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Shani says Yam has completed his journey. Return his life now. Mahadev brings Yam back to life. Shani says Yam, I, Gods, Asuras, we all had been a part of this journey. Every person who will take birth in Mrityu Loka, his choice and karmas and their outcome will be an example for others. Humans will be called the best creation of life. Mahadev agrees with SHani. Yam became the first person to gain that knowledge and actually experience it. He knows about death and life after death. Yam will be responsible to free the souls of deceased people. At the right time, he will be appointed Yamraj. Mahadev gives Yam a mace. Chhaya and Surya Dev smile. Mahadev says it was done to explain about creation of earth and humans. Shani became its medium. He blesses everyone and disappears. Chhaya happily hugs Yam. She goes to SHani next who gives her credit. It only happened because of you. I could realise truth because of you only. From now onwards I will look for every answer to my any question inside. Chhaya hugs him. I have to find out who you are and why you have taken birth. Maybe I know the answer but I have to make sure if that, what I am thinking, is your identity.

Devi Sanghya wakes up shouting Yam’s name. She hurriedly runs out calling for Yam but finds the hall empty. Why is this place empty? Where did everyone go? Where is my Yam? Yam died. Does that mean they went to bid him adieu? She refuses to accept it. My life has no meaning without Yam and Yami. My life will lose its meaning if I lose either of them. I will kill myself. I will go to my Yam. I cannot live without Yam. Yam calls out to her. She looks at him in shock. Is this some dream or what? My Yam is right in front of me. She hugs him and cries. I cannot tell you how much I was hurt thinking I wont be able to see you again. Surya Dev says Yam is safe. Hope it wont happen that your love will make him unsafe. She says I thought I lost him forever. Yam says you saw yourself how Mahadev gave me life again and made me Yamraj. Why do you think I am unsafe then? She says it is shocking for a mother to think that her son is no more. Yam blames Shani for everything. I wont forgive him ever. Yami disagrees with him. If you are alive today then it is only because of Shani. Yam says Mahadev gave me life. Yami says Shani only understood and explained the meaning of creation on earth. No one, no God or Asura and not even father could fathom it. Surya Dev says I am upset with Shani but I am at peace thinking that Yam is with us because of Shani only. He asks Sanghya what she is thinking. Sanghya replies that Yam also did his duty. Son should be like him. He sacrificed his life to save Manu and Satrupa. Surya Dev declines. Mother should be like you. All this is because of your upbringing. I am proud of the fact that Yam and Yami got a mother like you. You bore my attack to save Shani. You are great. Yam and Yami hug her. Yam says we are proud of you. Sanghya thinks she is getting praised but these words are hitting her like arrows. I know it is Chhaya and her son who are being praised at the moment. Surya Dev is about to leave but stops in his tracks. He asks Sanghya how it is possible (after noticing her neck). Great! Your would healed. There is no mark of that. I cannot tell you how happy I am. I was feeling so guilty about that but not anymore. Take rest now.

Shani touches his mother’s wound. Forgive me mother. You had to bear this to save me. She says it is every mother’s duty to protect her kid. I did the same. He says I wont be able to forgive myself though. Dev Vishwakarma says I have the cure of your mother’s wound. Apply it. She will be fine then. Shani applies lep on Chhaya’s wound. This will heal but there is something else which still needs to be cured. She asks him what he means. He dismisses it and excuses himself. Dev Vishwakarma compliments Chhaya. You are really lucky to be treated by Shani himself. She agrees. I am indeed lucky as the power that defeated storm, made Indra Dev bow down and got Mahadev’s blessings. He thinks me of his everything but I still couldn’t understand who he is in reality. Maybe you know that what I want to know. He says what I would know. She insists that he knows that what he has hidden from her till date. Maybe you don’t want to tell me as I am not your daughter but I have a right to know as I am Shani’s mother. I wont let you go from here till you answer my question. She holds his hand and takes him before Shivlinga. He says I am helpless and bound by a promise to Mahadev. She keeps his hand on Shivlinga. You have swear of him only. Tell me the truth. Dev Vishwakarma tells her to think before he tells her the truth. Why and what’s different in him that he can cast an eclipse on Surya Dev who gives life to everyone? What is that power in him that he killed those Asuras? What’s different about him that even Mahadev had to change his decision for him? Chhaya gets thinking and cries. Dev Vishwakarma says he is not just your son but justice-doer. He is that energy which was created by Tridev’s itself so he can balance justice in the world. Shani is the one who will bring everyone on the path and will give everyone the results of their karma’s in their lives. Shani is not just Chhaya-putra but Karamfaldata Shani.

Shukracharya says Vyaktagandha cheated me. Now Shani will never trust me ever. Shani calls out to him just then.

Precap: Chhaya kills herself so she can become Shani’s power. Shani comes running to his mother’s room but maybe it gets too late. He shouts.

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