Beyhadh 25th January 2017 Written Episode Update

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Beyhadh 25th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Saachi thinks why Maya’s medical insurance was rejected thrice, what must be the reason. She gets e-mail from unknown admirer again and reads that she is going on a right path, Maya’s past is hidden in her present and she should find out truth. She thinks if Arjun knows anything and walks towards Arjun’s cabin. She hears peon and colleagues badmouthing about Arjun that they wasted time by studying, if they had known they can become rich by falling in love. She does not find Arjun in his cabin and then walks into Maya’s cabin and searches for evidence. Peon walks in and she hides under table. Peon sees items on floor and bends to repick them. Riya comes and asks to hurry up. Peon says Maya’s medicines are missing, if he does not find, Maya will dismiss him. Saanjh finds medicine strip and pushes aside. Peon picks and keeps it on table and leaves.

Arjun asks Maya if she cannot change her decision. She says he has to trust her. She burns match stick again and says let us take second oath, he has to trust more than self. He takes oath and sets off match stick with his bare hand.

Saanjh clicks medicine strip pic and takes it to pharmacist who checks and says it is a heavy antidepressant and cannot be given without prescription. Saanjh calls insurance company and tells manager that she is Fashion and the City’s chief legal advisor and wants to know reason for rejecting Maya’s medical insurance. He says he cannot disclose details. She says if he does not, she can sue his company and he will lose job. He nervously tells that Maya has psychiatric problem and is taking psychiatrist help since she is 9 years old. Saanjh is surprised and thinks of informing this to Arjun.

Maya looks at Arjun’s hand and asks why did he blow fire with his hand. He says she will test him often and he will burn his hand often. He gets romantic. Saanjh enters and tells Arjun she needs to talk something important. Maya says she will leave. Arjun holds her hand and asks Saanjh to tell in front of Saanjh. Saanjh nervously says how will she get her salary. Arjun says in that case, he will tell her tomorrow and today it is pack up. Maya says she needs to talk to Saanjh and takes her to cabin. Saanjh walks behind. Maya gives her pendrive and asks to check legal documents stored in it. Saanjh sees scar on Maya’s hand and asks how did she get it. Maya says she got it in childhood when she got injured. Saanjh walks looking at scar again and thinking to find out truth.

Saanjh walks down reminiscing insurance company manager’s words and scar. She sees Ashwin walking and thinks Maya’s papa may know about it.

Arjun is busy romancing Maya. Peon knocks door. Maya says someone wants to take his permission to enter. Arjun says come in. Peon brings wedding car. Arjun says he should get first card, he will not enter mantap. Maya angrily holds his collar and says this marriage will happen at any cost, if he does not come, she will bring mantap to him.

Precap: Saanjh informs Arjun that Maya takes antidepressant and doc told Maya’s mental condition is not good. Maya enters and asks what Maya…

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. This Blooodyy.. Samj. .. Oh Sanjh Plz Die Fast.

    1. instead of critisizing sanjh .face it maya is mentally sick. she needs treatment.

      1. True , she is already taking happy pills (antidepresent)

      2. is it not that if she mentally sick she need not get married or loved by any one. The fact is her father made her mad

  2. Getting boring becoz of this irritating Saanjh.she might be the cause if low TRP 🙁

    1. story is written by the writer not by sanjh character right.

      1. hello omi.. ‘Mayaz ‘considering abt Saanj character.. becoz of that bl**dy character viewers not happy.yek dat ugly face

  3. Ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooh
    My my hot scene
    God so sizzling chemistry
    Arya loving it u rock it

    Its dammm hot my gosh!!!!!!!!
    Love u gyes except saanjh ashwin janvi etc

    Arjun maya gyes oooooo god ur dammmmmmmmn hot couple plzz gyes keep this
    This show is really going to brust the hotness meter

    I love it
    love u arya its hard for me to stay awsy from beyhadh sat and sun i just think about bethadh ooo god my icse exam starting from march what i am going to do
    I know write beyhadh story!!!!!! I just hope my examiner is a beyhadh fan like me.


