Shani 18th August 2017 Written Episode Update: Sudarshan Chakra beheads Rahu again!

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|| Expectations aren’t bad but one must not go overboard or they force you to do wrong things. Shani teaches that one must not have too many expectations. It can lead them to failures. ||

Simhika tells Sudarshan Chakra to cut the head of the one who cast eclipse on Surya Dev the moment he was born; who cheated his mother; because of whom his son’s body was cut into two; because of whom I had to use my powers for revenge. Kakol and everyone requests Narayan to stop Sudarshan Chakra. Narayan says Sudarshan Chakra never returns without completing its task. Simhika asks Shani his last wish. Shani accepts Narayan and Mahadev’s wish happily. Mata Anjana is also shocked to witness the scene. Sudarshan Chakra stops nears Shani’s neck but then it beheads Rahu again shocking Simhika. Shani also smiles.

Kakol hugs his friend relieved. Everyone else also smiles in relief. Simhika calls it a cheating. I told you to cut Shani’s head but your Sudarshan Chakra cut my son’s head once again! Narayan says one gets only Karamfal. Your and Rahu’s karmas forced Sudarshan Chakra to give you this Karamfal. Simhika turns to Shani. You are Karamfaldata. Why did you cheat me then? You said Sudarshan Chakra will listen to me once. Why did it not attack you then? Why did it attack my son? Shani tells her to remember her own words. You told Sudarshan Chakra to behead the one who cheated you; who broke your tapasya! Simhika recalls Rahu’s fake threat which forced her to break her tapasya. Shani adds that it was Rahu who broke your tapasya, he lied to you that Gods did injustice to him. He himself was responsible for whatever happened to him. You invoked Sudarshan Chakra to behead the one who got Rahu’s head cut. Rahu was beheaded because he was the one who cheated! Rahu looks upset. Shani goes to him. Rahu was responsible for what he got. It wasn’t Rahu’s turn to get Amrit. You told Sudarshan Chakra to cut the head of the one who tried to cast an eclipse on Surya Dev. I dint try. I gave Surya Dev punishment for his karmas when I was born. Rahu was the one who tried doing so. Hanuman foiled his attempt.

Simhika refuses to believe it. It is still cheating! You promised me that I can use Sudarshan Chakra to my heart once. Shani says you did that only. I promised to bring Sudarshan Chakra for you which I indeed did. Flashback shows Shani assuring Narayan that Sudarshan Chakra wont be misused. Mahadev reasons that a problem can arise because of that. Shani replies that he has learnt it from Mahadev only that no problem falls on good souls. Flashback ends. Shani says I learnt this from you only. Mahadev seconds him. When the devotee goes on the wrong path, it becomes the duty of God to stop them from following the wrong path. Brahma Dev advises Simhika to come on the right path or she will regret it. Narayan also tells her that if she will misuse her boon then it will become a curse for her later on. Tridev disappear. Simhika points out to Shani that his mother is still with her. Hanuman asks her if she is speaking about Mata Chhaya.

Chhaya comes there with Hanuman. Shani looks at her in surprise and runs to hug his mother. Hanuman tells Shani he has paid him back. You protected my mother and I protected yours. Chhaya asks about Sanghya and Surya Dev. Simhika tells her to ask her about Surya Dev. He is in my control now. She catches hold of him. Shani tells Surya Dev to break this bond. Simhika warns him against it. Yam will breathe his last if that happens. Not just Yam, I have another gift for Hanuman. Simhika ties Mata Anjana too. I now have a control on her shadow also. Hanuman shouts at her angrily but Shani tells him to stay calm. Simhika can harm Mata. Simhika seconds him. Surya Dev is in my control. My rule wont be over till the time he will continue to shine brightly. I will have control over everyone’s shadow. Tridev wont be able to harm me at all. Rahu asks Shani how he will find a way out now. Simhika tells him to stay quiet calling him mute. You came to me when Shani or Hanuman hit you. Have you ever tried looking for your own identity apart from me? A son makes his mother proud but you ashamed me! You had Amrit but are incapable to do anything yourself. Now that we are about to win, you are praising your mother! Can you do anything yourself? Help me now as you cannot do anything yourself! She begins to walk away. Ketu, Surya Dev and Mata Anjana follow her quietly. Hanuman feels helpless.

Devraj asks Shani what he will do now. Shani reminds him he is Devraj. It is your duty to find a way out of this problem. I can guide you though. There is a way that you chose earlier also to control the world. You will have to choose the same path to protect the world – Rahu! Go to Rahu if you want to change your deeds for good!

Rahu is haunted by his mother’s words. He turns all of a sudden to warn his follower. Devraj says you warn the attacker. You don’t warn your supporters. Rahu says I know your game well. Devraj says you would also know that I only care about my position. I can take anyone’s help for that (your, Mahadev’s or Simhika’s). Now you should think what you want! Rahu says I also played an important role in my mother’s plan. Devraj laughs. We don’t disrespect the ones who are precious to us. You called out to your mother for help but she took charge of everything. She got control over everyone including you. She used you till the time she needed you. Now she is using Surya Dev as she needs him. I have a solution for you. Simhika needs the light of Surya Dev to rule the world. You have the power to cast an eclipse on him. Will Simhika be able to harm you if you have Surya Dev’s power? You wanted to cast an eclipse on the sun. Now you have a chance. It is Rahu Kaal. You are much stronger right now. Rest is on you! Rahu tells him not to say anything more. He leaves. Devraj smiles.

Shani and Hanuman have heard everything. Shani tells Devraj his work isn’t over yet. Keep an eye on Rahu so he completes his task correctly. Devraj leaves to follow Rahu. Shani asks Hanuman if he is ready to do his karma. Hanuman looks at the sea.

Precap: Shani and Hanuman get into a fight. Later, Hanuman pours oil over Shani.

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  1. logon ko kartikeya se pyar Hain to ja Kar use mil lo bt it is very bad that the real truth story of God shani is being diverted from plot. Agar Avi nahin badlaoge to age duniya appko lakhosawal karega? jaisechandrakanta serial real chandrakanta kahani se divert karke trp ki chakar main faltu Chez add Kar rahen Hainaur yeh baat news paper per faila hua Hain. so ,trp chakarchodo aur shani ki elder avatar ko kahani ki anusar samne lao. bcz u have to show the life of God shani not childhood and loves of fans towards cuteness of child shani and trp .ok

    1. Kamalanayani

      But it is gonna be too hard to say good bye to Kartikey Malviya…
      Acc. to me, he has lived as Shani dev in our hearts… A good actor, commanding voice and a lot more to explain… I got an info that Kartikey’s shoot is over. Now the cast has changed to elder guys… Not sure about it but… I want Kartikey for more time….

    2. Ya Di you are absolutely right. It is gonna be too hard to say goodbye to kartikey aka shani dev. I am also want kartikey for more time. Now I close my eyes to remember shani dev I found kartikey at that place I mean I found him as shani dev. Yes he has lived as shani dev in our heart.

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