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Shani 18th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Indra Dev exclaims happily that Gods got Amrit finally! Rahu is irked. I did all the hard work. I acted nice with Gods to get Amrit and now they will get it? I wont let it happen. I wont let it get out of my hands. Amrit will always be mine! Foolish Gods will keep talking / praising and Rahu will get Amrit. Rahu flies to get hold of the kalash. Indra Dev shouts angrily but Rahu only laughs. Chandra Dev says we deserve it. Rahu says I got what I wanted. Now even Mahadev cannot snatch this kalash from me. He flies away even though Shani shouts after him. Indra Dev insists that Amrit belongs to Gods only. Surya Dev seconds him. Shani tells them to calm down. Everyone will get what they deserve. Amrit will return to Gods.

Narayan says as Rahu took Amrit stealthily, we must bring it back from it and give to Shani so he can distribute it evenly.

Garud is chasing Rahu. He manages to get hold of the kalash but a few drops fall down on earth.

Brahma Dev tells Narayan to advise Garud to be careful or Amrit will be spilled all over. Narayan says the 4 drops fell from the kalash upon my request only. They will purify world. Wherever they will fall, those places will turn into pious places and will be remembered as Kumbh-Bhoomi (where Kumbh Mela is organized).

Indra Dev tells Shani he failed in his karmas by letting Rahu take the kalash. Rahu wont leave the kalash only by your looking up. Shani says I told you only those who deserve Amrit will get it. They see Garud returning there with the kalash. Gods look pleased as Garud keeps the kalash in Shani’s hands. Rahu snatches it yet again! You tried, right? Keep trying. Garud, Kakol or anyone can chase me but only I will get Amrit! He disappears this time and so does other Asuras. Shani begins to go. Surya Dev asks for their kalash as he is Karamfaldata. Shani replies that he is going to do that only. I need the biggest players of the world to finish Rahu’s games.

Shani tells Narayan that Rahu took Amrit stealthily. This is a sin as Gods got a right on Amrit
We need to get Amrit back from him before he drinks it. I don’t know how to do so though. Narayan points out that everyone has a weakness. The biggest weakness is Kama (excessive passion for s*xual pleasure). Shani is confused. Narayan suggests letting actions speak to tell him about it.

Asuras are gathered in Pataal and are cheering. Rahu enjoying watching the kalash. Asuras demand to drink Amrit but Rahu wants to safeguard Pataal Loka from Gods. They can go to any limits to get Amrit. He puts a magical barricade around them. no man except us Asuras can cross this now. A woman asks him if this boundation is on women too. Rahu looks at her from head to toe. All Asuras are mesmerised by her beauty. She looks at the kalash. This is the result of your hard work – Amrit. If you allow then I can feed it with my own hands thereby making it tastier. Rahu keeps looking at her spellbound. She is about to lift the kalash when Rahu tells her to stop. Who are you? Where have you come from? She says my beauty or sweet voice wont diminish by giving introduction. Is it necessary? He nods. It is much more important to know how you entered in Pataal when I created limits using my mantras. Gods peek inside. Shani says we need to enter from here only. Indra Dev suggests going ahead but Shani suggests waiting a bit more. Surya Dev reasons that they might lose the chance in that case. It will be a problem for Gods if Asuras drink Amrit. Shani again tells them to be calm. Indra Dev speaks of his position. It is my duty to make decisions for Gods. Shani reminds him of the duty of Gods – to be patient. Indra Dev asks him if he will argue with Devraj. Shani says if you are Devraj then I am Karamfaldata. It is our duty to be patient. Everyone will get reward of patient and karmas.

Rahu again demands for introduction. The lady introduces herself as Dev Loka’s celestial nymph Mohini. Shukracharya says I know every celestial nymph of Dev Loka. You are not a part of Dev Loka. He advises Rahu not to fall in her words. Mohini reasons that she is special. She can step out only on special occasions. Rahu asks her what special have they done to have her here. She replies that women or anyone choose the winner only Mahabali Rahu. We heard how you won Amrit so I came here. Only the person, who can get Amrit, can get Mohini. Am I wrong? He justifies her thought. She makes Asuras agree with her too. Rahu again finds her introduction incomplete. How did you enter in Pataal? She points out that he barricaded men outside. I am a woman, a special celestial nymph. Can any other magic work on my magic? Shall I stay or head back to Dev Loka? Asuras insist to drink Amrit from Mohini’s hands only. Mohini smiles.

