warned you not to take any step further but you have forced me to react. Vinayak is about to attack when Shani tells him to stop. One, who thinks about the consequences before doing the karma, is smart. You should know who you are going to attack. Everyone else joins them. Shani shares that it is Mahadev, his father. Mahadev smiles at Vinayak but he doesn’t budge. I neither know my father nor Kailash’s Swami nor Tridev. I only know my mother! I give importance only to the promise I have given to her.

Brahma Dev suggests Narayan to intervene. This isn’t right. Narayan replies against it as this is destiny. we are mere spectators in this.

Shani says the order of a wife isn’t applicable on her husband. Devi Parvati’s order meant that no outsider can enter in Kailash. She wouldn’t want you to stop Mahadev ever. Vinayak questions him as to how he can be sure of what his mother said. If she would have told me to allow Mahadev inside then I would have done so. She said no one should enter. It will be that ways only. Devraj steps forward. You are Mahadev’s son but you must not forget your limits. Beware! Shani advises him to not interfere in this matter. Devraj speaks of his duty as Devraj. I have to make sure Tridev’s are respected. Devraj tells Vinayak to apologize to Mahadev or the consequence wont be right. Vinayak advises him to think of good or bad. Anyone who thinks is capable enough should fight with me to prove himself. Mahadev tell him to be quiet. There will be no war in Kailash. Vinayak adds that it would be till the time no one challenges me. He prompts Devraj again. I gave you a part of my power but I can surely destroy you using that very same power! Shani tries stopping him but in vain. Devraj falls down in the process which angers him all the more. Devraj starts the war. Vinayak accepts his happily. he taunts Devraj for being so weak. I dint enjoy. Try using your full powers. Mahadev turns to Vinayak. It is good to fulfil the promise given to mother but it isn’t right to do so many wrong deeds just to complete one good deed. Vinayak isn’t bothered. It is my duty and it is just to fulfil the promise given to my mother. You can tell Devraj this. Shani reasons that some promises are best to be broken for the betterment of the world or! Vinayak points out that this Trident is just to scare devotees like you. This has no power to defeat Mata Parvati. I don’t think he is Mahadev. Is he some guy in his disguise? Shani gets angry and his eyes turn blue.

Chhaya reminds him of his promise to Devi Parvati. Shani says the promise given to your mother is protecting you till now Vinayak. Don’t forget what I told you earlier. Vinayak recalls his words. Shani says you dint take me seriously though. Your arrogance has gained a strong control over your mind. Now it is time to kill your arrogance. Vinayak taunts him for lecturing. You too have no strength to attack! Shani’s eyes turn blue. A Maharishi looks at the happenings and decides to stop it. Mahadev tries to explain to Vinayak. Listen to Shani. I am your father. I wont misguide you. Keep your arrogance in control and listen to what Shani is saying. Vinayak insists upon living up to his word. I don’t mind it if you call this arrogance!

Mahadev tells him not to test his patience. Vinayak asks him if he is scared what he will tell the world after losing out to a kid. Are you scared thinking that they will say you attacked a kid? Alright, I will attack first. He aims his weapon at Mahadev. It stops right before his face and falls down in his feet shocking Mahadev. Shani loses his cool. You have crossed the limit of my patience by attacking Mahadev. You dint come on the right path even though I explained to you. You deserve punishment now. I promised not to cast my Drishti on you at Kailash but it doesn’t mean that I wont cast my Drishti on anyone. The trident, which killed Brahma Dev’s arrogance once, will now kill your arrogance! He casts his Drishti on mahadev’s trident.

Precap: Mahadev mentally apologises to Devi Parvati. It is important though. Mata parvati realises that something wrong is about to happen. She rushes out but Mahadev’s trident cuts Vinayak’s head before she can do anything.

Update Credit to: Pooja

  1. pavan.n.holker

    can anyone tell dat when is reapt telecast availiable on next day?

    1. Kamalanayani

      Episode – 170
      09:00 PM – 09:30 PM, 30 Jun Set Alert
      Parvati sees Vinayak’s headless corpse and blames Shani for his demise. Later, Mahadev and Shani find an elephant’s head and decide to attach it to Vinayak’s neck.

    2. Early morning #6?

  2. Kamalanayani

    Do you remember tears flowing out of Mahadev’s eyes while the Trishul leaves his hands in DKDM…

  3. Writer has changed the story of shani along with others

  4. Good to know that the show has repeat telecast @ 6☺☺☺

  5. No where in any purana it is mentioned that Vinayaka’s head got severed by Mahadev due to Shani and Mata Parvati blaming him. Nor it was mentioned that Shani and Mahadev found a elephant head. The story is totally different. The producers nd director including the writer created a fictional story that is utterly ridiculous. People like these are changing the texture of the shastras and puranas creating a false impression on the younger minds.

    1. anamika singh

      No dear the director of the show is showing all the stories of shani dev even local story u can search on net there r many story telling as soon as shani dristi fell on ganesh shiva threw this trishul on ganesh and beheading him so it’s not fiction all stories are true

    2. anamika singh

      Sorry it’s not this trishul its his trishul

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