Shakti 18th April 2017 Written Episode Update

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Shakti 18th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Pandit ji taking out mahurat for the naam karan. Preeto says Naam Karan will happen tomorrow. Pandit ji asks them to do the arrangements. A lady tailor comes. Preeto asks her to take everyone’s measurement and makes clothes for all ladies. She says tomorrow is naam karan of our heir. Shanno and Viren smiles. Harman calls Soumya and asks tailor to stitch clothes for Soumya also and tells that his son’s naam karan will also happen. Viren gives baby to Shanno. Raavi says what we will tell the guest, whose child he is? Harman says you all shall have thought before asking for baby and says he will get all rights as his sons. Harak Singh says what people will say that kinnar piyo is coming. He says you have gone mad 200 percent. Harman says my baby’s naam karan will happen with Chache’s baby naam karan. Shanno says you can name him champa chameli etc, as he is kinnar son. Harman says whatever may be the name, but the naam karan will happen for both babies. He says the relation will be strong between the both babies.

Harak Singh sees Soumya taking care of baby and stares her. Preeto thinks she can understand what he is thinking. Shanno thinks about Preeto’s bad behavior and thinks you should have insulted me. She gives baby to Harak Singh. Preeto understands that Shanno wants to taunt them. Shanno thinks she will rule. Varun comes and asks Preeto to give list of things to be brought. Harman asks him to buy two things for two babies. Varun looks at Harman. Preeto says anything can happen in this house, my son have become husband without becoming a husband and father also. Soumya takes Harman insisde the room. Preeto goes to her room.

Viren asks Shanno not to stamp her feet on the hammer. Shanno asks him to take advantage of the situation and tells him good night. Soumya’s baby cries in night. Soumya takes baby in her arms. Harman says light is gone and lights candle. Soumya rotates the hand fan to make baby feel good. He asks her to give hand fan to him. He rotates the fan and the candle is blown off. Harman suggests that they shall stay in the garden area till electricity comes back. Baby sleeps feeling the open air. Harman says I am a good husband and good father and asks what is her opinion.

Soumya says you are a good father and husband. Harman asks if she is having objection if he holds her hands. Soumya takes back her hand. Harman says I will call you Gulabo even after he grown up and says I will make him like you, sweet and innocent. Soumya asks him to make her like him, and says he shall not hate anyone, even kinnars also. She tells that kinnars are broken from inside. Harman says you are worried for kinnars. Soumya says if baby hates me after growing up. Harman says you are his mum, why he will hate you. Electricity comes back. Harman asks her to come inside, and sleep, and says tomorrow we have to do the arrangements. Raavi asks Balwinder to make her get ready. Balwinder asks me? Raavi talks romantically. Balwinder agrees. Chintu comes, sees his father making his mum ready and goes.

Harman tells Soumya that why our baby’s naam karan can’t happen with Chache’s baby naamkaran. Soumya says nobody is happy and asks why he is insisting. Chintu comes and says love can’t happen like this. Harman asks him to tell how love happens. Chintu says I will tell and makes Soumya sit infront of mirror and asks Harman to make his mami get ready to increase the love. Harman says you have an important role to play in my love story. Chintu asks him to do make up. Harman stops Soumya from going and applies make up on her face.

Preeto comes to the inhouse temple and recalls asking Soumya to give her grand child. Shanno asks Preeto to keep clothes infront of God and says then my son will wear that clothes. Viren says yes bhabhi. Preeto keeps the clothes infront of God. Harman comes and asks Preeto to keep his son’s clothes infront of God and says today iis your grand child, my son’s naam karan. Preeto is silent. Harman holds her hand and makes her keep clothes infront of God. Preeto is angry. Harman prays to God and thinks to convince Preeto.

Shanno says if Soumya sits here then I will not sit. Harman says our son’s naamkaran will happen today. Preeto taunts Soumya for not making Harman understand. Harman asks why can’t she understand being elder than them.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Harman was good today….Episode was quite good..waiting for more drama to enfold in the upcoming episodes..

  2. As usual Harman was good today

  3. Wow, what a such a great son, I don’t understand Harman, why does he want forcible blessings of his mother by hurting her to core, this Harman should be given a award called “major in jabardasti”.

    1. Ya…can’t understand why harman is forcing his family to accept bhondu Saumya. He can just leave and live separately with his bhondu wife.

  4. Harman to be named in “mahir in jabardasti

  5. your silver lining

    Good one sandy…
    By the way I have three doubts:-
    1. Why don’t they have an invertor or a generator in their house?? Afterall, harak singh is so rich and as they live in a village electricity is a big problem there isn’t it!!?
    2. When saumya wants to portray herself as a woman despite being a kinnar, why doesn’t she behave like a normal girl when her own husband tries to be romantic with her??
    3. Harman wants the baby to be like saumya… I mean seriously!!! He wants the baby to be so dumb???

    1. You have done some deep thinking on todays epi… Good job?

      1. your silver lining


    2. Ha ha ha. Your comments are giving good relief to me. This is very boring serial. Your comments are better than this serial. I enjoyed your comments a lot. I liked your jokes. Keep commenting like this. At least I will enjoy your comments

      1. your silver lining

        Haha…thanku anjali…?

  6. As usual ,harman so good , saumya in the same place of not doing anything except returns harman to stand silent as she , she is silent front harman’s feelings ,she’s sensitive with all except harman , until what? Why makers give her a baby ? She doesn’t fight for her rights and they give her baby to suffer as she , she has to fight for heself and the baby too ,How ? The makers have to give her some powers to be strong , to make change in her life not for her only but for baby too , it’s very important indeed

  7. Harman behaviour is awesome actually he is a hero

  8. Harman jaisa beta ho to maa baap suicide karna hi better hai

  9. maa ke feelings ko hurt karnewala herman jaisa bachhe ho es se zyada better o ma be aulad rahe ..

  10. Just watch & follow the story until end

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