Mohini shows a small dance to Asuras. Outside, Shani hears the music and smiles. We can enter now. It is time. Indra Dev is surprised. The sound of music? What’s happening? Will you share the plan? Shani smiles. Just follow me.

Mohini dances around holding Amrit kalash in her hands with Rahu keeping a close tab on her.

Shani and other Gods begin to walk inside.

Rahu and Mohini have an eye lock.

Precap: Shani hopes Rahu does not do something which will bring adverse consequences. Rahu decides to drink Amrit stealthily as Gods cheated him to get hold of Amrit! Now I will also cheat. He disguises himself as Chandra Dev and drinks Amrit from Mohini’s hands. Shani asks her to stop and reveals Rahu’s identity.

Update Credit to: Pooja

  1. Mmmm Interesting… This is what beauty should be use for: convince or even manipulate for the sake of the Good. I know it’s an utopian thought but wouldn’t it be wonderful!!?

    1. Chaaya

      What! Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, but in this case it is not manipulation, it is lust that is in the bosom of the Asuras, so thus they are under the influence of Maya. Moha Maya, which is tantamount to delusion. That’s also equivalent to the experience, we humans are having on earth. We think what we live in and see is The Reality! We are here to get our Moksha pass!!! Lol! We have to go beyond Maya.

    2. Kamalanayani

      Nice to have you back Chaaya

    3. Dear Chaya sorry you did not get the point of my post.
      First it is manipulation. Beauty is used in this case to convince Rahu to let Mohini stay.
      Lust can happen in every heart (Chandra for instance).So beauty does not generate lust. The direction of the heart and the mind does.
      This takes us to Moksha. I am a christian and Jesus is my Lord but I see some similarities in terms of Dharma and Karma. For us it is salvation which is being free if all evil and pain after how deeds during life on earth are checked out by Jesus. Also while on earth we shall receive according to our actions. Hope this is clear.
      If Moksha is a kind of liberation, I believe you want to free yourself spiritually, of all bondages link to this life. But how do you do that without considering your surrounding? Don’t you brush your teeth? is it not real to you? Why are you not an ascetic, how will you attain Moksha while getting busy in your daily life? I am eager to know what one can do according to you. We can discuss further if you’d like ?

    4. Chaaya

      Thanks, dear Kamalanayani! Busy these days, but I will be around.

    5. @dharma, what on earth are you talking about? It’s not making sense what you’re saying. Firstly, what do you mean by ‘this is what beauty should be used for, convince or manipulate for the sake of good’. can you give an example of what you mean?

      Secondly, what does your first post have to do with the ‘moksha’ you’re talking about in response to Chaya? Where does moksha come from in this discussion? Also, your question about moksha doesn’t make sense either. When did Chaya say anything about getting moksha as an ascetic or non ascetic?

    6. @Rin. Chaaya explaining to me that beauty is one thing among other that we give up on for we a suppose to head toward Moksha anyway. Is it clear? Chaaya is the one to talk aout Moksha in response to my first which actually did not mention this term. Are you following?

      Chaaya said that the life we are living is a mere illusion… If what we see is not reality why does she not make the decision to live as an ascetic and cut the whole story short since nothing is real. My point is that everything IS real. We must consider this reality and its truth in order to show that we deserve Moksha. Its our reaction to beauty and other things of this word that make the difference.

      An example of beauty being used for the good is in the book of Esther a beautiful jewish lady that God used to deliver his people

      My favourite is Judith
      The story revolves around Judith, a daring and beautiful widow, who is upset with her Jewish countrymen for not trusting God to deliver them from their foreign conquerors. She goes with her loyal maid to the camp of the enemy general, Holofernes, with whom she slowly ingratiates herself, promising him information on the Israelites. Gaining his trust, she is allowed access to his tent one night as he lies in a drunken stupor. She decapitates him, then takes his head back to her fearful countrymen. The Assyrians, having lost their leader, disperse, and Israel is saved.

      Though she is courted by many, Judith remains unmarried for the rest of her life.

      In these case beauty was involve. What made the difference in outcome compare to what we see nowadays is the purpose on one side and the mentality an the other.