    1. dont u think u should focus on studies instead commenting examiner to be behadh fan.

    2. lool just get it full of beyhadh all over your exam sheets…it would definitely make you get above the pass mark and the examiner would be very proud of you ha ….

  4. Wow superb episode..ArYa scenes superb ?….while Maya taken promise from Arjun back ground music(mantras) is superb &finally cvs given name to maya health is “mental illness” ..,&my Maya given job with trust to saanjh,even her personal documents given to her,but how saanjh trusting ashwin after maya revealed her father tortures in front of all&interesting episode waiting for next episode.

  5. I didn’t like today’s episode very disappointing
    1) Too less arya scenes. I understand saanjh is also the lead actor but why is she given so much screen timing.
    2) Depression is being confused with madness even though both are completely different disorders
    3) Can’t a person suffer from depression? In today’s world almost every second person suffers from it. There’s nothing to hype about
    4) Saanjh does not understand the concept of privacy!! Going through Maya’s purse and personal files!! Wtf man get a life stop stalking the poor girl
    5) Finally by revealing Maya’s secret to Arjun what does she get? Does she think Arjun will come running to her dumping Maya?! Is she that shallow..still so desperate.

    1. Yes stefan,maya medical report rejected because mental illness but she is taking tablets for depression to control themselves.two different diseases.actually we know it Na ashwin tortured more to turn Maya as pagal but instead of she caught depression disease,means out of control anger.let’s see

    2. I agree with you and moreover what is this?I mean if some person has suffered so much in her life there is no wonder that she will be suffering from mental illness and depression . If a person has such mom who believes ashwin all the time irrespective of what he has done then what option is left ?
      Maya’s mom also do not trust her and support her then what would you expect from a person who has not got a single trust throughout her life .
      And what I think that Maya might have got mentally sick because she when Jahnvi would have been pregnant then Ashwin would have assaulted her and she would have got hurt during that time .
      And he would have forced and made Maya so much afraid of saying that she is mentally sick

    3. agar tum sanjh ki jagah hote toh tum arjun ki madad nahi karna chahte maya ki poori sachai jaannane mein. u will leave arjun to mentally ill person wow then u should be ashamed of urself to be called a frnd . sanjh is only helping arjun to known maya past thats it . sanjh is not manuplating arjun she is just helping just like afrnd.

      1. First of all mein kyu batau Arjun ko Maya k problem k baare me?? Ho sakta kuch time me Maya khud batayegi. You never know what if Maya wanted to tell Arjun her about her disorder maybe aftet their marriage but iss saanjh ko jaldi hai!
        Ye sab sunn k Arjun ko gussa ayega aur wo saanjh ko apni shaadi me invite nai karega! Ganda pachka hoga saanjh ka phir

      2. jaanane mein aur aadha sach jaan kar koi result dene mein fark hota hai….
        And agar aapke dost ka dil ek taraf ho to fir is tarah ekaek kuch na batata….usko bhi kuch problem ho skti hai…
        You should be ashamed of urself that apne dosti ki jagah aap dushmani ko zyada upar rakhen

  6. Shalinisenthil

    Most romantic pair arya they look so hot toghther need more hot scences between them jenny is awesome…..arjun and maya hug each other tighthly but peon disturb them both ….? i hope in upcoming episode more hot scences in between arya?

  7. ks can you post the link where kushal said beyhad will air off this september?

    1. Off air by september?why does it always happens with my Jennifer winget?
      Last time Saraswatichandra also got off aired in september

    2. Hii…?
      Even i saw the video..Kushal said that since beyhadh is a finite series,it will go off air in october

    3. PRNTSH. …Sorry dear I don’t have link…u can check in you tube..beyhadh sangeet videos..

  8. Saanjh move on learn something good allow the love birds to be happy… So sick

  9. Hi stefan missed ur commends but why nandini is not commending i love ur commenda nandini

    And this saanjh screen cutter doing nothing and wasting our behadh imp time why on earth is she not leaving arjun????? She thinks after knowing all saach arjun will come running and love her dumping maya!!!!!!!!

