Kumkum Bhagya 18th August 2017 Written Episode Update: Abhi backs Purab to marry Disha

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Kumkum Bhagya 18th August 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Abhi coming to Sarla’s house and feeds them with sweets. Sarla asks what is the good news. Abhi tells them that Purab is getting married today in his house. Dadi, Sarla and janki are happy. Sarla gets emotional. Abhi says Purab said that he will not marry if you don’t bless him. Sarla says I am really happy that he got ready to remarry. She says she will come surely. Abhi says you will find your daughter in Disha. Abhi asks them to come and leave.
Aaliya gets angry seeing the arrangements.

Tanu tells Aaliya that she has thought how to stop the wedding. Mitali comes and says even she thought and will tell her. Tanu tells her that the idea is tried and tested and asks her to sit in the mandap, and says we will lock Disha in room. Mitali says she thought the same idea. They argue. Purab comes there. Munni asks Robin about the menu. Robin says it is still cooking. Purab asks Munni if there is any function at home. Abhi comes and asks Purab what is this, and pretends to be upset with him. Purab says he tried to take some solution, but situation was such that he was helpless. Abhi says you call me as brother and got married there in Haryana. He says you are just my name sake brother. Purab says you are more than a brother to me and says he couldn’t contact him. Abhi says he don’t trust him now. Purab says I am ready to do anything to get back your trust. Abhi asks him if you will marry the girl of my choice. Purab looks at Aaliya.

Aaliya thinks if he is talking about me. Abhi asks Munni if he is saying right. Munni nods yes and says yes you are right. Abhi asks Purab to agree. Purab thinks Abhi is talking about Aaliya. He says your family is my world, if you think that happiness comes with my marriage then I am ready. Aaliya gets glad and is on cloud nice. Abhi says I know that you can give your life, but can’t break my trust. He wants everyone know this, I want them to know that you are my brother. Purab is still shocked. Abhi says I was joking and says you have the right to live your life. Purab asks are you mad, you took my life. He says he is feeling bad and thought everything ended between them. Aaliya is shocked to know that Abhi joked with Purab. She thinks you did wrong with me Bhai.

He talks about Bulbul and asks him to marry to make the girl’s life better and happy and says even Bulbul wants this. He says congratulations. They ask about Disha. Purab says she is standing outside and goes to bring her inside. Aaliya comes to room and recalls Purab’s words. She sees Purab’s pic on the projector screen and cries. She says you are just mine, no Disha can come inbetween us. She gets crazy and says she had to kill Bulbul because of him and now have to kill Disha also. She says whoever comes inbetween us will have to die. She determines to get him anyhow. She says I love you and can’t see you becoming of someone else. You are just mine, nobody can separate us. She thinks of Tanu’s plan.

Abhi tells Purab that whatever happened was his destiny and says you brought here with hope and now breaking your promise. Purab says I never promised to marry her. Abhi asks then why did you sit in the mandap.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. When did our pragya gets conscious? I hope our pragya come soon… Nice episode

  2. i really dont understand what is going on is Aliya sitting in the mandap or disha and if it is aliya does purab and abhi knw that or is purab simply breaking his promise to disha

  3. Shivampahar

    hey all of u must read the THE FATE KUNDALI BHAGYA FF and help PREETA in our journey.

  4. I don’t know what’s going on?…I hope purab marry disha…I don’t see ever character like aliya..such a cruel,sadist lady.

  5. I don’t understand why viewers are still watching KKB. It is the same old crappy story repeating itself. Accidents, coma memory loss, bride swapping etc and the villains are roaming scot free. Now Aliya is planning Disha’s murder. Munni has become a puppet dancing to Tanu’s and Aliya’s tune. Absolutely stupid. I don’t think anything better will be coming in the next couple of months. Remember, Tanu’s pregnancy took around a year and half.

    1. I am with you. There s NO way I could watch KKB
      It is a complete waste of time. I read once every two weeks and the story doesn’t change from week to week.

  6. These writers never leave any stone unturned in making us sad they never let our happpiness last for more than a day they will never unite abhigya easily maybe they will unite them when their heads are full of snow(white hair) am starting to loose interest

  7. Firstly, I am sooo happy that pragya is alive! I knew munni wasn’t our fuggi, I wrote that a while back. Yes, I would like abhigya back together and it doesn’t matter now when they are going to be seen together as long as it is going to happen! Now at least I can start watching again.

    Was wondering when there will be a function again at MM, seemed like there was going to be one but now purab not getting married to disha, so it seems, anyway not interested in them two so couldn’ t care less. I’m really missing abhigya’s dancing.

    LOL to yesterday’s comment about taalya either going to jail or hell! I completely agree! I’m so tired of seeing them. I only like it when the smack each other, but that tanu needs to get quite a few from abhi. I’m hoping she,s going to get it.

    Finally to the guy who is telling us to read about kundali bhagya; NOT INTERESTED THANK YOU! I only care about abhigya.

  8. Well not interested in abhigya story as its not stable i am here to watch purab and disha but again this so called aliya will come destroy it but waiting for their chemistry .

  9. I am really sacred and confused because of the promo
    Though abhi gets beated up but we know nothing will happen to him but i am sacred of what if munni falls for abhi or decisides to act as pragya whole heartedly thinking pragya won’t come and also about pragya because waiting to know whether she is
    alright or is she having any memory loss as she is out of coma and if she is alright and when she comes to mm what will be her reaction when she sees abhi with a look alike of her and also abhi’s reaction seeing two pragyas at the same time
    I seriously don’t understand y these directors are playing with our emotions these many days we were feeling whether pragya is alive or not
    On wednesday they showed that pragya is alive but they didn’t give us complete happiness instead they gave us a fear of showing the promo of purab and disha wedding
    I just hope these directors show abhigya united soon and also purab getting married to disha and end munni track either she finds pragya and reveal aliya plan or she leaves abhigya life along with
    chutka and chutki

    1. Mythili just relax and wait and watch. Makers knows that only NY showing Pragya alive, they can’t fill the loss of the show. The show can reach on top only by showing abhigya together again. Becoz fans was badly missing not only Pragya, in fact abhigya and their lovely chemistry too. And that’s why they lost their audience. So That’s why Now whatever makers will do, this will for correct the loss of the show since many weeks. Becoz they knows that after doing such experiments and failure of munni’s track,They have to do a lot of things which could impress the audience and make it reach again on number-1 position. So whatever they will show, it is very necessary that it should b likable by audience. Becoz now everything depends on audience’s reaction. The much they will impress audience, the much they will survive and remain successful. So don’t worry so much and just wait and watch.

      1. Ok sisy
        I will also wait

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