      I hope you see what I see… Anyway How on earth to you attain Moksha??? Pratically? Please someone answer this question which is actually the most important in all this talk.

  2. Today’s episode was good. Thank God today there’s no hatred scenes of Devi Santhiya. And I have a doubt in the precap
    that does shani dev is the one who will reveal rahu’s identity? I heard that Surya dev and Chandra dev will reveal rahu’s identity and as a revenge Rahu will swallow sun and Moon and thereby occuring solar and lunar eclipse. Isn’t that true? Anyone clear my doubt please.

    1. Chaaya

      Rahu’s head will be severed from his body; his head is Rahu and his torso is Ketu. When Vishnu reveals Himself, His Sudharshan Chakra severs Rahu’s head. Rahu does not die because he drank from the vessel. So Rahu and Ketu causes a lot of upheaval in with planets it transits.of course, for the sake of understanding astronomy, astrology and this creation, the Puranic ages personified the cosmic entities. It’s easier to enjoy when you understand it.

  3. Sandya(mai itni bhi buri nahi)

    Yaa Surya and Chandra dev only reveal the truth of rahu not shani I am confused

    1. Kamalanayani

      Yes… Chandra dev will claim that he is the orignal Chandra dev and this is duplicate – Rahu
      Shani dev won’t do that according to what I have learnt & heard.
      Even in Devon ke dev Mahadev serial also, Chandra dev & Surya dev will identify Rahu…
      Here its different….

      And @Sandya(mai itni bhi buri nahi)
      I accept that you are not itni buri and you can post in Sandya name itself, please dont add this in the name.. A kind request from me…

      So we have a Mata Sandya and Mata Chaaya in this forum…. 😉

    2. @kamalnayani thank u but I really feel bad for goddess sandya because most of them thinks she’s bad and I don’t like it anyways though reality is different?

    3. Kamalanayani

      Good… And thanks that you accepted my request…
      Any way this is a serial and they show some fiction and additional drama..
      As someone told already in the forum that until a proper villain comes to the show, Mata Sandhya will be portrayed like this only.. Don’t worry I agree that in reality she is different.

      And by the way nice to have you here and you have got cool auto-generated profile pic. You can also create an account and be a registered member to have some more functionalities in the forum… Simply a suggestion from me..

  4. Hey everyone

    1. Kamalanayani

      good to have you here
      Who is in the pic.. Looks like lord Krishna
      I am a Lord Krishna freak too.. 😉

    2. Chaaya

      No answer from Sandya yet but the pic looks like Krishna with a peacock.

    3. Hi,yes it’s god Krishna I am a big devotee of him ?

    4. Kamalanayani

      Even my name was derived from lord Krishna’s name – Kamalanayana
      And mine is Kamalanayani (May be a daughter of Kamalanayana – Krishna……)

    5. Why would you say you’re a Lord Krishna ‘freak’? That’s pretty stupid. You could say you’re a big devotee instead?

    6. Kamalanayani

      You can say you are a big devotee if you simply treat god as god.
      But if you treat him as your family member, best friend, best counselor, best mentor, best guide, emotion sharer, best father, best mother, best brother, best sister…..
      then there is no bound to call that you are his freak…
      I don’t keep Lord Krishna in a limit called as “GOD”
      I know that he is my everything and he guides me throughout my life and without him I am not even nothing. I live because of him. I perform my karmas because of him…..

      The word freak has a meaning – curiosity of curiosity – you refer dictionary or google translate also..
      Thats why I say I am a Lord Krishna freak….
      This freakiness is better than just devotion as I care Lord Krishna as my father, my brother…

      I didn’t compel you to be freaky to any God. You may be a good, better, best or big devotee but I am happy a Lord Krishna freak….

      I feel I am too close to him as I am his freaky little daughter… It is enough for Lord Krishna alone to understand my feelings and I don’t mind about others…

      Just explained why I said like that in the last comment, because you asked me that I could have said as I am a big devotee….

    7. Kamalanayani

      I missed a point..
      God even cares and minds about stupid love and affection to him..

  5. Kamalanayani

    @Pooja didi
    What happened to 19 Apr episode update?
    We are waiting eagerly for your update….

    Msg from Team: Due to some difficulties, it will be updated in morning tomorrow.