    Oh god it seems horrible.saanjh and arjun sarjun it seems like chepoo and they dont look a couple at all !!!!!!!!!!

    Saanjh why dusky why
    And r u mad like really man after knowing all tortours of maya u trust ashqin uuuuu know what u r worst friend ever
    U just dont care about maya u just want to bring her dark past so thatu could snatch arjun why man!!!!!!
    And u have no courage to speak in front maya
    U know what it suits u ur a cry baby and now a coward too an unfaithfull friend not trust worthy at alll die die

    1. Relax , Saanjh is doing what her script says , dont hate her , she is just acting

      True by telling Arjun that Maya is depressed , Arjun will have to figure that out himself

      Saanjh as lawyer is always snoopy to find out the truth lol , let her do her acting

      Some psychotic problems can be controlled by antidepressant , to keep then calm and happy

    2. Hiii hellsaanjh! Saanjh doesn’t have the guts nor confidence to face Maya cause she knows that Maya is always 100 steps ahead of her?

      1. Leave it for time hellstefan

  10. Angelk1

    Ashwin in a twisted way speaks half truth an will use saanj. Its not her fault shes worried. Arjun will always be her concern. But i wish this drama will be over soon. Their dragging things to much. An dobt arjun have better things to do then romancing in office.

    People will start thinking arjun loves maya for money. I mean they already started talking especially now that he owns some of maya property. So far i havent seen arjun work for his earning, ever since the trip. His getting everything without working for it.

    His character is a joke, i really hope they improove his character. And saanj please leave her company, you will only loose at the end. Even your job. Please go back to your old life without arjun. His not worth it.

  11. Too irratating arjun and maya romance….. Just stop it.

    1. very irritating….thanks for the pointing..

  12. Really tempted episode..❤

  13. Roby wolverine

    Yeah depression…? big deal… why in Hell’s name they’re making this a big deal. Of course she will have depression and some sort of mental problem as she was abused.. haven’t saanjh heard about Ashwin from Maya herself in front of media.. how could she be a lawyer and so naive and stupid is beyond me… If maya does something like invading privacy it’s so wrong and now what is saanjh doing… i thought this is a different serial… Again the usual CID, nosy, interfering Saanjh.. even if she has a disorder what’s the big deal.. Saanjh really has to grow up.. I too has a disorder so does that mean I am insane and mental and i don’t deserve love and marriage…? what are they portraying in this serial… it affects people like me…

    Anyway i loved the vows part a lot… The vows and scenes seemed so intense and beyhadhly beautiful in it’s own way.. And they’re dragging the scenes and getting bored with same Saanjh scenes..

    1. Rob you got the point. This program is becoming very irrational. I have no idea what the hell’s writer pointing out at, and shouldn’t let sannjh acting very immature in this program. And I agree, there is nothing wrong with maya’s illness, its common, I mean she is pretty,rich and smart. In reality, what ever illness or so called metal whatever she got doesn’t even show on her. I…damn*** I wish I could have her if arjun dosn’t…

  14. Saanjh should not be confiding in Arjun her findings , she should leave on Arjun , let him realize himself even if it’s too late and he is married , cause Arjun is in love and would never listen to Saanjh

    Saanjh should move on or if not then leave them

    I don’t mind her eavesdropping , so we fine out what psychotic disorder Maya has,
    I’m excited , I deal with geriatric psychotic

    1. Honestly, nothing she does will change Arjun’s mind and since that one is foolish in love and destined to be doomed, she should not save him.
      I saw some pictures online and I can see that Saanjh is not part of their marriage celebrations which gladdens my heart. Arjun should get married to Maya without his best friend’s support.
      Let’s see how happy he stays with a liar and manipulative person.