  6. Kamalanayani

    Who is playing Maha Kali character ??
    I felt it was Veebha Anand….. Doubtful (not clear)
    Can anyone verify ?

    1. Nandhini

      I too think its veebha anand..coz she already played in mahabharatha under the same production company…

  7. Kamalanayani

    In Mahabharat she played as Mata Subhadra younger sister to Balarama (Tarun Khanna) and here Mahakali, the shakti of Mahadev.

  8. Kamalanayani

    @Pooja didi
    What happened to 19 Apr episode update?
    We are waiting eagerly for your update….
    we received this message.
    Msg from Team: Due to some difficulties, it will be updated in morning tomorrow.

    But still not yet posted…. Waiting for your update eagerly

  9. Kamalanayani

    What do other guys think about this comment???

    (just asked suggestions)…

    1. Nandhini

      There is no wrong in calling oneself as “freak” when referring to devotion to God other than to be called as a “devotee”…it shows how much one loves his/her God…devotion is also a kind of love.(love for God and more than that).

    2. Kamalanayani

      Thanks for understanding….

  10. Kamalanayani

    We are missing your comments on Kshir Sagar…

    The question I asked you on Lord Varaha is still pending….

    My question was Mata Bhumidevi – Wife of Lord Maha Vishnu resides in the milky ocean along with Narayan… So if the demon Hiranyaksha captures her and hides her in the ocean then the only ocean is Kshir Sagar which can hide / big enough for her to be inside..
    If it itself is her home, then she must know the way out…. And she could have come out as the demon was fighting with Lord Varaha.. If she comes out easily then why should Lord Varaha fight for 1000 years with Hiranyaksha..

    You cannot say that she lost powers because she is a part of Mata Lakshmi, who gives powers to Lord Vishnu…

    Can anyone help me solve this critical riddle….

    1. ChandaMaya

      Greetings, Kamalanayai. Just reading your question, and I hope my explanation helps. There are many stories about the origins of Maha Lakshmi. Yes, at one point in our Puranic histories (many or various Puranas according to the era). At one time, Bhudevi was called Pritivi Mata, that is in the Rg Veda. The form of Laskhmi Mata was not found at the time of the Rg Veda.
      Bhudevi has many apparent names; Bhumidevi is the consort of Lord Varaha (avatara of Vishnu). Bhumidevi is the material wealth of the earth. She is the daughter of Kashyap Prjapati (one of the seven, Saptarishis). Bhumidevi is literally Mother Earth. She resides over material wealth and both Devas and Asuras are So always in search of her.

    2. ChandaMaya

      Kamalanayani! Again! Sorry!

    3. Chaaya

      You mean Kamalanayani. Spell auto,

    4. ChandaMaya

      Continuing on . . . Since Bhumi literally is earth, the ocean she is hidden in as the story goes, that Hiranyaksha hides Bhumidevi under the Primordial Ocean, this is the Cosmic Ocean. Chaaya had explained the various planes of the cosmology, if I am not mistaken. This Ocean is also known as the Garbodaka Ocean (Chaaya, please correct me, or add, if you read this).

      Somehow a lot of people think that this the Ksira Sagara (Kshif Sagar) is literally on Earth. No, the centre of of the now geographical seven major oceans is the point of the access to the Primordial Ocean. One has to descend seven levels (or planes, beneath the earth plane, or under). The entire universe is suspended and resting on this Cosmic Ocean.

    5. ChandaMaya

      Correction Kshir Ocean in parang Jesus . . .

      As the story goes, it took Lord Varaha 1000 years to battle with Hiranyaksha. Bhumidevi, the Earth, herself, was thrown off orbit, and submerged under Patala Loka, where the Ksir Sagara is located.

    6. ChandaMaya

      Oh no!! How did I get Jesus . . . Paraphrasing . . .

    7. Chaaya

      Chanda, you must be tired . . . Were you preparing your interfaith discourses?

    8. Chaaya

      You are using Android swiping, that’s what happens. We forgive you? ?Lol!

  11. why shani 19 April update is not posted yet. please Pooja ji update soon. I am searching from yesterday.please post it otherwise I gonna mad.

  12. Kamalanayani

    19 Apr update not yet posted
    I missed it in TV also

    Pl pl pl pl pl pl post it

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