  15. Maybe Maya has bipolar disorder

  16. Ha ha just getting laugh by seeing all comments. Every one is loving maya and Arjun and hate saanjh. This is a storyline where they have to make saanjh interfere in maya and Arjun life. If she won’t bring the truth then how can we know the truth about maya past. To enjoy the serial every character is important. Arjun and Maya just can’t do the serial whole life just romancing thats why saanjh is just doing her job to make reveal some unknown facts of maya to viewers. Actually the serial name should be bewakoof instead of beyhadh??

    1. But why does SAANJH need to know the truth? For the story to go on and Maya’s secret to be revealed Ashwin was more than enough he knows what Maya is suffering from He could have spilled the beans. Saanjh just wants an excuse for Arjun to break up with Maya she’s hell bent on portraying Maya as the villain but her plan will definitely back fire I’m pretty sure Maya has planned something for her ?

  17. Or Maya has schizophrenia

    I’m so exited about her psychotic disorder , I wonder how the writers will portray it , Maya’s acting is awesome

    1. No not schizophrenia..probably bipolar disorder or Post traumatic stress disorder or even multiple personality disorder..probably bipolar cause sometimes she’s super happy and next she’s pissed off.. just like in today’s episode she got really angry when Arjun said he’ll not come to the mandap

  18. Stefan, agree with you, Maya shows symptoms of bipolar disorder , but defiantly not multi personality disorder.

    Saanjh is very curious to know the disorder in Maya’s life, but one thing doesn’t make sense , first day office , defiantly new computer or new outlook, how can Saanjh get that email from unknown person.

    Some facts in this drama doesn’t make sense , but over all I find it better than Ekta Kapoors drama which are totally bakwaas.

    And the way Maya’s mum is behaving , insanity. Ashwin abuser , (in real world should be behind bars)
    And Maya should have been in foster home ,
    But after all this is drama hahaha
    Some facts don’t just make sense at all

    But I can tolerate to watch this show, cause Maya acting is superb , Saanjh is better than Arjun

  19. O dear this program is very deep boring now. The writer should get it right by twisting this program to be interesting again and stop making saanjh looking for unnecessary findings about maya. That irritates…..

  20. Same old stories and same old comments praising maya , scolding saanjh wat’s new helljenny

  21. Who supports saanjh,that comments are commented by one person with many profiles.

  22. Wow if Maya did something extreme you guys called her phsycho &mad etc..but if saanjh did something,we don’t have right to scold her,you guys giving excuses like it’s script,character &it’s her character watch with that mature on all characters not only on your favorite one saanjh.

    1. Angelk1

      Ks you guys say worse then the majority of us. Its a lot of maya lovers in here an every day its saanj is the worst, shes the crazy one, shes a beach, she should die, shes annoying, crazy, cry baby it goes on an on. At least we stick with two to three words to describe maya. But you all find many definition in the book to name the character.

  23. To all sanjh haters,
    Its not about maya being mentally ill, its bout arjun knowing about it. Sanjh wants to confirm he knows about this or maya is hiding truth.

  24. Exactly ks we r fed up of saanjh we never its maya acting script and all actually we dont need to speak for maya her acting speaks all and pari BOL FOR UR HELL MAYA



    And do hell with saanjh

    Stefan may it be simple disorder only lets hope so!!!!!!!
    All maya supporters love u gues!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Right hell saanjh ?…we loves Maya always…our Maya is not mad based on new twist..i saw new twist news..i thought jhanvi is good but she turned blind in ashwin love,she did not changed,she is helping ashwin blindly ,she helped ashwin to give mental illness tablets to Maya.disgusting.

  25. Well no comments for stupidity.

  26. The way Maya looks at Arjun is like a spider weaving its web around a prey. Arjun is a fool not to see what Maya really is. Depressed people dont behave like that. Maya will endup attempting to murder Saanjh, Arjun’s mother and finally Arjun himself. I like Saanjh who is concerned about her best friend who is on way to destruction. People like Saanjh wont leave their best friends fearing. If Arjun was in Saanjh’s place, he too would have moved heaven and earth to save Saanjh. But I agree it is Maya who is the driving force and the top lead. Without her there wont be Bayhaddh.

    1. I’m sure ur guess will turn poor of think…

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